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Posted in: Kii Kitano appointed 'New employee for a day' at Asahi Soft Drinks sampling event See in context

thats wicked she gets business cards!

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Posted in: Honda devises technology to operate robot with human thoughts See in context

I am positive the key that makes it all work are the crocs the guy is wearing.


and who is going to buy it in these bad economic times?

confirmed former nova droid

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Posted in: Solo sailor Minoru Saito conquers Cape Horn for 5th time See in context

well done!

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Posted in: Passengers see improvements in U.S. airline services See in context

sharky1 at 01:10 PM JST - 7th April

They really need to work on the attitudes of the flight attendants. I have never encountered more rude and disrespectful treatment by flight attendants anywhere than I have in the US.

couldnt agree with you more. They are in a customer service industry and the vast majority dont seem to get that. They are glorified waiter/waitresses and they are on some crazy power trip.

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Posted in: Pregnant junior high school teacher harassed by students’ 'Miscarriage Club' See in context

kids are quite cruel at the junior high school age and not too clever. All the best to the woman. Its absolutley hilarious some of the comments, On average I would say Japanese students are a million times better behaved compared to my schools growing up.

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Posted in: Saitama train conductor assaulted after asking man to smoke in designated area See in context

peace lights all the way!! ive smoked in the train more than once as a young intoxicated gaiijan definitly none of you big talkers would open your mouth. zurcronium, smith and the rest need more than a cigarette to calm down i imagine.

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