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Is the fax the reason why so many suspected of being infected are not being tested? This online reporting system is not new, as many countries have been using similar online reporting system since the beginning of the pandemic. It does not matter whether if it fax or online reporting if suspected patients are not being tested. Abe needs to get off his "superior complex" mentality.

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Also, no texting while riding bike, please. It scares the life out of me when I see bikers looking down on their smartphones with only one hand on the steering handle.

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Posted in: Japanese swimming star Ikee diagnosed with leukemia See in context

She is young and with her positive attitude, she will fight off this life-taking illness. Hope the best for her and family.

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Posted in: Japan's wagyu beef looks to conquer the world See in context

While wagyu beef is excellent, I prefer Aussie or US beef for steak...keeps my jaw muscles in shape.

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Posted in: Russia to pull plug on nuclear arms pact after U.S. does same See in context

China wants the US remain in the treaty while they continue to build missiles capable of reaching all Asia and more, while they look the other way when Russia was clearly breaking the treaty in the first place. I think the US withdrawing from the treaty has more do with China than Russia. All three nations need to come to a term in creating a new treaty but it looks as if China has no interest in getting tangled in a treaty that would limit what they can do militarily. Today's China is NOT the same China as little as 10 years ago.

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