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Jkgrgunma comments

Posted in: Osako's 2 goals send Japan to Asian Cup final See in context

I don’t think that being a Canadian excuses one from offering an opinion on another federation, coming from a Brit.

As for the AFC, I don’t think it is the weakest, but it isn’t faring so well when it comes to showing its strengths either.

As loathe as I am to use them as an indicator, the FIFA rankings can help to show us how differently the federations are performing. If you look at the top 50 teams on the list, you can break down how many representatives there are from each one:

UEFA: 31 teams

CONMEBOL: 8 teams

CAF: 5 teams (strongest is Senegal at 23rd)

CONCACAF: 3 teams (ranked 17th, 25th and 36th)

AFC: 3 teams (ranked 29th, 41st and 50th, which is Japan)

OFC: 0 teams. Their highest performer being New Zealand which sits pretty at 122nd.

This is just my opinion but if you put the 3 teams from CONCACAF and AFC in a tournament (Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Iran, Australia and Japan) my money would not be on Japan to win. As for how they could improve, they need to try and get more players out into the stronger leagues around Europe or South America, where the football is much more competitive and of a higher quality. Otherwise there will always be a limit to how far the Japanese national team can go.

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Posted in: Honda goal gives Japan a 2-2 draw against Senegal at World Cup See in context

I was watching the match on BBC Sport and the English pundits were discussing their own team instead of analysing Japan and Senegal. What a lack of respect.

This is precisely what happened in reverse during the NHK coverage of the England v Panama game. It happens everywhere because they are appealing to their audiences.

Either way, Japan played a lot better than I predicted they would and got themselves a very important point. Would love to see my native England take on Japan in the KO round.

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Posted in: Fans in Japan go wild after World Cup win over Colombia See in context

As happy as I am about Japan getting one over Colombia after the last tournament, beating a team playing with 10 men for 90 minutes and with their best player in Rodriguez on the bench, by only one goal isn't a shock.

I am interested to see how Japan play against the other two teams when they have 11 men. The Senegalese centrebacks are huge and the Polish offense is frightening when not firing blanks.

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Posted in: Man arrested for filming up woman's skirt at train station See in context

The issue here seems to be that, beyond all attempts at reasoning offered to you Kaz, is that you don't understand the concepts of consent.

Why do you think, as a male, that it is ok for other men to film up a woman's skirt just because she isn't wearing pants underneath? In what world do you think it is ok to justify your actions because of what someone else wears, and then suggest that she changes what she wears to avoid this happening?

You cannot and should not try and force others to change what they choose to wear just to stop people doing what they shouldn't, in this case filming up an innocent woman's skirt, in the first place. That is twisted reasoning and, as mentioned before, disgusting.

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