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The #1 thing Koreans want, which Japanese gov continually refuses to do is:

To properly educate ALL Japanese citizens to understand what ex-Japanese gov did during WWII with all the raw and ugly details (and make majority of Japanese citizens feel terrible for what their great&great-grandfathers did)

Currently, Japanses history textbooks (while modified to address the comfort women somewhat) lacks in the raw and grotesque detail or emphasis. The level of public knowledge on the topic is rather abysmal (See AsianBoss's interview: https://youtu.be/d89JU5Efi6Y , btw, Asian Boss is awesome! I love all their quirky interviews on Japanese subcultures).

From my understanding, Japanese culture deals with past scars and pains by moving forward and focusing on the future.

Unfortunately, Koreans have the opposite culture: they have culture of "Han" that involves remembering the sorrow and pain and living on inspite of it. This is likely resultant from the 5000 years of incessant invasion and wars (caused by the old China and Japan). Thus, it would be very difficult to completely assuage the Korean public, especially the old generations.

However, if Japanese gov makes serious and genuime effort to educate their citizens on this topic (as German schools cover the Holocaust), I'd speculate that would make the majority of Koreans happy and restore the lost faith.

I hope Korea-Japan relations improve. I got some stocks from both countries and it ain't looking pretty...

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