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Posted in: Japan to introduce online system for reporting coronavirus See in context

Its funny and I've witnessed Japanese people call the receiver to confirm they have received the fax instead of relying on the transmission report/confirmation.

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Posted in: Host clubs go digital in the wake of business closures with livestreaming app toU See in context

Can the customers send their lovelies a picture of a Louis Vuitton bag too?

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Posted in: Netflix adds 15.8 mil customers during quarantine See in context

Netflix is the only service that lets you use the service (that you pay for) when traveling to other countries. Amazon and Hulu.. forget it..

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Posted in: N Korean media silent on Kim's whereabouts as speculation on health rages See in context

Already toes up I presume

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Posted in: LGBT people in Japan worry getting coronavirus may result in outing See in context

Remind me again why this is news.

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Posted in: Q&A: How do I receive ¥100,000 from the government? See in context

Corona-tax just around the corner.. I can just see it poking it's head out........ Now.

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