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Posted in: Chinese media claim victory after Japan agreement See in context

I would say it is a victory for both countries.

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Posted in: Japan seeks talks with China at November summit See in context

Scenario of meeting of Chinese and Japanese leaders:

Japanese: Hey, lets talk. Chinese: No, u have to change your attitude and give back the Diaoyu Islands. Japanese: No, it is called the Senkaku Islands and it belongs to me, and you should repeal the ADIZ. Chinese: No, you unilaterally declared ADIZ before and expanded it twice. You should repent what u done in WW2. Japanese: No, its in the past, japan is peaceful ever since WW2. You should free Tibet and reflect on Tiananmen. Chinese: No, you should stop expanding the army and stop visiting the shrine. Japanese: No, visiting shrine is just paying respect. Stop putting up museum with the Korean to commemorate WW2 victims. Chinese: No, ....... Japanese: No, ......

(5 hours later)

Chinese (panting): No,...... No,....you., No.... Japanese (panting): No,....., No,....No,....you...No.. Third Party: Enough, you guys shake hands and be friends. Chinese and Japanese together: NOOOOOO!!!!!!

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Posted in: China holds ceremony to mark Sino-Japan war See in context

Having read the so many threads on the comment section, i am aware of many weird comments that people often make:

1) the most common comment people make is that the Chinese communist regime killed many Chinese people. For example people would raise Tiananmen massacre, great leap forward, etc. While this is absolutely true, the fact that Chinese government wronged its own people does not justify any military aggression from foreign countries. It does not make sense to say, "hey chinese government kill people too so whats wrong with other people killing chinese?" Both issues must be dealt with but must be dealt with separately.

2) secondly, most people said that the japanese government already apologised on many occasions for any act of war done during the WW2 and therefore it should not be mentioned anymore and should "move on" and "look into the future". I believe that many people in China are aware of these facts. However I think the main problem is that the japanese government swayed back and forth on some issues including issues of comfort women, the attitude of Abe towards war criminals (such as saying that war criminals are not criminals under domestic laws). These problems issues are not simply a question of history. This would be an over-simplification. In fact, it extends to questions regarding the attitude, thoughts, identity and understanding of the modern generation of the japanese people by people around the world. It would be unfair to just dismiss the topic by simply saying "oh, its more propaganda" because there is much more to look into.

3) Thirdly, many people would often say that japan is a country that loves peace and look, japan has a pacifist constitution. Though the people seems to be powerless in front of the japanese government's decisions to relax arm sales and expansion of army operations. However I must clarify that I personally believe that it is justifiable for japan to expand army in front of the chinese expanding military existence. It is not the army that is dangerous. It is the people who use the army that is the most dangerous. The attitude, behavior, re-interpretation of the constitutions by the japanese government are all factors that truly determine whether Japan can continue to be a peace loving member in the Asia-Pacifc.

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