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Posted in: U.S. Embassy warns citizens about drink spiking in Roppongi See in context

Is there a list of these bars available somewhere?

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Posted in: Japan to supply ammo to South Korean troops in South Sudan See in context

It seems like a very small quantity. I wonder if South Korea can't make enough or if its just a symbolic act showing to the rest of the world that Japan is going into arms exports.

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Posted in: How to scold employees in this age of power harassment See in context

They should start by making all the baseball club senpais read this article.

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Posted in: Scientists engineer pollenless cedar trees See in context

I wonder how much money pharmaceutical companies would lose if all cedar trees in Japan were replanted pollenless. Some companies might be very keen to ensure this project doesnt take off.

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Posted in: Rockets hit near Tel Aviv as Gaza death toll rises See in context

Since being made in 1947 (against Palestines will), Israel has never ceased its illegal and brutal territorial expansion into Palestine. Palestinians are prisoners in their own country, not being able to travel freely from one side to the other just because Israel says so. Its very sad that a country which was founded by holocaust survivors continues its Western backed oppression of defenseless people, treating them the same way they got treated by the Nazis. It`s no surprise that Palestinians react they way they do.

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Posted in: Random patdowns begin at 30 int'l airports in Japan See in context

Has anyone ever driven into Narita airport? The security at Disneyland is probably better. They don't even look underneath the car where most likely the explosives would be hidden.

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Posted in: Random patdowns begin at 30 int'l airports in Japan See in context

Airport security is a joke in Japan. They can`t even conduct a real "security check" in Narita. They have 10 guard men standing around ask for ID,pretend to look at it and let you through. A real waste of money.

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Posted in: What to do if someone on the street goes berserk See in context

Sorry Mr murderer, can you please give me a minute while I reach into my bag, take out the pepper spray and spray your face before you stab me?

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Posted in: 2 weeks after disaster, 27,000 dead or missing; gov't faces task of clearing rubble See in context

According to a Korean newspaper, special permits are needed to even enter the area. Is that true?

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Posted in: 28-year-old man accused of punching 2-year-old boy to death See in context

He should be sent to the gallows.

Moderator: Readers, please stop posting suggestions for the man's punishment. Such remarks add nothing to the discussion.

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