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Posted in: Your heart changes in size and shape with exercise – this can lead to heart problems for some athletes and gym rats See in context

To renew my car racing license (24H endurance races) I have to perform medical tests. 45 minutes on the bicycle, body all wired up, with ever increasing resistance till no more. To pass you have to achieve 80-90%. The doctor got a stern face and I asked what was wrong. He answered everything is wrong, you achieved 155%! I‘m 65, come on guys, you can do it too.

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Posted in: 4 'Luffy' gang leaders charged over fatal robbery of 90-year-old woman See in context

What a freak story.

4 grown up men beating a 90 year old lady to death. Come on guys, I take on all four of you at the same time and make you feel the horror and agony of your poor victim.

Rest in peace brave lady, I pray for you.

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Posted in: Medical survey bears out that lusty old men likely to live longer See in context

Stay away from toxic, drama people (and that is not just sai related).

Then you will soon feel much happier and relaxed. Just wait till tomorrow 4am. No study needed ;)

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Posted in: Sagawa, who killed woman, ate her flesh in Paris in 1981, dies at 73 See in context

Back in 1981 I started my career in financial markets when this news appeared. By this time Japan was already a big investor and very influential in France. At the spot I know this freak is never going to stay in the joint for long time. Too much money was on the block. France did what they can do best, like a serving woman. Understand?

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Posted in: Fitness in Japan on downward trend from pre-COVID levels: study See in context

I have no Facebook nor Instagram nor Snapchat. The time loss would kill me. Instead with most of my real true friends, we meet for long walks, sunset margaritas, and chat over pizzas and all we like. TV at a minimum. You can do that too. Change your way of thinking, then change your life. Do some weightlifting and join Muay Thai. Your body gets stronger and you will be very fit soon. And (especially the fantastic japanese-) women, your inner strength and self confidence is even growing faster. Avoid endless treadmill hours. Your initial bio setup is still what it was 10,000 years ago. Means move your body. And smile a lot. Go go go. Sorry, I‘m 64 , raised 5 children, never sick. Passed my last check that is to keep my car racing license with 155%. Required is 90-100%.

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Posted in: Japan eases COVID-19 border controls but tourist surge doubtful See in context

Package tour? No tourists

Guided tour? No tourists

Burdensome visa process? No tourists

Triple what? Vaccine? No tourists

Japan, come on and wake up. What you need? Free hugs? Really? Come here, I have plenty for you!

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Posted in: Japan to increase entry cap on arrivals to 50,000 from Sept 7 See in context

Yawn, yawn...

Usually traveled 2 times per year to Japan for business and visiting my girlfriend. With this I left a total of USD 20,000.- holiday money each year in the country. The business money not spent there is much much higher. Last three years that money was spent in other welcoming countries. 2023 travel plans are already made again outside Japan. In addition to this my girlfriend doesn't stay in Japan either. That makes the little total till now a USD 60,000.- for the 4 years. Ok, I know, other people spend much more. Just imagine the millions of tourists money in total that are not flowing into Japan.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for leaving 3 children at home while she went drinking See in context

Ever heard of Fuzoku? A vicious circle that keeps many young and mostly unsophisticated women hostage. More widespread than you would ever imagine and society is ready to admit. Forget trying to get the fathers accounted for their part in the game. I know a single woman with four children and no support from the walk away fathers. And there is no support from organizations or agencies, despite her working 16 hours a day.

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Posted in: Japan reports 152,535 coronavirus cases; 30 prefectures have record highs See in context

I cannot understand, Japan and it's highly sophisticated people, intelligent, keep their borders closed in fear of what? We in EU enjoy beaches, parties, dinners with friends. For sure, there is the omnipresent negative press with doomsday scenarios, as accurate as the weather forecasts. Silently, most people here have come to senses. It's over 2 years wait now and I want to hold my daisuki back in my arms, please.

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I‘m not surprised.

After WWII Japan was somehow forced to open up. That’s history. Corona finally came to take their country back. Don’t misunderstand me, I traveled to Japan many years, for business and tourism. As a gajin from Switzerland I‘m obviously not welcome. But I received a warm welcome in Thailand, Mexico, all EU, USA. No booster, no masks. no mandatory guided tours. I‘m not crazy, I stay where I feel welcome.

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This ‚l have to go there‘ is all nonsense. Myself falling fo one of these wonderful ladies, I know what I‘m talking about. She openly told me everything about the Fuzoku industry. Over 50% of all single mothers have to serve. In addition to the others. Japan knows how to keep their women low. Darkest middleage. My lady went back to the girls bar business after I told her ‚chotto‘ for further funding. Maybe my mistake because she till sends messages, without asking for anything, and this long after the support was cut. I miss her terribly.

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Posted in: 12,000 sign petition to ease Japan's tight entry rules over Omicron See in context

Big error to believe that Japan is an open country. The opening was somewhat forced after WW2. Japanese prefer to live amongst themselves. Only philippine and thai ladies welcome. I love Japan, and I love my japanese girlfriend. We are going through a very hard time. I‘m from Switzerland, where we always welcome foreigners. The border closings are absolutely not understandable. A nightmare for lovers. But this is the real Japan. Very sad.

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