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Posted in: CNN mobilizes its news gathering troops for Japan, Middle East See in context

They are reporters not troops! Don't disrespect the actual troops on the ground.

The are going on an assigment not a deployment. Once again they are reporters not military.

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Where are the othe tourists? Did they close especially for him?

I am sure they were all forcibly removed...

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just think how many people got turned away from the going there because Obama was there. So many people go there this time of year with the leaves changing and their visit got screwed up because of all the extra security.

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Posted in: Racist messages pose quandary for mainstream sites See in context

Why doesn't Japantoday actually talk about racism in Japan? Until Japan stops the process of "no gaijin" rentals and "no gaijin" access to bars and hot springs, Japan will never be taken seriously on the subject.

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Posted in: Tokyo trains defaced with graffiti See in context

Search youtube or google on some of the tags. I bet you get a lead there, but the J-cops will only search winny.

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Posted in: U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier George Washington deployed in Yokosuka See in context

Just watch out for all of the new drivers!!!! I already saw 3 people driving the wrong way on base and the ship just got here!!!

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Posted in: JSDF private arrested for threatening 12-year-old girl in Gunma See in context

“I’ll kill you if you don’t meet me today."

I have never tried that pick-up line!!!

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Posted in: Troubled times in Yokosuka See in context

Wow is good to see that you don't have a clue. Yes crimes are bad and should not occur. One death is one too many.

<strong>Moderator: As we have ruled numerous times on many threads, references to crimes committed by Japanese are of course irrelevant to this discussion.</strong>

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