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Posted in: Court finds COVID restrictions for Tokyo restaurant chain illegal See in context

Maybe Japanese government should have done nothing at all to respond to COVID. No guidance on prevention measures, no border control restrictions, no encouraging WFH, no limits on big events, no vaccine distribution, etc. either. Just study COVID for another 5+ years until we can get rock solid evidence on how COVID works.

Then no one's "freedoms" would have been restricted.

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Posted in: World's biggest YouTuber PewDiePie moves to Japan See in context

Japanese government better make sure he pays his full taxes. Not some bogus excuse (tax avoidance scheme) saying his company in Sweden gets all the revenue, etc.

Paying taxes is the only reason why Japan should have given this guy a visa.

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Posted in: Japan planning to allow 20,000 daily foreign arrivals in June See in context

Beginning to think Kishida-san and other LDP leaders have no intention to allow foreigners to visit Japan in same numbers as pre-COVID. My view is Kishida-san basically lied in London when saying he intends to get Japan on par with other G-7 countries.

Elected leaders here believe restriction on foreigner entry equals more votes. No interest in being a "leader" and doing something unpopular with the masses, but best for the country in the long-term.

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Posted in: Elon Musk accused of breaking law while buying Twitter stock See in context

I don’t really care who owns Twitter.

Elon is free to joke around as he wants to as long as its within the laws. If he breaks the law why shouldn't he get punished like anyone else who breaks the law? He shouldn’t get any special treatment because some people think he is funny or think he is really smart.

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Posted in: Toyota buyers in U.S. soon will lose electric vehicle tax credits See in context

Wouldn't it be great if a key policy argument in the US could be about whether to restrict benefits to US union made EVs or just allow the benefits for all EVs made in the US. (Instead elected leaders dealing with too many political distractions.)

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Posted in: Osaka woman gives foreigner Uber Eats worker fake money See in context

The crime sounds very "premeditated" to me. Not that she just made a mistake in the heat of a moment.

I am not sure what this means, "The judge handed down a sentence of three years in prison, suspended for four years providing the woman stays in good legal standing in light of remorse she showed during the trial." Sounds like the lightest guilty penalty possible.

The judge really needs to make a lesson of this kind of behavior. In many cases its hard to catch this kind of crime; need to strongly discourage others.

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Posted in: Japan condemns reported Russian attacks on civilians in Ukraine See in context

And China and India just stand by Putin.

It really shouldn't be acceptable to just say your neutral or no comment in a situation like this.

China, I can expect this from because they always just do whatever is opposed to the US position.

India, I thought I knew better and have (had) a lot of respect for. Now I know better.

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Posted in: Japan lists 7 items for supply action over current Russia dependence See in context

In a related development, it was announced that Japanese government would not withdraw from the Sakhalin 2 oil and gas project in the Russian Far East because it was important for "energy security".

Whoa! Wha-wha-what? Relying on Russia for your energy is the opposite of having a secure supply of energy. You are at Russia's mercy when if they want to pressure you by restricting your energy supply. Come on GoJ. You can do better than that.

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Posted in: Smith apologizes to Rock; Academy to launch review See in context

Will Smith is such a joke.

Now that the Academy (finally) decides to do something and launches an investigation, then Smith decides to make an apology to the person he hit. Nice move to save your career Smith.

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Posted in: Japan’s supply of Zima runs dry; online resellers take over and jack up prices See in context

Perfect opportunity for people to try other drinks.

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Posted in: Will Smith, Chris Rock confrontation shocks Oscar audience; 'CODA' wins best picture See in context

Think its pretty shameful Smith can full on slap someone unprovoked and Academy Awards people just let him go back to his seat and enjoy the party. (Academy Awards people too scared of how their sponsors will react if they dont have Smith there to get his award? (If he should get it at all.))

Interesting the press says Smith gave an "apologetic speech" later when receiving his award. From the transcript I saw, all he was saying is he is sorry about how this might affect his career or how its a tough time for him being at his peak. Really, an apology needs to the the person you wronged.

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Posted in: Putin going to G20 in Bali summit 'a step too far': Australian PM See in context

Still some time until the G20 Sumit. But, if Indonesia or the others don’t un-invite Russia then anti-war/anti-invasion countries should boycott G20 and do their own conference. Let the friends of Russian gather on their own.

You could have:

Boycotting (15): US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, United Kingdom, Argentina, EU, [Brazil,] [Saudi Arabia,] [Turkey]

Not boycotting (5): Russia, China, Indonesia, India, South Africa      

(*Above is roughly based on the 2March, 2022 UN Gen Assembly vote to condemn Russia. Indonesia voted to condemn, but their President seems to want political favors from Russia. Also wants to score political points by saying he is magically against economic sanctions (as well as against war).)

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Posted in: 4 Russian ships seen in Japan strait See in context

This is key information I found on another source: "The Tsugaru Strait is designated as an international strait, meaning that areas 3 nautical miles or more from the coasts is regarded the same as the high seas and therefore open to foreign ships."

Maybe Japan should get that changed.

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Posted in: Sapporo eyes 2030 Winter Olympics See in context

Didn't Japanese government and Japanese people learn their lesson from "Tokyo 2020"?

Japan is not capable of handling this kind of event. Bureaucracy can't adjust if things don't go as planned. If you want to host you have to be committed to make the kind of games people around the world expect, with spectators, etc.

And, Olympics has become the genocide games these days (leave your freedoms and sense of human rights at the door). Who would want to be associated. (Which country will Russia attack after the next Olympics?)

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Posted in: Vietnam bans new Tom Holland film over South China Sea map See in context

Last time I watch a Mark Walhberg or Tom Holland movie, if I can remember or if I even realize they are in it.

Is anyone making a list of these producers, directors, actors that bend over backwards to pander to the Chinese government? I guess most people in the US (still the biggest paying audience?) don't understand what's going.

Just don't show that part of the map if you don't want to piss off anyone.

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Posted in: FamilyMart to ban plastic forks ahead of ordinance enforcement See in context

Don't take away my fork for my pasta. Not going to help their ready-made pasta sales.

All the bento food has so much plastic packaging anyway I'm not sure it will make much difference.

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Posted in: Uniqlo defends decision to stay open in Russia See in context

I might finally become a Zara and H&M shopper.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly gets suspended sentence; judge slams Ghosn See in context

Kazuaki, thanks for explaining the important information I was wondering. No other (mainstream) English source seemed to think it important.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,331 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 91,051 See in context

Kids/Schools: For the last 2 weeks about every day my daughters school announces 1 to 3 new COVID cases among students. And each time they say that they have precautions of masks and some open windows, so they dont think anything needs to be done. School continues / the spread continues.

They dont even tell you in which grade the cases occurred, so not much a parent can do.

(Her school is about 400 students)

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Posted in: 3rd vaccination starts for Japanese athletes ahead of Beijing Games See in context

I don't see why Winter Olympians get to the right to source vaccine before others. Allow everyone to source their own boosters then.

I can think of dozens of categories of workers that should get their vaccines first (either because of health needs or being "essential workers" in a wide sense).

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Posted in: Djokovic admits 'errors' in urgent fight to avoid deportation See in context

He wins his court case on a technicality. Now he may be kicked out of the country on a technicality.

As they say in tennis, "you win some and you lose some."

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Posted in: Japan to administer COVID vaccine soon to children aged under 12 See in context

At an "early date"???

Kids 5-12 in US are already getting their booster shots (3rd shot). [Rest of] the world's developed countries have allowed it for kids under 12 many months ago ago.

It not a requirement that any kid (or adult) in Japan get a vaccine. Its just an option, so please Japanese government get out of my way. Being in the way of allowing vaccines is not really governing.

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Posted in: NGK Spark Plug Co develops new plasma air purifier See in context

Desert Tortoise, great comment.

Amazing the article does not mention this critical fact that the product is an ozone generator (their Japanese website says so).

Generally, ozone can be ok to clean a room IF there are no living things in the room (including plants/pets) and you wait some time (like 30-60minutes) to enter the room after the machine shuts off. But I think quite a pain if you have to leave the room while the machine works.

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Posted in: Musashino city in Tokyo rejects proposal for foreigners to vote in referendums See in context

I guess it could have been expected.

Score another point for the anti-foreigners. (Anti-foreigners are doing well these days since COVID hit.)

Considering that "results of local referendums are not legally binding", isn't the "referendum" more like an opinion poll. Hard to think how foreigners living here can damage Japan's sovereignty by registering their stance on issues.

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Posted in: New app to allow travelers paperless entry into Japan See in context

By the year Japan starts letting foreigners in again, we wont be using smartphones and apps anymore (direct-to-brain devices or something). Japanese government might as well put their software on a CD-ROM.

(BTW, JapanToday does not allow me to abbreviate the word "Japanese government", its really into proper English.)

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics cost ¥150 bil less than expected See in context

Tokyo Olympics is not refunding the tickets purchased! (Purchased directly from Tokyo Olympics via the original lottery)

This is why they don"t need extra money, they are stealing the money they claimed they would refund.

How I know?

When my refund didn't come in October, I have asked them 3 times to refund it but they just replied to "wait". Now, today I get an e-mail saying the ticket refund website will close later this month and basically "please get your refund before then". What scamers.

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Posted in: Domino’s Japan’s new sextuple topping pizzas come with special chopsticks to eat them See in context

It terrible. The Swiss Cheese Sauce totally ruins it. Sauce tastes like processed garbage.

I eat a lot of Dominos and I thought it would be interesting, but suggest you avoid.

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Posted in: 2nd Omicron case confirmed; Japan to bar foreign residents' re-entry from 10 African nations See in context

Tokyo-m, you took the first sentence I was just going to write. "Here we go again."

Supposedly the restriction is "for the time being," but we all know that probably means that restriction is here for many months. Probably only months after the whole omicron has settled down, will the gov consider releasing the restriction.

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Posted in: First Wuhan COVID case days later than initially reported: scientist See in context

Pretty big "typo" on the original report.

About 8 billion people trying to figure out how this pandemic happened, and almost 2 years later someone finally realizes this typo. (My level of trust is pretty low new development)

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Posted in: Baldwin sued over fatal 'Rust' shooting See in context

Not sure if this author of this article neglected important information or if lawyer for the suing party was just trying to start commotion in the press, but all the things mentioned dont say much.

" there was no reason for a live bullet to be placed in that .45 Colt revolver" - [no justified reason,] no one is denying that.

"did not follow film industry practice on the handling of weapons and allowed a revolver loaded with live ammunition" - yes, I would assume pointing loaded weapons is not industry practice (but who did what to allow the weapon to be live?)

"We are asking for a full and complete investigation" - what a great idea, the suing party's lawyer should go Santa Fe and explain that concept to the police

If your suing Baldwin you should show something that he did, that was negligent and allowed this to happen.

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