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Posted in: Japan to ask international court to settle S Korea isle dispute See in context

As anybody remembers the war between Argentina and England over Island Portlnad, this matter can only be settled by the war. ICJ bullshit ! Japan not only have problem with Korea, they have problems with Russia and China over the disputed islands. Unless Japan won over the war as Englad did over Argentina , who won by the way? Korea and China and Russia would not back up!

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Posted in: S Koreans back soccer player over banner See in context

He may be now regret about his behavior. He must be so filled with adrenaline so he might not be aware of he was violating the international Oylmpic regulations about not admitting whatsoever political show-up. Whatever his intentions might be, it seems that the sign of " Dokdo belongs to Korean peninsula " was handed over by one of the crowds. It was a potty that he was banned not only from the podium at the ceremony, he was banned at arriving ceremony in Korea too.

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Posted in: S Korea beats Japan 2-0 to win soccer bronze See in context

Korea draw with Mexico 0:0 Mexico beat Japan 3:1 Korea now beat Japan 2:0( could have been 3:0 if Kim's shooting was'nt hit the cross bar ) Soccer is a more of a science than a luck. Now it is a win for Brazil over Mexico.

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Posted in: Japan beats Egypt 3-0 to reach Olympic men's soccer semifinal See in context

If Japan and South Korea advances to the final match, it may be the memorable one. No matter what the outcomes from now on, both two teams from the far east certainly showed their existences through many tough matches such as Japan over Spain or Korea over Britain.

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Posted in: Farcical scenes in Japan-Korea judo quarterfinal See in context

I beltive judges are all qualified enough for this special event. However they are not at the top positions to make decisions, I think. They jusf make decisions but they have no right to overrule! Only commissioners looks to have those authorities, which are shameful because it can be used politically sometimes. I am not sure only this event shows that. But watching more and more events, the power games between less powerful countries and powerful countries are obvious.

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Posted in: China rises above chaos to take gymnastics team gold; Japan gets silver See in context

Ukraninans now will understand Korean athletes fighting against Japan. It is sad because they deserve at least bronze medal. Japanease are lucky tyo get any color medal considering the Boos from the crowds.

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Posted in: Farcical scenes in Japan-Korea judo quarterfinal See in context

The reversal of Yuko by Ebinuma was correct. The video repeatedly showed how Mr. Cho used his arm to protect from falling to his side on the floor. However, the decision made by the head judge is still a mystery to me. What was his motivation? Clearly cho dominated the final golden time except that close call. Three judges clearly saw all the efforts and actions made by him, only overturned by the onlooker, head judge, who was watching miles from the floor only by the video. Then why not make a decision remotely by, for example, the cell phone used by the some important person who can overrule the final decision made at his home coach?

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Posted in: Farcical scenes in Japan-Korea judo quarterfinal See in context

The head judge should have intervened for any reasons we don't know. There could be many explanations such as above many reasons. Whatever reasons what so ever, the Japanease player failed to advance to the final. Maybe the help from head judge won't be enough. It's a shame..

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