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Posted in: N Korea fires five short-range missiles into sea See in context

This is not the time for "cute" comments and editorials.... Make no mistake, North Korea has a lot of missiles and WILL be using them!!! A very dangerous situation is at hand and must be delt with expediency and carefulness.

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Posted in: U.S. in talks to base long-range bombers in Australia See in context

And it is about time we should ante up for the region. They must do much more, now!

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Posted in: Dressed up for TPP See in context

Very traditional outfit. No problems seeing this kind of outfitting for future meetings. As for TPP, it is an extremely important deal for all who join in for this landmark agreement.

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Posted in: Russia provides air cover to Syrian opposition group See in context

Be very weary of the"Russian Bear", it does have an agenda all its own!!!

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Posted in: 'Nothing to forgive,' says U.S. vet on crashed plane See in context

It makes my heart glad to know of these stories. NEVER forget but always forgive!!! GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!

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Posted in: Trump rejects criticism of his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering U.S. See in context

America has got it's hands full with this guy. This is just for starters, Trump will "shoot himself in the foot" over these extreme views and comments and take a lot of people down to that level. Heaven help us, and quick!!! 8 years of Obama and now this? America needs true and resolute Leadership, and He Ain't It!!!! Who's next.... Clinton? OH GOD HELP US!!!!

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Posted in: Attackers in California shooting had thousands of bullets See in context

didn't see this one coming??? gun control will not stop the idiotic mind of the "criminal insane". this IS TERROR!!!! and will continue to succeed until it is called out and then destroyed!!!! GOD bless the lost ones and DAMN the foolish!!

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Posted in: 11 Chinese military aircraft fly near Japanese islands See in context

It's important now to stay resolve in our defensive matters. This was a "tweek" move by the PRC, and make no mistake, more is to follow!!! US-Japan... stand firm together!!

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Posted in: Chinese gloat over Obama's turkey named Abe See in context

shame on you all... it is Thanksgiving and tradition dictates that ceremony. and to think that one time you all could stop being political and understand the underline themes to all of this. oh well.... ignorance suffers to the fools!!!

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Posted in: Former S Korean President Kim Young-sam dies at 87 See in context

A good man and fine partner in relations with the United States.... he will be missed. God speed!!!!

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Posted in: U.N. human rights committee OKs resolution on North Korea See in context

Rights? the issue isn't rights, but responsibility!! North Korea is a pariah and is NOT a responsible "nation" to many of its "citizenry"!!

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Posted in: IS claims Paris attacks; says France at top of list See in context

stop the blame game!!! it is not george bush or barrack obama or the jews or any other ones faults in this... but evil incarnate and the minions of the whore of babylon. daesh is just an excuse and we must not let them win. strong and resolute vigilance must not waver, specially in this time of horrific sorrow. stop this idiocracy of blame it on the "others". cause... it plays straight into their hands of evil!!!!! they're the mad ones.... stop acting like them... now!!

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Posted in: Japan, Ukraine, Egypt elected non-permanent member of U.N. Security Council See in context

Having Japan and Ukraine, as well as the others, at "the table", is always a good thing... Specially now with their own concerns so front and center!!!

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Posted in: Putin meets Saudi prince on political solution in Syria See in context

The Royal house of al-Sa'ud does not deal with ISIS or al-Qaida!! In this meeting, they are more concerned with Iran intrusions. Let's hope it moves in this, the right, direction!!


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Posted in: Two more Japanese detained for spying in China: media See in context

Wow! This is not good. TPP vs. China are about to ratchet things up and now more of this?? International Intrigue!!

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Posted in: TPP trade talks extended to Friday as ministers struggle for deal See in context

The TPP is a very good idea. Strength in numbers to counter-balance against "nefarious" China.

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Posted in: Japan says it is ready to build all submarines for Canberra in Australia See in context

An Australia-Japan military business makes since.... regional and cohesive for the future. The US will be watching this one closely.

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Posted in: Nuclear-powered carrier USS Ronald Reagan arrives in Japan See in context

the presence there for the US Navy is to show "those" that we help protect our Friends. Having the "Reagan" there is also a great boost, as well as all the other Ships.

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Posted in: Obama, Putin clash over differences on Syria See in context

America must stand fast and resolute in dealing with "Emperor" Putin. Appeasement only emboldens the aggressor!!

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Posted in: World leaders address global development summit at U.N. See in context

I did not vote for Mr. Obama and probably disagree with 75% or more of his policies, but this is a watershed moment that we must all partake in his call. The preservations of the next generations should be and must be Paramount. War IS an extension of Peace, but if we could try to eliminate war, "what a paradise we could make of this world"!

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Posted in: U.S. admiral signals wider role for Third Fleet in western Pacific See in context

this is a great step forward and long, long over due to forward deploy the 3rd Fleet with the 7th Fleet. and with the "new emphasis" from Japan's Navy, it will be a grand fleets and great comfort!!!

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Posted in: Pope mingles with high and low during New York visit See in context

His Holiness is all to familiar to what He has been saying since He came to the U.S. We must hasten to His words and "listen" up, for these are truly "troubling times"!!

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Posted in: Residents of Russian-held isles await diplomatic resolution See in context

Jeff Wilcox All of those Islands belong to Japan, Stalin seized those in the wane of the moment at the end of WW2. Just like eastern Europe then, Putin IS TERRITORY grabbing or holding on and is a international travesty!! Shikaku or Northern Territories or Liancourt Rocks or any of these must be settle diplomatically or the U.S. will get involved and REALLY stir things up!!

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Posted in: Japan must recognise Kuril islands for peace deal: Lavrov See in context

japan must stand firm that the kuril islands are japanese, as russia is the occupier. america will always stand with partner japan in her defense

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