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This article is full of incorrect information.

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Japan has it exactly right, a rules-based order is important to defend against the growing number of autocracies in the world. Democracy and a rules-based international order is the only way to a mutually prosperous future for the world.

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It is OK to disagree, as long as you feel comfortable walking around in a major US city downtown at night, alone and unarmed. Go for it.

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What does this mean? Rule of law in the US means the judicial system decides disputes. It doesn't mean that everyone is bound by the text of the law. Judges are allowed to decide as they see fit, based on their interpretation of case law. Statues do not bind the judiciary, and the only sanction is that a decision could be overturned on appeal. And there is no appealing the US Supreme Court. The only check on the judiciary is that there has to be a dispute or case for judges to wield their power.

US rule of law does not mean everyone follows the same rules which are determined by a fairly-elected legislature in an inclusive and open proceeding.

I think that is what Kishida means though, that everyone should follow the same rules that have been decided in advance in a fair and democratic way.

He should not use the loaded words "rule of law." I don't think he knows what it means precisely.

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It is false what NCIS Reruns said about Amazon. While it is true that Amazon does confirm purchase, there are book services where the author pays for fake recommendations. The fake recommender merely purchases a copy of the book as part of the 'service.' This 'service' also includes hiding bad reviews. I have contacted Amazon but they have no incentive to get rid of falsified 'good' recommendations. I know someone with a book ion Amazon with 'glowing reviews,' although by any objective measure the book is terrible. Bad reviews are pushed so far down or removed through author complaint. Amazon is not an honest book store. If there are no bad reviews found on a book, any book, then you can expect fishy behavior in almost all cases.

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This is all about wanting to be the first trillionaire. Whoever can get an asteroid of rare earth metals, etc. and bring it back to Earth first will win. These guys should be banned from space, they are not going to help anyone but themselves, and space belongs to every human on the planet, regardless of wealth or citizenship.

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Tokyo-m, it takes 1-2 weeks in the body to become effective.

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English Teacher guy---Believe or not, civilization is built on trust. I have no problem with trust but verify, but what if you can't do either. You think you have the right to think for yourself, but you don't know what you don't know. I am sorry school in your native language was so hard for you. 99.99999% was no exaggeration.

How can you eat at a restaurant, if you don't check the recipes first? How can you get on a bus, if you don't check the driver's license and traffic record? Do you only hire unlicensed contractors, because licensing tests are so unfair? Do you go to doctors who barely passed medical school, why or why not?

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Very, very few people can reasonably decide. Unless you are a 20 year expert in medicine and vaccines, do you have enough information and understanding to make a reasonable choice for yourself? The answer is no. 99.99999% of humans cannot make an informed decision about the vaccine.

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Posted in: Human rights panel: Japan was wrong to detain Carlos Ghosn; owes him compensation See in context

I wonder how much he paid for these 'experts'. This guy is corrupt through and through

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Thank goodness for the Japanese police. This country is the most civilized in the world.

Two points, I find it interesting that "Carlos" claims everything was unfair, but he doesn't even talk about the loss of 10MM in bail money. Why I wonder? Was the 10MM quid pro quo for escape in his eyes? That is how corrupt he appears.

Everyone talks about the innocent going to jail in Japan, and I believe we can all agree that is a horrible thing. But why do foreigners not act with the same amount of indignity when someone guilty gets off without punishment?

Punishing the innocent is bad, but letting the guilty get away with their crimes is just as bad, OR EVEN WORSE, for regular law-abiding citizens.

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Also, all of you have it wrong, in fact they can hold someone up to 29 days.

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If Jacques is a lawyer, where is he licensed? Which law firm does he work at? Just another gaijin charlatan or carpetbagger, of which there are so many.

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Japan, plain and simple, has a better and more efficient justice system than countries in the west. Every legal system makes mistakes. But, is it true there are more innocent in Japanese prisons than, for instance, there are in US jails? I think not, but that is a hard one to prove.

How about whether more guilty get off in the US than in Japan? This is an unequivocal yes, because again talking about the US criminal justice system, which has the philosophy that it is better for 100 guilty to go free than 1 innocent to go to jail. The broken philosophy makes for a broken society.

If you are guilty, you hope it is in the US, because you have a better chance of getting off. Test the police, get off on a technicality, rob and pillage some more. Over and over again, in the name of "human rights"!

The genius of the Japanese system is simple, DON'T do anything illegal, never get involved with the authorities in the first place, and you will be fine. Commit illegal acts, try to test the police, or even tread the gray line between right and wrong, go to a very nasty jail.

I like how there is so much less random crime in Japan, less shoplifters make better prices for all, less crime and real deterrence makes for better lives for all citizens.

Talk about human rights! Ghosn should be ashamed of himself, talking about 'human rights' while he is in Lebanon of all places!

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Jacques Deguest is an expert of nothing. He is not even a lawyer.

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Why does the author use the word "Konya" in the title, and then not define it anywhere in the article?

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What a farce! If the SEC settlement wasn't an admission of guilt, then why did he pay a million dollar fine and agree to be barred from working in management at a US listed company for the next 10 years? The Ghosn articles are just clickbait, the guy is so guilty.

How many millions a year is enough for guys like him?

Why should the public trust defense attorneys over prosecutors in Japan? Too much cynicism is counterproductive. Don't prosecutors have a 99% conviction rate here? Is it that the whole system is corrupt, or maybe they are just a better run society?

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This is important info. Thanks!

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Don't be stupid Endo. Japan benefits from a strong central government. Look at the problems in the US, they are primarily because of a lack of a strong central government. Poor education system, dangerous streets, lawlessness and terrible 'justice system' based on a jury system of the non-educated and retirees, a country of wacko religious nincompoops and science deniers. The US is fundamentally broken, don't look to the US for political inspiration. Japan is a better run and fairer country than the US will ever be. Now is the time for more societal solidarity, not less. Do you really want measles in Japan, based on the freedom of everyone to choose not to get innoculated?

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I expect this is going to be much more inconvenient for me. Are there going to be direct trains from Haneda to Ueno or Tokyo Station? I bet not. They just want to save money. Did they check with their customers?

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The stupid thing about that too is that Puerto Rico is part of the US. They all have US passports, they are Americans.

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Actually moving in costs at least 5 months: 1 month deposit, 1 month key money, 1 month agent fee, 1 month fee to the guarantor, 1 month pre-paid rent down. Oftentimes it can be 1-2 months key money, 1-2 months deposit.

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