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| think they should do as Yongdeok Cho has done with Kane Kumagai's Aino course: translate their course into English, giving alternative English transliterations for each word, so that those who don´t know or don't want to learn the kanas can also learn the language, allowing many more people, including cultural activists and ethnologists, or simple regular people interested in learning the language, to have access to it.

I am personally interested in the movement for the preservation of Japan's regional languages (among other causes, I'm a cultural activist) but I don´t have any interest nor time whatsoever to learn the kanas and would never even think of learning kanji.

As this site does not seem to give an option to reply to other comments, I'd like to tell user Pukey2 that the accent is not a problem at all, I personally find it quite charming that Breton has that 'French accent' which is actually due to a much older Germanic influence on that language itself, as Upper Sorbian speakers (at least on the online course) seem to have been speaking their variety of Sorbian with that same German guttural 'r', though for a Slavic language I find it a bit uncomfortable for me, being quite used to the Slavic 'r' when I learned Russian for some years in my youth.

Also, the Ashkenazi, mainstream pronunciation of Hebrew in Israel is also characterized by this guttural 'r', which is not found in other Semitic language and certainly was never used by Israelites but that does not make any problem to the language, in fact, you can pronounce it with the rolled 'r' as in romance languages and anyone will understand you.

When I try to learn Sorbian, however, due to being already used to Slavic languages 'r', I find it really hard to use the Germanic 'r' and pronounce it as I would in any other Slavic language, as the Lower Sorbian speakers also use it in the same site for their lessons of that variety of Sorbian.

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