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Jo Dod comments

Posted in: Abe backs WHO on coronavirus See in context

"Since they have to choose sides, the Donald picked the virus."

konjo4u, yet another "0" or "1", binary-type thinker? Donald Trump is very stupid and he really sucks but your message has a lie of a false dichotomy saying that there are only 2 teams: 1) the VIRUS, and 2) the W.H.O. which combats the virus. This could not be further from the truth.

Trump is a moron but that does not make the WHO automatically great because Trump thinks that they're stupid.

Trump is defunding the WHO (or maybe just withholding payments, sadly) because they lied to the world and praise China for all their screw ups with the virus. That is completely mind blowing.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Trump may be broken but he's got this idea correct.

Maybe you don't think so, since you think the WHO is actually able to fight the virus. On the contrary, the virus wouldn't even be 1/10 as bad as it was, if the WHO actually did its job.

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Posted in: Teacher forces 96 students to kneel for 20 minutes as punishment for being late See in context

Of course you wouldn't obey that order Serrano. You seem like the type that would be late to a function yet not have the inner consistent discipline to know that by being late, you are at fault. I wonder what other things you have weasels out of, and if you've ever taken responsibility over doing something wrong, or just a master of excuses and proud of being a rebel against not authority, but inner discipline, if you ever even had any or even better yet, ever even subscribed to the idea of having one at all.

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Posted in: CNN newscaster can’t stop laughing at crazy Japanese mascot See in context

Haha when Japan has mascots for everything it's considered creepy or lame, yet America having sports mascots is considered "ok" because it's Americas style and it's not "excessive".

How the f___ do you think Poor Africans or poorer undeveloped nations like Afghanistan see American mascots in those games? In the same stupid way Americans criticize the Japanese mascots.

Why does everything that doesn't for your world view have to be an ill informed superfluous decision? Your right to have an opinion and every god damn thing doesn't necessarily justify how you having a sour opinion and everything Japanese. It's boring and narrow minded, and arguably ethnocentric. If Japan has some parts that are narrow minded also, don't fight back with the same attitude.

Your feelings and emotions don't justify everything. Sometimes you may not like or see the value in something you've never experience before. Instead of writing it off like an animal only driven by instinct why not be a better human and let the logical part of your brain understand the chaotic variety in the world today.

Because truthfully, your opinions don't change anything, so why not see the value in things instead of always complaining, for your own damn sake

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Posted in: Putin says Russia ready for talks with Japan over disputed islands See in context

Take back 3 islands in the north, forfeit Dokto, protect Senkakus against ridiculous Chinese aggression

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Posted in: 9 reasons why Japanese men hesitate to say 'I love you' See in context

Anyone who automatically thinks this happens because Japanese men are too cool to say it or look down on women are being racist and inconsiderate. Its easy to brand and entire gender of another culture as trashy when you have no attachment to the ones being attacked and labeled, branded in an entire group.

I don't tell my wife I love her on a regular because its weird and uncomfortable to do that, and I find it insulting that anyone thinks that any opinion to the contrary is looking down on women. (Talk about cultural imperialism and imposing your personal view, so much for personal liberties and individuals being different from you as long as you can loop it all in and label the entire thing as an inferior cultural practice separate from your own.)

That doesnt mean I dont love her. I tell her, Totemo suki dayo (I like you a lot), arigato (Thank you, and specifically why), all the time. I tell her she's the most important person to me and that she's beautiful. I'm actually asexual so I don't expect anything in return for complimenting her. In fact I have to work myself up to have sex with her, and I feel bad I can't give it to her more often because she'a wonderful woman. I often feel like I'm not providing her enough so I try to make sure to make the extra effort.

That all being said, I will not go into this game of saying I love her all the time. If I feel like she's the type of person that'll start getting paranoid if I don't say that daily or respond to her saying it (assuming she says it multiple times a day) I wouldn't divorce her but I'll seriously ask her what is lacking in her life that she needs that mantra to be repeated by me for her to feel better about her daily life.

Although I would almost go as far as to say people who say it on a daily basis are either fake, shallow, or cheapening the word, I wouldn't stereotype an entire group of people who use that phrase on a day to day basis because that'll make me only as guilty as you guys who have no hesitation flashing stereotypes as long as it fits in with your world view and you're behind the gun turret of judgement and are on the side with the itchy trigger finger. Yeah, nice work, guys.

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Posted in: What’s for breakfast at Burger King Japan? Spamburgers See in context

Man, all these spam haters that never tried it. Talk about narrow minded.

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Posted in: After China snubs Japan, U.S. pulls out of naval ceremony See in context

Ineffective? Wow, you don't know anything about international politics do you? The fact that America is there not doesn't inherently change the behaviors that China will be able to do at that time and place. However, it affects their decisions about future actions and how much they want to act on it because the fact of the matter is China knows that the United States is being firm on its decisions to take care of its Ally.

This may be inconsequential to you because you're not involved in the process at all and not even aware of how it works. You may think that Japanese-American relationships are somehow firm because a treaty that people sign on a piece of paper fact that up and it's "in law and in effect"

The treaty is just a proof of commitment, but the commitment is shown by actions. It is tested every day, and it is enforced and weekend based upon the political views of both parties and their commitment to keeping now I'll peaceful place, in the future hopefully secure, based on past agreements.

So before you act like a know-it-all, please think before you post

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Posted in: Obama demands West stand firm against Moscow's 'brute force' See in context

You guys don't seem to get that these guys are enforcing global politics. It's not an argument based on logic or rational at the level of what's actually happening compared to what did happen (comparison Crimea to Texas is irrelevant) it's about enforcing the idea that the powers of today will not allow small countries to be harassed or big powers to absorb others regardless of whom they are. This sets an example of what the global community disapproves of and sends a message. Not acting on that is fine because reality isn't always necessary to act on immediately. For example fighting Russia based on principle to free Crimea could strain limited resources and give the opportunity for china or another country to just do the exact same thing, and eventually the global police force no longer have the resources to deal with a global mob of people just acting entirely based off their personal interest and interest only. This is just another typical step in uh man politics and nothing more.

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Posted in: Body believed to be missing Japanese diver found in Indonesia See in context

Oh my gosh, really guys? The way you guys are confused about why her head is missing is concerning. Her face was exposed to water for however many weeks straight. Look at what happens to hands just in HOURS in water.

Secondly, as disturbing as it is, have you never seen a fish poke at a target of opportunity? The head is one of the heaviest part of the body (for it's size), connected by likely exposed tissue, which had every second to exposed to water, fish, bacteria and more.

Meanwhile synthetic scuba suits won't just fall apart in the water in the same way a plastic bag won't be punctured very easily.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland bans all fur items See in context

I thought they banned anyone with fur also, that would have been huge!

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Posted in: Gov't says bitcoin not a currency, but taxable See in context

Haha people who think this can happen have no clue how bitcoins work. Sure, companies like former-mtgox can be taxed because they have records but individuals will not be able to be taxed because the money is sent to people like emails but not even through an email client, just a wallet distro with an anonymous address that only shows electronically where it should go, not physically. So good luck finding who just moved 247 bitcoins from wallet $28,!:"-($;8 to wallet &@"-.!?2729 because that's all the clues you get

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Posted in: Man dies after being covered in 13 tons of molten metal See in context

Laguna, I think this is one, incredibly rare instance where I'm glad the guy DIDNT make it. I can't even describe the horror one would have to go through to survive something like that

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Posted in: High school girl stabbed to death; 35-year-old man turns himself in See in context

"I dont get how the man can do this to his woman. They were just dating, too. Until the couple are married the man cannot possess the woman. Just my rules. GP"

Gaijin playa, I have huge issues with your comment. Putting aside the fact that your username is a bit of an irony, you have no context of the situation and have no idea how mentally unstable the man, or the woman was. There is no justification for what the man did, but we don't know if the girl was mentally manipulative or if this man had mental issues. Secondly, its not about man doing this to women, its about humans to humans. And you don't even know how poorly their dating went. (It apparently was awful!) Lastly, you cant ever possess a woman, even after you marry them. Women aren't property. And although I imagine your hearts in the right place, waiting until marriage is an archaic, old tradition that makes no sense. Im not promoting promiscuousness, but love making is a vital part of a relationship and men AND WOMEN end relationships because that part doesn't work for them like that.

So yeah, your post is filled with jumped-conclusions and false advice. From the sound of your post you see you have the heart in the right place but in times like this I hope you remember the quote "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". Please, think through what you say and accept the uncomfortable before you post things that seem feel-good on the surface but actually are terrible advice.

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Posted in: NHK manager's Nanjing denial no problem, gov't says See in context

I don't have all of the facts, nor was I even born when it happened so I wish I had the free time to see the facts for myself. Here are the facts that I have seen though, which is confusing to say the least, and I stand by what I say when the fact that the modern Chinese Government is filled with fingerpointing and number inflators is detracting from the truth and giving Japanese truth-deniers more fuel for their fire, because numbers cant match and therefore the truth is hidden. Very sad situation.

Tokyo Tribunals, the very court held by Americans who just lost millions of lives against the Japanese, determined that 100,000 - 200,000 were massacred. The estimate was lower to the lower 100,000 area due to the fact that Nanjing only had a population was 200,000 at the time and Nanjing experienced population growth not shortly after the Battle of Nanjing, and the Nanjing Massacre was over.

Not to mention that the 100,000 ~ 200,000 tally include not just the massacre, but the Battle of Nanjing tallies. Is that really appropriate? You don’t add the deaths the Germans caused against the Russians to Holocaust death tolls.

Multiple foreigners staying in Nanjing reported what they saw. Which wasn’t pretty.

But as long as China has no interest in actually discovering the real truth, that feeds the Japanese flame that 300,000 didn’t happen, it didn’t happen this way and finally…. hey… none of what you said makes sense…. therefore YOU probably made it up.

Truth is always somewhere in the middle

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Posted in: Japan's whaling ship gets halal certification See in context

I'm always shocked that people are so opposed to whaling. Democracy shouldn't be the tyranny of the majority. No one should hunt endangered animals. I'd be shocked if we're arguing about this for 50 years and people still pointed a finger at how bad Japan was for hunting something noone else in the world wanted to eat.

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Posted in: Miyazaki film nominated for Oscar See in context

Raymond, not only did you respond to combinibento's comment incorrectly, but I think you're not understanding the nature of hand-drawn animation. And if you do, you're really not expressing it very well. Yes, cellophane sheets are out. Yes, no one paints the individual cells by hand. But Miyazaki films are drawn frame by frame. That more than qualifies as traditional in the modern sense, and in the context he was talking about. Its not the same as other animations where they have "parts" they can have move automatically (kind of like a robot, or stop motion animation with a puppet but a digital version of that) or straight out computer animation.

You are right that Miyazaki's animations are not traditional in the sense that they used computers. You could argue the same for Lion King or the later Disney films. Still doesnt mean they aren't hand-drawn and "traditional" in that sense.

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Posted in: Bandai Sushi figures See in context

Spam Sushi is mostly a Hawaiian thing

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Posted in: Emperor's funeral plans well received by elderly in aging Japan See in context

The funeral business is a massive scam playing on people's irrational fears and vanity. I want my funeral to be a wild, drunken party before I'm turned into fertiliser and dumped unceremoniously in a field somewhere. Then everyone can get back on with their lives and forget all about me.

I see what you're trying to do there and understand you probably mean well, but it just honestly sounds like you've never been to a funeral in your entire life, or for that matter.... As rude as it sounds, lost a loved one. Drunken parties are kind of hard to achieve when someone does, at least a "wild one".

What you want to accomplish will be extremely easy if you just have your funeral as a public event that offers booze, maybe hosted by a local pub. Let the local drinks drink for free and they won't even know why. Mission accomplished.

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Posted in: From Love Princess to Silent Hill: Japanese prefecture names changed into English See in context

Just FYI, Silent Hill IS NAMED after Shizuoka. Said the Silent Hill creator

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Posted in: China praises Korean assassin whom Japan calls a 'criminal' See in context

Why do people not know that THIS GUY is directly responsible for the political decision making that DIRECTLY lead to Korea being colonized? Holy crap, the irony is just plain insane.

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Posted in: U.S. vows to defend Japan after China announces new air zone See in context

Bertie, I agree with you that the US sucks now. But I mean, compared to China? For god sake, its not even a comparison. For all the backwards crap Japan makes you go through, you can at least become Japanese and own Japanese land if you wanted. Mainland China? You could be imprisoned for no reason or recourse for the rest of your life, let alone possible death.

Yes, the US sucks. But they're still all the worlds got. And if the US is ready to step out of the door, China will only become an irresponsible bully. If the US is a house of crazed super heroes, China is an abused child that blames his second cousin in law (Japan) for all the abuse he got as a child, so now he abuses other people too and blames it on everyone else EXCEPT himself. "Oh, it wouldn't be like this now if it weren't for my second cousin beating me like a savage!" Well, the crazed heroes dad smacked some shape into the second cousin in law back when he was the best role model in town, meanwhile is commited to doing some peaceful things as clumsy as he is.

China will want nothing good from its power. Push more of its culture, more of its language, take what it can and leave as little as possible. They don't share, and they don't care. America may have all the wealth but they also have immigrants from all over the world carving out a living, making Apple and countless other companies. China has Huawei and weibo which is regulated and has its pockets messed with by the CCP.

Yeah, I'm all cool with China if their government collapses and China becomes like Europe, where people live free and each region gets to be themselves without the Han police coming up and arresting anybody that looks at them funny or doesn't say nihao, but noooooo lets control a bunch of islands that we didn't even care about till 1970 something. China could have let this go but they just had to have it. Priorities priorities. War mongering priorities.

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Posted in: Hokkaido onsen bars Maori woman over her face tattoos See in context

I understand this is japantoday and that japan is not progressive regarding everything but You guys are so critical of Japan for some reason regarding this. Some baths have a no tolerance tattoo policy because their culture has deemed ratios as negative for a long time. Heck, even western culture thought ratios were bad well into post WWII if not much much later.

Also if all the gangs in your country has tatoos.... Or they had a certain type of mustache, would you not ban that sort of mustache? Eventually you would if every hitler mustache in your neighborhood was a blithering racist while 1 tourist with a hitler mustache gets to change the rules? It's a private BUSINESS. People are allowed to ban people if they're not wearing shirts or shoes or bring pets. Why is it wrong for IN JAPAN for there to be a cultural consensus on that?

I'm not Japanese exactly but I grew up there so ill tell you what I think when I see someone with tatoos (not all will apply to everybody or foreigners with tatoos but still I tell you this is what a lot of Japanese people feel like) they feel like the person is selfish enough to not care about family, lacks self esteem that he needs his skin to tell him who he is, shallow enough to just go with trendy things for no reason while ignoring a big traditional element of their social life (bathes); and of course willing to "desecrate" their body for a gain that is only felt in the individual that needs to be "explained" to others.

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