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Posted in: Kurobe Dam in Toyama Pref begins releasing water See in context

Mount Tateyama, not Mount Toyama.........

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Posted in: University lecturer calls out his lazy Japanese students, praises his hard-working Chinese ones See in context

My favorite are the Japanese doctors I know who tell me they slept through classes or skipped them all together.

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Posted in: Peaceful setting See in context

Finally a photo of a place outside of Tokyo!

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Posted in: JTB unveils new Japanese wedding-themed vacation packages See in context

I am sure that "glooms" all over the world will enjoy this.

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Posted in: LDP panel proposes new teacher recruitment system See in context

In university students do two weeks of "internship" ie student teaching to "learn" how to teach. When I got my teaching credential in California I spent the first SEMESTER teaching one class in high school. The second semester we had to teach 3 classes. All of this was under the supervision of a "master teacher" who assisted us along the way. Knowing how to teach is way more than a "test."

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Posted in: Pronunciation anxiety: Many Japanese people don’t want to speak English unless it’s perfect See in context

"The other day I went to a nail salon in Tokyo, and was assigned a nail technician who had recently returned from a working holiday in the U.S"

Considering the US doesn't have a working holiday visa.... not sure how this could be correct.

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Posted in: ANA to increase international free baggage allowance See in context

I flew JAL in Sept. JUST because they allowed 2 bags.

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Posted in: Aging canine nursing home to open in Chiba See in context

Same Aeonpet that sells dogs from "breeders?" Dogs that are too small and too young to be taken from their mothers? Stop selling animals, Aeon, then maybe I'd trust your retirement home.

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Posted in: Hill's-Colgate focuses on therapeutic and wellness pet food See in context

"The data from our research in the U.S. on the natural life of a dog or cat in the wild is that it would be a very short life because raw food can be contaminated...."

and yet if you look on the HIlls website:

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