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Joanne comments

Posted in: China falls short on big Pacific deal but finds smaller wins See in context


Exactly … people don’t know the hardship the Pacific Islanders are facing day and night struggling to put food on the table for their families. This was a real missed opportunity!

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Posted in: French court jails Chilean man for 28 years for killing Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

For all those commenting here that 28 years in prison is too short, take a look at the Japanese legal system where Japanese killers get a much shorter sentence on most occasions! The French courts did their best to give out the 28year sentence since the case wasn’t clear cut ( was circumstantial ) from the very beginning!

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Posted in: Biden to make 1st visit to Japan as president in late May for Quad meeting See in context

Could have done virtual meetings and saved taxpayers on both sides millions of dollars!

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuees to get up to ¥2,400 a day as living allowance in Japan See in context

It’s more than what the citizens of Japan got from the Government during the 3/11 disaster and the latest pandemic as well ! The Fukushima evacuees received way less than this!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo cancels Sumida River fireworks festival for 3rd straight year See in context

Anyone who has been around Asakusa / Kuramae area for this fireworks festival will surely understand the reasons for the cancellation! Some comments above whine about the cancellation and these idiots are the ones who keep spreading corona virus and making life difficult for all of us! Unnecessary festivals like these when cancelled makes sense. Other more important things such as normal restaurant operating hours can remain as a result of this. But if these unnecessary festivals go ahead and a spike in corona cases occur then the government will once again bring back the early restaurant closures and restrictions which will disrupt all our lives!

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Posted in: Pakistan's embattled PM ousted in no-confidence vote See in context

Pakistan opposition and some members of Khans own party sold out to The US! They knew that a re-election will only show that Khan still had a wide support of majority of the citizens.

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Posted in: Djokovic returns to action in Monte Carlo See in context

Not his fault with the all anti vaccination stuff ! It’s the World Tennis Organization / ATP at fault for not establishing clear guidelines. If they made it a rule that all participants need to be vaccinated then Djokovic won’t be creating all this mess around him! Humans are like sheep and wonder around if the shepherd is weak!

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Posted in: Shanghai hospital pays the price for China's zero-COVID pursuit See in context

Millions died globally without much bashing of the lockdowns and deaths in these countries but all the knives are out for China! Each country has a right to do what they think is best for them and the Government decides for its citizens. In Japan the LDP makes many crazy decisions but the public just follow it. The US is even worse as their system is crazy where the state Government and White House make different rules ( no consistency )! Same as in Australia and a very good example was the whole Djokovic saga where the federal Government and state Government has different criteria for entry! All countries have crazy Government system so let’s not be hypocrites and point the finger at one!

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Posted in: Locals eager to help Ukrainian evacuees; 895 offers made so far See in context

The question is for how long can these refugees be supported? They had nothing when they left their destroyed homes so everything such as clothing, food, water, shelter, electronics, and a bit of cash for moving about is essential for them. Now is ok but I don’t think the Japanese Government or locals will keep providing these in the long run and these refugees will need to learn the Japanese language first and then get work in order to adapt to Japan. Even the evacuees from Fukushima weren’t support for a long period of time apart from the tiny housing apartments which were provided to them.

Life isn’t easy to start from scratch especially in a country like Japan where Japanese language is a necessity!

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Posted in: Japan to expel 8 Russian diplomats See in context


Shilling for the US tentacles firmly embedded in Japan. It only hurts regular people in Russia, but at the same time makes them appreciate their leader, and hate the west, more.

Coercion and division is on page 1 of the US military industrial playbook now. And it's the only page in the book...

This is one of those times that I really agree with your comment…you nailed it!

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Posted in: Japan to phase out Russian coal imports See in context

This will only lead to shortage and higher buying price from elsewhere such as Australia due to logistics and base pricing. In the end the price increase will be just passed to the consumers and like everything else the Japanese consumers will just keep their heads down and pay higher amounts. Stagnant wages, pension issues and higher cost of living all will add up to a terrible future for the average person in Japan!

It’s about time that the people of Japan raise their issues with the Government and make sure that they are heard this time around!

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Posted in: 4 arrested for disrupting coronavirus vaccinations in Tokyo See in context

Throw them in prison an example out of them as to stop idiots like them in the future from doing the same!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,112 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 51,953 See in context

The only strategy that Japan Government and Tokyo Metropolitan Government will implement is close the restaurants at 8/9pm!

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Posted in: Watchful eye See in context

This time Japan Today got it right for Picture of the day! It’s a really beautiful sight!

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Posted in: Families of special needs kids struggling as gov't fails to deliver See in context

The Japanese Government has money to throw around unnecessarily to other countries and doesn’t care at all about the special needs children in Japan ! They hardly ever allocate funds to deal with these special needs individuals!

It’s just shameful that the Japanese Government throws billions to other countries but when it’s time to give financial assistance to its citizens then they whine so much and never do enough!

They have used more funds in a month for the Ukraine invasion than the 3/11 disaster which happened eleven years ago and still the affected people are suffering!

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Posted in: Osaka woman gives foreigner Uber Eats worker fake money See in context

@ Hiro

if it were me i would have given her a slap on the wrist too. Maybe i am just too soft, but i wouldn't want to send someone to prison just because they act a bit stupid in life when ordering ice cream. 

Imagine that if the Uber delivery person didn’t check it, took it and then tried to use the money himself later on. He would have been arrested and charged for it and probably put in prison. Her actions doesn’t seem too bad for you now but it could have destroyed another innocent persons life!

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for stealing ¥9 mil from 51-year-old man See in context

So almost everyone commenting here and also the cops take it for granted that the man had actually 9 million yen and she stole it! Anyone can claim anything these days!!!

It could have easily been a lower amount and the man lied. Or it could have been that she didn’t want to be around him anymore so he made up the whole theft scheme to get revenge. If he really had 9 million yen in cash then source of the money doesn’t really matter ( could have been illegally obtain or saved up over the years ). Some people have a fear of banks so can’t blame them. Imagine if suddenly your bank ceases to operate anymore then what will you do in that situation? The Government won’t reimburse your money for sure! So blaming someone as not to put their money in the bank isn’t right. I myself have a fear of this and to counter this have spread all my finances with 5 different banks here and abroad.

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Posted in: Hayashi returns from Poland with 20 Ukrainians See in context

For them to learn the language, culture, then look for jobs and all the while the uncertainty of the visa system being offered to them by Japan seems a bit too hard considering they lost everything back home! Just my opinion that they can build a better life easily in European countries rather than Japan! Remember, that the visa being offered to them by the Japanese Government seems a bit too uncertain in many ways and they might be asked to pack and go as soon as the invasion is over!

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Posted in: Japan lists 7 items for supply action over current Russia dependence See in context

Japan just does what The US wants them to do without thinking for themselves and what’s best for Japan! Japan has heaps of potential to improve their economy drastically only if they stop listening to the BS that America sells them!

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Posted in: Japan to see higher prices for food, daily goods from Friday See in context

Pension at 75 is the worst! People might barely make it to that age given the current state of the world!

This was going to happen sooner or later though as everyone knows that the Japanese pension system will collapse in the near future. Foreigners paying into the pension system will be the first ones to suffer the wrath of this collapse!

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Posted in: Academy: Will Smith was asked to leave Oscars after Rock slap but refused See in context

Huge fan if Will Smith for many years now but he simply lost all my respect through this behavior! His wife has brought him down on so many occasions and did so once again to ruin his first Oscar! He was enjoying the joke until his wife rolled her eyes!

He probably would never have hit a white man if he has made the same joke! Had he done that security would have been all around him and ejected him from the scene! Oscar would have been stripped from him as there is no need to do an investigation since what he did was simply witnessed by the entire world! Also he probably won’t have hit a physically bigger person someone like “ The Rock / Dwayne Johnson “ so just proves that he picked someone smaller that him to assault

He spoiled the event for everyone through his pathetic behavior!

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Posted in: Japan rejects South Korean protest over school textbooks' descriptions See in context

Japan doesn’t have the balls to change the history about what they did to Pearl Habor so they are trying to change the history and deny all the inhumane and bad things they did to South Korea! Japan was the aggressor and committed so much war crimes against its neighbors during the war and the entire world knows that ( including many Japanese) but it’s just shameful that a few people including brainless foreigners deny that !

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Posted in: France tries Chilean accused of murdering Japanese ex-girlfriend See in context

He will walk free because all the evidence against him which have been released to the media are just circumstantial. France isn’t Japan where the judges just lack the confidence and might I say even certain level of intelligence to go against prosecutors on most occasions!

I still don’t understand how people can invite their ex to their rooms! Whenever I see any of my ex’s I run away like road runner!

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Posted in: Kishida tells ministers to compile new economic package as prices skyrocket See in context

Any form of cash handouts should be given across the board as it’s everyone’s tax paying money! 5,000¥ to a few pensioners is so pathetic and worse than underdeveloped countries offering cash handouts to its citizens! Japan Government acts like beggars when it’s time to support its citizens but acts as if they are kings or billionaires throwing money to other countries!

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Posted in: Will Smith, Chris Rock confrontation shocks Oscar audience; 'CODA' wins best picture See in context

Jada seems to have Will wrapped around her finger. Notice that after the joke was said, he was laughing pretty hard but Jada wasn't. I am not sure what happened between that and the slap but it was weird to see Will suddenly take a complete 180.

Exactly! She shouldn’t have even been there since she has been treating Will Smith like trash!

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Posted in: Australian Olympic athletes under fire for rowdy, drunken flight home See in context

If it was as bad as the airline claims, then why did they take so long to send a written complaint? Also the pilot should have informed the police through the control tower prior to landing and have those “ culprits “ arrested for failing to listen to the flight crew and endangering other passengers! So makes me wonder if it was exaggerated since the airline crew didn’t get the authorities involved. Either way it’s just terrible that some people can’t hold their drinks and behave like jerks on airplanes. These people should face the full brunt of the law!

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Posted in: Australian Olympic athletes under fire for rowdy, drunken flight home See in context

There was a hole in the wall, but that's pretty easy to do," Chesterman said. "I understand there's some big people and some very flimsy walls, temporary walls as well. I don't think you had to do much to put a hole in the wall."


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Posted in: Yosozumi wins another skateboarding gold for Japan See in context

This is just my opinion but kids winning gold medals in Olympics just brings down the integrity and value of medals! Just reflects that even kids can win Olympic medals so it’s not a big thing! Maybe there should be a different Olympics called the Children’s Olympics or something with many games / matches for same age contenders! As someone mentioned above the prestigious Olympics has become a circus!

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Posted in: Tropical storm nears Japan, disrupting Tokyo Olympics See in context

The weather prediction is that there will be two more typhoons around Tokyo probably next week and the week after next. The path is unclear now but if the do hit Tokyo then so many games will need to be rescheduled. Not fair on the athletes by any means! Knowing that July - August weather is the worst in Japan the organizer brought the game to Tokyo during this time!

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Posted in: Chilean, Dutch, American athletes test positive for COVID See in context

This is ridiculous. Just because some test shows " some" positive does not mean that you are a threat to anyone or yourself. The inventor of covid tests says that you can find a bit of covid in just about anything.

It is because of idiots like you that this global pandemic is never ending!

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