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Posted in: Korean campaigns for removal of Japanese flag from French stores See in context

You can't compare those two flags. The patern present in the rising sun flag existed long before the use it was given to it by the empire of Japan. Just like the symbol in the nazi flag was used long before by Romans. The constant struggle about the second world war proves only that people are as stupid as in the past. That's what happens when you breed hate using the educational system. You don't see the Japanese throwing stones to America because they bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima, do you?

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Posted in: Inspiring or inconsiderate? Foreigner plays guitar for train passengers stranded by typhoon See in context

When in Japan, be Japanese, atleast in Public. Doesn't mean you have to be a brainless automaton.

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Posted in: NHK last week had a story on the growing addiction to social media by teenagers, focusing on some boys and girls aged 15-17 who spend more than 7 hours a day online, ignoring school and their parents' See in context

( I may totally be missing the point since I could not watch such story, because there is no NHK here). Worldwide, the issue is the same. People are spending more and more time in front of the computer or television instead of doing other activities. Considering how stressful japanese education (school) can be, I am not impressed that some teenagers take refuge in online worlds or in television.

But even in my country people are often lead to spend a huge amount of their time in front of a screen. Look, you turn on the internet browser and you have everything, online television, online radio, online games, even digital books and music. While rejecting any of these would be pure nonsense given that mankind must move forward and not walk backwards, technologically speaking, we have allow ourselves to create this infatuation for thing we cannot touch, things that ain't real. Some people now rather play an online multiplayer first personal shooter instead of going out for a walk, meet their friends ("distance" is a argument I have heard far too often) or attend to local events (even if these are free).

In the end, you cannot, and every parent should know, you musn't forbid your child of doing anything, as this works the way around: the forbidden fruit is always the most desired, even if simply because you forbid it. It is about talking, clearly and with a open mind that you can find out, why are they taking refuge from life, that, no matter how hard it is, we all must, if we want to survive, face it head on.

If these boys and girls spend more than 7 hours a day online, either the parents or teacher must try to reach to their hearts. Atleast that is my point of view, regardless of how incorrect it may sound to some...

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Posted in: What are your views on the furor over magazines publishing topless pics of Prince William’s wife Catherine? For example, how much right to privacy do celebs have? And did you search for the pics onlin See in context

It is a woman, with breasts. All have, some are big, other are small. Why would anyone sane care about a random woman's breasts?

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