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Posted in: Woman, baby die in suspected murder-suicide after fall from bridge See in context

There is a lot more information about the background to this story on Tokyo Reporter. It's even sadder than it appears.

Yes, it seems that her 16 year old daughter had died the same day under suspicious circumstances that suggest abuse.

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Posted in: Gov't panel proposes tougher punishments for offenders aged 18, 19 See in context

I second Zaphod's sentiment. I also hope that the 15 year old male who followed a young woman into a public bathroom in Fukuoka and murdered her after she refused to sleep with him.

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Posted in: Man gets 14 years for killing student in 2018 See in context

It genuinely frustrates me when people commit atrocious crimes and they receive a sentence that is relatively light. I'm all for rehabilitating people who have commited petty or non-violent crimes but there are definitely cases like this where the perpetrators should be punished harshly. If you do further reading into this case it gets worse.

Another case I've seen where the perpetrator got off relatively lightly was the killing of Ryona Majima, a 19 year old woman who was fatally beaten in 2017. The killer was only sentenced to 11 years and 6 months.

And if you read the BBC's article 'Why some Japanese pensioners want to go to jail' you'll find out that there are some elderly people who have been sentenced to 2 year prison terms for crimes such stealing a bottle of pepper. It's frustrating.

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Posted in: Needle found in pastry item in convenience store See in context

I'm glad to hear she found the needle before she started to eat the pastry item. It's disgusting that someone would tamper with food like this.

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Cutting down trees was treated in a pretty cavalier method by my father and grandmother. They used to get me to help out when I was a child. I remember one time having a deadwood branch fall on my head and I feel quite lucky that it wasn't a heavier one. Forestry is definitely a field that requires stronger regulation.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested over fatal stabbing of woman in shopping mall See in context

Another update from the Mainichi. It sounds like he's being sent to the Family Court instead of the Criminal Court. Very disappointing to hear.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested over fatal stabbing of woman in shopping mall See in context

Checked Tokyo Reporter. There's been an update on the crime. The piece of filth murdered her after she 'rejected his sexual advances'. No prior acquaintance. He had also assaulted a 6 year old girl with a knife following the incident but was apprehended by a shopper and a security guard. He had also disappeared from a juvenile detention facility the day prior to the murder so he would've been on the run. Hopefully he will be punished harshly for this crime.

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Posted in: Mother of 'Terrace House' star who killed herself to press charges against cyberbullies See in context

I wish her the best of luck in her legal case. People should be held accountable for abuse and cyberbullying. I also wish that people understood that "freedom of speech" does not equate to free reign to abuse, threaten, and act like a piece of filth online towards others.

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Posted in: Man stabbed on Saitama street after argument with assailant See in context

It's confirmed to be the same Shinji Minato who participated in the murder of Junko Furuta in 1989. I'm not sure why this hasn't been bigger news.

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