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"Can anyone British lauding this and berating Japan remind me how long is the working week in the UK?"

I'm not sure of your point? As someone British that worked in Japan, the difference isn't in the written contract, but how many hours you're doing in reality. In the UK, I always leave on time and I'm forced to enjoy my 28 days off a year.

Every job I ever worked in Japan, I magically had 10 hours added to my workweek by the very first month of employment. Not to mention 10 days off a year that they're guilty out of taking. What Japan says it does and what they actually do is wildly different.

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Japanese people have been told they're not going to catch covid on the train travelling to work. They're not going to catch it in the workplace. They won't catch it outside. So long as they aren't foreign, aren't drinking beer, aren't at karaoke, they won't catch it, right? Stands to reason that getting on a train to leave Tokyo and see your relative in Sendai isn't any different than sitting on a train 2 hours a day for work.

This is the reality the Japanese government has set up for its people. This is the reality they'll have to deal with.

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Whenever I hear this guy speak it sounds like he has more control over Japan's covid response than the government does.

Why do they keep dancing to his tune? The IOC stand to lose billions in broadcasting rights, but Japan has lost almost all benefits the Olympics could have brought.

What else do they have to lose but face and fines? It's preposterous that a silly sports contest has a country's covid response in such a headlock.

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At this rate, as word about the Japan variant spreads (currently mentioned as eek or conveniently mixed up with the British variant), other nations may not even want to send their athletes to Japan. Based on previous reports, this will be much more devastating to any vaccine drive.

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I just want to get in to see my fiance. My country has a lower positive rate than Japan, an incredibly high vaccination rate, and yet Japan insists on presenting itself as a beacon of health and safety, while the outside world is dirty and undisciplined.

So why won't they offer vaccine passports? Because it would force the j-gov to show they aren't quite the beacon of covid control they like to present. Hell, they're the worst in Asia.

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I don't think anyone is saying that. I'm saying I'd be naive to think the consequences of me being brusque vs a Japanese coworker are the same. In 2 out of the 3 workplaces I've been at it in Japan, it has been much more acceptable for Western employees to leave on time vs Japanese employees for example.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Electric to cut CEO's remuneration over recruit's suicide See in context


I didn't quite go as far as that. But I've had to give superiors at two working places a good talking to due to abuse. Once in defence of myself and another time for a female coworker being treated fairly sadistically. Needless to say one ended up becoming extremely nice to me and the other started avoiding me completely. Once they realise you don't care about their position and small pond mentality they break pretty easy.

Easy for me to say that as a non-Japanese employee though.

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Posted in: Japan considers COVID-19 vaccination certificates for those traveling overseas See in context

The title implies that this would be a one-way thing for Japanese people to visit other countries? Just a badly written headline, or Kono's wishful thinking? Either way, other countries would never accept this unless it was reciprocal.

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