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Japan are definitely improving, they deserved a better result in the last WC , they should have beaten France.There game is much more structured than it was, certainly the scrum is vastly improved. the need to sustain pressure for longer periods with less errors. On attack use more options to break the strong defensive line. The All Blacks were scrappy but no excuses. Kelvin

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Posted in: Asashoryu in trouble again for pumping his fist after victory See in context

Asa is a great champion technically as good a Taiho or Chianofuji and provided he can continue to train diligently will surpass both but he has two big problems..He is a Gaijun and even minor indescretions have become major issues..The Sumo association also are well aware of what has happened to Judo since it 'globalised'..As a consequence there have been constant rule changes..changes to the scoring system. the Judogi worn have to conform and blue -coloured Judogi are mandatory..Many of the changes have horified the Japanese...Why did they wait until wed to complain

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