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Posted in: Ghosn to be indicted on new charge on Monday See in context

Surprise surprise. What a shockingly bad justice system Japan has. Lock you up until you go stir crazy and admit to anything. Poor. Prosecutors are inhumane.

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Mmm. Agree cooperation is a good thing, but, China, you beat on about a World War history that was 80 years ago at your convenience, ask for atonement, when the Communist Party has killed millions (fact) of its own people yet shown no atonement if it’s own.

Back to the point, collaboration is a good thing, assuming participants genuinely engaged for good of all and not just national politics.

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Why weren’t Olympus, Toshiba, TEPCO, Taisei, and so many other company executives treated similarly?! For TEPCO and Taisei they put lives at risk, but nothing.

This is disgraceful, a tactic to bully and get confession only. What if they find him innocent?

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Posted in: Ghosn, suffering from kidney failure, was arrested illegally: defense document See in context

It’d be disappointing and odd if Carlos, richer than rich that he is, ‘enriched’ himself for only $5M, surely not and part of the Saikawa plot?

As for the legal system tactics, disgusting, and the law supports it.

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Posted in: Ghosn, lawyer protest his rearrest; prosecutors confiscate Ghosn's wife's passport, mobile phone See in context

Carlos and Horie pissed off Japanese establishment, but Tepco chiefs who nearly killed us all who should be shot underwent no such treatment, not to mention Olympus and a whole host of others.

Sad to see these very low double standards. More is expected of this country.

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Posted in: University associate professor arrested for killing pigeons with insecticide See in context

So many intolerable people saying birds need killing. Sad. Misguided.

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Posted in: University associate professor arrested for killing pigeons with insecticide See in context

Facts are people who willing kill animals have mental issues. There was the kid who beheaded Jun Hase years ago who was known as the local kid who cut the heads off of cats. Why is it not acted on. Hope this guy gets a sentence and mental help.

Also, someone in my neighborhood cross bowed a cat to death. It will be his last action if I catch him.

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Foolish comment:

“Do you think it's a problem unique to Japan? Perhaps you should inform yourself more and you will see that the reality is different.”

Japan is a developed nation, it can set examples, it doesn’t belong in the third world or dictator league of standards.

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I’m not sure how credible Japan and Norway can be given their withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission. But otherwise wake up Japan. I go to a convenience store and buy one item and have a spoon, a fork, a wrapped hand towel and a plastic bag to carry it thrown at me (I turn these down). Everyone I buy is far too individually wrapped, wrapper within a wrapper, within a wrapper, it isn’t clean or quaint it’s abusive of the environment.

Fix this first Japan before you take your tarnished record of global leadership on the road.

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Why does Japan allow such bullies to get away with their appalling behavior?! In all my years managing people I’ve always met my objectives and never treated anyone in this way - not once. This guy gets off on it.

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Posted in: Record ¥333 million paid for bluefin tuna at new Tokyo market's first auction See in context

Time Japan showed less developing nations some leadership. Not leadership in paying ridiculous money for a species pushed to the brink of extinction - it being classed as endangered - but by showing proper management of the oceans and it’s riches, be it tuna, whales or other.

This is a sad story, a celebration in killing an endangered species.

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I knew roughly about how Japan (falsely) gets a 99% conviction rate, but this is baring it all for the world to see. This repeat extension and filing of new charges is poor, why were they unable (inept?) to file it all the first time, or is it just a means to maintain the 99%+ conviction rate. Either way it is extremely disappointing a country like Japan. They can do better than this system and it should be up for reform.

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