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Posted in: Kyoto mayor posts letter to Kim Kardashian on Facebook,explaining what kimono really is See in context

it's always funny to see how people react. good for khardashian for realizing the error and cancelling the name.

Our kimono is unique. And yes our culture had lots of influence from both china, korea, india/nepal, holland, portugal, and so forth. Is it the same? no. similar? not even close. can trace an origin by its looks? perhaps.

The issue is that kimono is a type of clothing product. By trademarking, which i was thinking could easily be challenged and overturned if registered, anyone who sells kimono by using the word kimono could potentially be subject to cease and desist order, because both are clothing items with a very similar application and can easily confuse consumers.

it's akin to what might happen if someone trademarked a word hamburger for a particular beef product that is actually not a hamburger. Or the word underware for a clothing product that's not an underware. KK's naming sense therefore is so stupid if you looked at it from legal perspectives but not bad as a marketing stint, whether she actually planned that way is a separate debate.

Kyoto mayer was pretty clever by involving consumers and appealing in a very civil and diplomatic manner, which many who commented here don't seem to be capable of. At least most are plain trolls with no brain and just after instigating others like a teenager with a little junk syndrome.

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