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A picture of 15 people with a lot of 'enthusiasm' to represent South Korea's view? I don't think most Koreans would hold to this. Secondly, Japan is S.Korea's closest neighbour (other than N. Korea, Russia and China which I can't see any trade agreements going well with). Japan imports a ridiculous amount of Korean cosmetics, with 125,000,000+ people, it's going to be a massive problem (for Korea) if Japan started boycotting Korean products.

If anything Japan and Korea need to be forming a stronger bond due to what's been happening in Hong Kong and the Chinese/ Russian and American powerhouses swinging their balls around in other countries.

America doesn't care that the 2 countries they're occupying 'defending' are fighting. If anything Trump is happy, even mocking their accents in his latest interview. They're the Switzerland in this little war.

Olympics are supposed to be a symbol of peace and brotherhood/ sisterhood brought about by sports down to an individual level. Any nation that boycotts such a special event, ridding their athletes of the opportunity and making them feel guilty for even participating is not a government that I would want to support.

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