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Posted in: Uniqlo Japan will pay you for your old clothes with new recycling project See in context

Really? Try selling your used Uniqlo Down Jacket to any recycle shop and let us know how much they will buy it from you

Should you really be buying Made in China sweatshop clothing anyway?

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Posted in: Burger King adds Clown Fries and craft buns soaked in butter to menu in Japan See in context

It can be great, if you don't overdue the butter. And Fuddrucker's and other chains are good with that.

It's a good idea though and something that in the hands of a real cook can be great.

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Posted in: Company to implement salad-making robots See in context

Really, why not just have a person doing it?

They're trying to slowly automate most jobs and then have most people on UBI, sitting at home consuming state-approved entertainment like the people in Wall-E.

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Posted in: Burger King adds Clown Fries and craft buns soaked in butter to menu in Japan See in context

This displays culinary ignorance on the part of the creator. If you look at the ingredients of sandwiches in most countries in the world, the only dairy product that works well with (with certain types of meat) is cheese. Once I took a Japanese chef to task for spreading butter inside his pastrami sandwiches.

BK is doing it wrong; look at Fuddrucker's and how they lightly brush melted butter onto the buns before briefly grilling them. They're fantastic.

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Posted in: Uniqlo Japan will pay you for your old clothes with new recycling project See in context

So will 2nd Street.

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Posted in: Let computers do it: Film set tragedy spurs call to ban guns See in context

It's already bad enough that we have fake CG blood, now they want fake CG gunshots? How about don't allow live rounds on a set.

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Posted in: Hair from culled Hokkaido deer made into jeans See in context

I am somewhat amazed that Japan would have a problem making cloth from deerskin or deer hair.

Not really, hair isn't exactly suitable for cloth, especially denim. Denim is best woven from cotton, or the insidious stretch poly-cotton blends. Some mills in Okayama have had success make wool-cotton and linen-cotton denim blends as well, but deer hair would be challenging, and frankly gimmicky. Better to make hair-on-hide patches and leather jackets with it. Most leather patches used on Japanese denim brands these days are deerskin anyway.

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Posted in: Grammys release inclusion requirement to ensure diverse show See in context

These awards shows are so irrelevant, they're just pandering to wokeness now so that someone will watch.

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Posted in: Plastic additives found in 52% of seabirds around the globe: study See in context

What have we done?

Ruin everything.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing Molotov cocktail onto balcony of hospital employee See in context

“I didn’t start the fire, it was always burning since the world’s been turning.”

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Posted in: Kishida urges S Korea to do more over wartime row to improve ties See in context

Korea needs to stop victimizing itself, it’s pure cringe.

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Posted in: Don Quijote asks couples to refrain from breaking up in its Osaka store See in context

Or, if ghosting is not your thing, just do the 'fade out', and eventually the girl will think it's her decision to dump you.

This is the best option. Have you ever tried dumping a girl outright? Mama mia, it's a flaming dumpster fire.

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Posted in: Man kills 5 people with arrows in Norway See in context

To be fair, there haven't been many "far-left" looney's killing indiscriminately in recent years.

I guess the left supports Islam until there's a terrorist attack. Then they just turn a blind eye.

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Posted in: Don Quijote asks couples to refrain from breaking up in its Osaka store See in context

I can see it; the place is open late and attracts a certain class of clientele.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. business leaders call for diversified supply chains See in context

In a joint statement, the business councils said "onshoring," or bringing production back home, is "neither realistic nor desirable,"

Today the NYTimes had a huge article saying how climate change will make long-distance logistics more difficult than ever. At the same time the globalists are saying it's "not desirable" to on-shore production and instead try to exploit cheap slave labor in SEA and China.

Which one is it? Is big business just greedy? Are the chicken littles just fear mongering?

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Posted in: Fighting wave of misinfo, YouTube bans false vaccine claims See in context

Remember when Fauci said on TV that wearing masks doesn't really help with COVID? And how if you were to say that on social media now you'd be demonetized and potentially banned?

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Posted in: Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan announces first expansion with new Donkey Kong area See in context

I'd love to go, dunno when I'll ever have the chance though.

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Posted in: Amazon unveils robot that can patrol homes See in context

And Orwell is more right by the day.

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Posted in: Turn the page on COVID-19? Not so fast, say experts See in context

Leftists in 1991: "Don't be such a conformist, man."

Leftists in 2021: "Conform or else!"

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Posted in: Vietnam's lockdown ensnares world's clothing giants See in context

Highlighting the overdependence on outsourced manufacturing to developing (communist) countries at near slave labor rates.

Bingo, stop making slave labor garments, big fashion.

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Posted in: China's Xi warns of 'grim' situation with Taiwan See in context

More hot air from the “God Emperor” and his toadies the KMT. Sorry Xinnie, the free world stands against you.

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Posted in: Among the cosmos See in context

They seem to really be enjoying it lol

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Posted in: 'Who the hell are you?' Japanese man asks bear while it’s attacking him See in context

“Who the hell are you?!”

”Rilakkuma lol”

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Posted in: Biden angers France, EU with new Australia-UK initiative See in context

France has been a fair weather friend at best.

France is like that friend who is nice but sarcastic to your face and then talks trash about you behind your back.

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Posted in: Kishida singles out China threat See in context

Unlike China, the US doesn't try to claim chunks of ocean that historically had never been theirs in the first place. Not to mention create artificial islands for military purposes, despite promising at the beginning that they weren't for military purposes.

China: "I was there 3,000 years ago."

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Posted in: Japan to raise prices of imported wheat by 19% See in context

Time to go back to an Edo period diet.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

Please no! She’s a rabid far right nationalist. She’ll send Japan into even worse relationships with the neighbours.

It's not Japan that's ruining diplomatic relations in Asia, it's China, NK, and SK.

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Posted in: Deserted Afghan universities open as Taliban impose new rules See in context

Today, watched a BBC interview with Lindsey Graham, the senator for South Carolina, who stated he believes America will again invade Afghanistan in the very near future.

"Invade" is a strong word, but America will likely drone strike the daylights out of them.

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Posted in: Jobless Americans will have few options as benefits expire See in context

Your option is get a job.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono favorite to become next PM: polls See in context

Taro Kono, come on down! You are the next contestant on Musical Prime Ministers.

100 points for The Price is Right reference.

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