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Posted in: Tale of 2 cities: Sapporo likes race move; Tokyo not much See in context

Go Sapporo!

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Posted in: Lost something on a Japanese train? Look for it at the railway’s lost-and-found market See in context

Gee, I wonder how all those salarymen lost their belts. ;)

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Posted in: Christian Dior criticized over China map, apologizes, upholds 'one China' See in context

I’m not sure where or how you draw a line with this kind of thing.

The best we can do is try not to buy products or parts made in those countries whenever possible, and tell people we know to do the same.

Electronics is one of the hardest to get around. But clothing, household items, cars, etc.? There are Made in Japan, Made in USA, etc. options for almost all of those.

It'll be hard, but nothing good comes easy.

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Posted in: Trump leaves Turkey and Syria to argue it out; Pelosi says he had 'meltdown' See in context

Anyone that things they know what every single member of a group thinks is not worth listening to.

I'm holding you to that Chip. You can never generalize about Trump voters again by your logic.

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Posted in: William Shatner beams in with hit TV show at 88 See in context

Shatner looks amazing for his age; looks 58 or 68, not 88!

Doesn't seem to have had any work done either.

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Posted in: Trump leaves Turkey and Syria to argue it out; Pelosi says he had 'meltdown' See in context

For anyone wondering about the "progressives" pretending to know what's going on, just know that they:

Believed Don Jr would be indicted

Believed Jared Kushner would be indicted

Believed The Trump Tower meeting was high treason

Believed Donald Trump was a Russian Agent

Believed the pee tape was real

Believed Flynn was instructed by Trump to contact Russian assets

Believed Robert Mueller was Superman

Believed Micheal Cohen's testimony would sink Trump

Believed Paul Manafort would deliver the goods on Trump

Believed Michael Avenatti was Trump's greatest fear

Believed Stormy Daniels would take down Trump

I could go on, but you get the picture.

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Posted in: Huawei CEO eager to cooperate with Japan amid U.S. fight See in context thank you China. Perhaps Russia is interested.

Well, but we need to keep China and Russia from joining together.

If China and Russia became very close allies, it's possible that they could become an unstoppable monster.

That's why Trump tries to drive a wedge between them by pretending to buddy up to Russia. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer.

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Posted in: Huawei CEO eager to cooperate with Japan amid U.S. fight See in context

There's no shortage of documented Chinese individuals working with or for an entity, only to leave and take prized documents with them (illegally), it's a trait.

Exactly this. It happens over and over, from small businesses to large ones. I've heard of people running juku cram schools in China, only for the locally-hired teachers to hold unofficial classes in the school and take the money. Or people investing in businesses with partners there who underreport earnings and skim money off the top for themselves.

China is still very much a Wild West situation.

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Posted in: Trump leaves Turkey and Syria to argue it out; Pelosi says he had 'meltdown' See in context

This is the same party -- the same people -- that brought us the Iraq war.

Not quite; that was the neocon wing of the Republican party. There are neocons in the Democratic party as well, such as Hillary Clinton.

The neoconservative movement was started by Irving Kristol (father of Bill Kristol). Irving was a Trotskyite in his youth and later became a "conservative", as the movement is closer to what we see in the Likudnik party of Netanyahu today, i.e. Zionist. Essentially they use the American military to fight proxy wars in the Middle East for Israel.

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Posted in: Trump leaves Turkey and Syria to argue it out; Pelosi says he had 'meltdown' See in context

Democrats in 2017: We have to save our NATO alliance from Trump!

Democrats in 2019: Trump won't go to war with a NATO ally! He's a mess!

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Posted in: Pence, Giuliani will not cooperate in U.S. House impeachment inquiry See in context

No whistleblower testimony?

No cooperation!

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Posted in: Warren escalates Facebook fight with ad targeting Zuckerberg See in context

I don't think Warren thought this strategy all the way through...

Aside from rolling over money from her senate campaign to her presidential one, Warren doesn't seem to have thought any of her policy stances or strategies through.

This is the same person who thought it would be a good idea to release her DNA results to...prove exactly what people were criticizing her of. I mean, wow.

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Posted in: Cyber-bullied K-pop star found dead at her home See in context

Cyber-bullying and death threats online are real for public figures. Have to figure those will come if you plan to get famous and push through it. Imagine how many threats the ultra-famous get? Trump had Kathy Griffin and Snoop posting videos of them shooting him, and "comedians" talking about killing his 10-year-old son.

Need a thick skin to deal with all that.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden disputes Trump attacks of his work; wades into impeachment fight See in context

*This is unbelievable. Every **** day, Jared, Ivanka, Eric, and Junior do a hundred times more dirty deals that Hunter Biden ever dreamed of.

If that were true the Dems would have been on it by now.

Or are they waiting for Oct. 2020? ;)

Going to be rough until Trump leaves office in 2024!

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Posted in: Hunter Biden disputes Trump attacks of his work; wades into impeachment fight See in context

"The Bidens got rich while America got robbed!"

-President Trump

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Posted in: U.S. voters weary of more investigations as impeachment ramps up See in context

People want to see cooperation, not politics!

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Posted in: Trump escalates impeachment fight, barring envoy's testimony See in context

Pelosi and the Dems want to run an impeachment whereby the accused cannot defend himself.

Haven't you learned? "Progressives" no longer believe in due process or the presumption of innocence.

Just let them run the government. They'll be enacting Chinese-style social credit scores sooner or later.

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Posted in: Nissan names head of China business as new CEO See in context

Like freedom? You just got to be kidding! China is "open" to new gadgets and what not, but what it can not make on it's own, it either steals or copies from somewhere else!

Well, Japan copies things too.

The difference is, Japan copies things with a mind to make them better than the original.

China copies things with a mind to churn out a lower-priced version by cutting corners and making it as quickly as possible.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to 'obliterate' Turkish economy over Syria incursion plan See in context

Cripes, has Trump not learned that when the president of the US makes comments like this they are akin to firing the first shots in a real war?

No, it's just a warning shot to Turkey to stay in line.

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Posted in: Over 70% worried about economic outlook after consumption tax hike: survey See in context

Precisely brother...only in this place sheeple keep continuously electing the same twits that screw them and then go on and complain about the same,s policies. Beggars belief.

California comes to mind. In fact, many flee their state because of high COL, take their politics with them, and vote the same in their new home.

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Posted in: Supermarket throws away bench because of sales tax hike See in context

Yes, I was and IMO it is a most punitive tax on the poor.

That's how taxes work.

The ultra-rich pay nothing in taxes. It's the middle class and poor who do.

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Posted in: Protests, clashes as bid to block Hong Kong mask ban fails See in context

peaceful demonstrators

I support HK's right to autonomy and freedom.

However, these protesters are throwing molotov cocktails and smashing up innocent storeowners' businesses.

They are not peaceful anymore. Neither are the police. Call it what it is, a small-scale revolt.

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Posted in: Schoolteacher bullied by colleagues; curry rubbed against eyes See in context

There is a very deep predispositiion in the Japanese psyche toward sadomasochistic behaviour. 

Sadistic; sadomasochistic is when you do it to yourself.

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Posted in: Hundreds return to Hong Kong streets as metro, shops shut after violence See in context

The protesters are starting to hurt their own cause by smashing up stores.

If they tried to smash up my store they'd get it right back!

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Posted in: House Democrats subpoena White House for documents in Trump impeachment probe See in context

Good luck Dems! You're going to need it. ;)

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader announces ban on protester face masks See in context

I could understand if they were attacking innocent people and using masks to hide their identities, like the Antifa cowards.

But in this case they're trying to protect themselves from tear gas.

Feels bad for HK man.

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Posted in: Trump seizes on unsubstantiated China claims against Biden See in context

Correction: Dallas rally is Oct. 17!

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Posted in: Trump seizes on unsubstantiated China claims against Biden See in context

The inquiry is still ongoing. A vote happens afterwards.

And then it goes to the Senate where Mitch and the other Republicans will never vote to impeach.

So, the entire point of this inquiry is to annoy Trump so the media and Dems can characterize him defending himself as "exploding" and "lashing out" in "Twitter tirades."

Unfortunately for them it's having the opposite effect. If Dems had just kept things boring it would depress voter turnout. Now Trump's base is fired up again like a "he's on fire" slam dunk in NBA Jam. The Dallas rally on Monday is going to be wild!

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for repeatedly clogging women’s toilets in convenience stores See in context

I guess the idea is that they would have to leave the bathroom with their inner garments at their ankles, and he would see it all on CCTV?

Don't ask how I know what he's thinking.

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Posted in: Trump seizes on unsubstantiated China claims against Biden See in context

Did Trump commit anything illegal?

If yes, prosecute him.

Nobody is saying otherwise.

The Democrats are trying to make as much as possible noise to keep the media busy and feed talking points to their flock.

Childish tactic.

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