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Joe Blow comments

Posted in: Number of young women to halve in 40% of Japan localities by 2050 See in context

and the plan to fix it is?

AI robots lol

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Posted in: He hippo in Japan zoo turns out to be a she See in context

Should've looked under zir's skirt in the first place, tsk tsk.

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Posted in: Foreign residents prohibited from participating in Yu-Gi-Oh Japan Championship See in context

Meanwhile Japan sends contestants to America's Got Talent and the Oscars let movies from any country win lol

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Posted in: Plunging births push Japanese diaper maker to switch to adult market See in context

MERRIE BABY DIAPERS are one of the best on the market soft and absorbent and they would be wise to ship overseas.

Merries is definitely the best, "Goon" is second best (what a name lol). Pampers feels like it's made out of paper towels compared to Merries lol

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Posted in: Nippon Steel rebuffs Trump criticism over U.S. Steel deal See in context

Sounds to me like Trump, Biden, and the US steelworkers all know something that Nippon Steel's "dialogue" doesn't so far.

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Posted in: Meet the Mexican women busting taco cook stereotypes See in context

In Mexico, women often make tortillas by hand from scratch (corn flour and lard) while men make tacos.

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Posted in: The U.S. invented shopping malls, but China is writing their next chapter See in context

So malls are dying in China too lol

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Posted in: Baby Yoda gets his own 'Star Wars' movie See in context

I can't even sit through season 3; season 1 was something new and it seemed to be setting the series up for something big, but that never materialized. S2 was uneven, though I didn't mind the Luke parts, in fact it was probably a highlight.

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Posted in: Second-hand clothes finally take off in Japan See in context

Vintage clothing has been a serious niche in Japan for decades, especially from the '70s/'80s and onward. Nowadays it's a huge deal, no need to look further than Shibuya and Harajuku stores.

2nd Street is everywhere too.

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Posted in: Hamas and Israel exchange more hostages for prisoners on fifth day of temporary cease-fire See in context

Taking bets: when all the hostages are back, the ceasefire will be broken and Israel will completely flatten Gaza.

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Posted in: Japanese workers took 62% of paid leave allocation in 2022: gov't survey See in context

I'm taking 100%, forget fake modesty to and 'loyalty' to some company that has no qualms about throwing you out like yesterday's garbage when you're of no use to them anymore.

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Posted in: Heavy fighting rages near main Gaza hospital; people trapped inside say they cannot flee See in context

The people of Gaza should go out fighting,if you gonna be killed by Isrealis,you should mount a resistance,and at least die fighting

They're only good at surprise attacks, when the fight gets taken to them suddenly they're too chicken.

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Posted in: U.S. surgeons perform world's first whole eye transplant See in context

Eye didn't see that coming!

Would hate to see his hospital bill, though.

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Posted in: New Beatles song set to reach number one on UK singles chart See in context

Once again, by sending the lamely titled "Now and Then"

It's the main chorus line that John Lennon sang on the demo, dude.

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Posted in: School's out forever in parts of aging Japan See in context

It is indeed sad to literally watch Japan rot, those that say the population will stabilize just arent looking at how many elderly there are & how FEW young people are in Japan, its likely too late for Japan to fix without REALLY opening up to the rest of the world, Japan likely wont have a choice in the matter the way things are going!

Great, so Japan will just turn into Indonesia or Pakistan at this rate.

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Posted in: Israel pushes deeper into Gaza and frees Hamas captive; Netanyahu rejects calls for cease-fire See in context

in the right direction

So now Islamic jihad is the "right direction"?

The left has lost its mind.

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Posted in: Israel pushes deeper into Gaza and frees Hamas captive; Netanyahu rejects calls for cease-fire See in context

Blame the brilliant British. They should take some responsibility.

Palestine seemed a lot better off under the British and the Ottomans lol

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Posted in: Deforestation caused by rubber vastly underestimated: study See in context

Yep, more inflation headed your way!

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Posted in: Japan survey shows 60% wrongly believe antibiotics can treat a cold See in context

It people are able to buy such medication without a doctor's approval then there is something seriously wrong with the system.

Are you kidding me, these are the people that go to the emergency room for the common cold lol

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Posted in: Florida Gov DeSantis says he's sending weapons to Israel See in context

I’m not comfortable with this, nor with Newsom meeting with Xi Jinping. Foreign policy should be the reserve of the Federal government, not individual states.

It's part of running for president, Trump met with Pena Nieto and held a press conference in 2016 while running. It made him look presidential.

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Posted in: A year after Musk's Twitter takeover, X remains mired in turmoil See in context

"X" was such a dumb move. Nobody calls it that, and every article still refers to it as "X, the platform formerly known as Twitter" lol

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Posted in: Israel bombards Gaza, prepares invasion as Biden urges 'path to peace' See in context

This war mongering by Israel is disgusting!

A massive disproportionate reaction to Israel’s inability to have prepared for an attack from militants from Palestine.

Wah wah wah, Hamas hides behind civilians, they're getting exactly what they want.

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Posted in: Israel bombards Gaza, prepares invasion as Biden urges 'path to peace' See in context

Don't start none, won't be none.

They whacked the hornet's nest and now want the world's sympathy when they get stung.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya braces for Halloween crowd despite calls to stay away See in context

To be honest if it weren't for the large foreign turnout this would not be an issue. But just look at the annual Akasaka Hikawa Matsuri held in mid September or the Sanja Matsuri festival in Asakusa with drunk yakuza full body tatoos in full display and nearly two million people per event visiting during the three-day event and not a single word by the local government about all the shenanigans happening there!

Ah yes, but those guys paid the protection money for their events.

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Posted in: Hamas frees two Israeli women as U.S. advises delaying ground war to allow talks on captives See in context

Biden is willing bet his Presidency on an unpopular politician like Bibi and get nothing in return,that picture with Bibi seal his political fate with the Arab and Muslims voters

Biden is lining up weapons contracts, which seems to be half of the US govt's job these days, he's doing his job.

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Posted in: Hamas frees two Israeli women as U.S. advises delaying ground war to allow talks on captives See in context

Delaying is probably the best solution since Hamas will never be wiped out. There will always be another Islamic extremist group that will claim ownership of Israel by force, so even if Hamas is eradicated, another group will sprout and repeat everything all over again. That's the unfortunate reality.


Education levels in Muslim countries are low and if you have studied Islam you'll know that not only does it call for jihad against non-believers, but the Quran cannot be read or interpreted in other ways because they believe it to be the word of Allah, present from eternity to eternity. There is no King James version of the Quran because the language in it has not changed from the time of its writing to the present.

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Posted in: Over 40% of workers in Japan sleep less than 6 hours per night: survey See in context

That's what indentured servitude looks like.

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza, Syria and West Bank as war against Hamas threatens to ignite other fronts See in context

ethnic cleansing, collective punishment, genocide

The buzzwords of the week!

Meanwhile, Hamas dreams of doing all of those to Israel and made its move on 10/7.

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Posted in: 'Dark patterns' deceiving online consumers in Japan See in context

The àging wealthy of China too could soon be facing such threats, though they seem a bit more savvy than Japanese seniors.

They're not, phone scams are widespread in all of East Asia these days. Taiwan is also seeing lots of young and elderly people getting scammed.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S. and Japan hold first-ever trilateral aerial exercise in face of N Korean threats See in context

What's N. Korea going to do? Bomb their own people?

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