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Posted in: Miley Cyrus slams rumors she cheated on husband Liam in wild rant See in context

Horrible and misleading headline. But of course, she's a strong and popular woman who's been forced to defend herself, so it must be a "rant", right?

Well, finally you guys see how fake news works!

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Posted in: Obamas' first film charts life in U.S. factory under Chinese bosses See in context

Gordon Chang mentioned in an interview how Americans are unaware of Chinese view of them. The Chinese believe that the Americans are an inferior people, kind of like subjects to the Chinese, with no culture. Ive experienced the same mentality from some Japanese; "those Americans" are all baka and only we superior Japanese can manufacture and lead the world in innovation. This is what happens when you are culturally unaware and assume everywhere is the same as your country and culture. I will never work for a Chinese or Japanese in the US. The differences in culture are obvious, there is no freedom of thought instead its a master/servant kind of relationship, with the non Chinese or Japanese at the bottom.

This is especially true of the Chinese.

They have a parable for this that eludes most people: the frog in the well. It only sees a tiny portion of the sky and thinks that's the whole world.

These kind of people live in their own myopic world.

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Posted in: S Korea calls in Japanese diplomat over plans for Fukushima water See in context

Another day, more unfair bullying of Japan by South Korea.

Korea is not a bully; more like a spoiled child.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine vandalised by man claiming to be Chinese See in context

A. Political activism

B. Sanity

Choose one.

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Posted in: Hippies young and old keep the 'real Woodstock' flame alive See in context

Manbeartits needs a shirt!

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Posted in: Japan surpasses China as largest non-U.S. holder of Treasuries See in context

I have US intermediate term government bonds. They are doing well recently.

Wrong, Orange Man Bad.

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Posted in: Emperor expresses deep remorse over Japan's wartime actions See in context

"I'm sorry, but that's just not good enough."

-South Korea and China

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Posted in: Epstein suicide sparks fresh round of conspiracy theories See in context

The Republican so-called president is sick in his head and so is the GOP for being being silent. 

Epstein died while in custody in Trump's own racketeering outfit formerly called the DOJ.

It was irresponsible of Barr to announce Epstein's death a suicide without an autopsy. It was irresponsible, reckless and malicious for Trump to insinuate Clinton murdered him.

Thank you for providing us with the Democratic party's talking points.

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Posted in: Statue of 'comfort woman' pulled from Japan exhibit finds new home in Spain See in context

Melt it down and turn it into coins.

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Posted in: Gunman who wounded at least 6 Philadelphia police officers in custody See in context

Maybe if the place was a gun-free zone, white supremacists wouldn't be shooting cops.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

Also, many Koreans are passionate people who turn to threats and violence easily. Again, they can do as they please in their country, but caution to those who visit the Hermit Kingdom.

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Posted in: Would China risk another Tiananmen in Hong Kong? See in context

China believes in "might makes right" so sure, they would.

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Posted in: Portable fans a breath of fresh air in sweltering summer heat See in context

Oh, global warming is a myth! Doncha know what?

I thought you guys changed the name to "climate change". Or is it "extreme weather" now? Hard to keep up with the shifting goalposts.

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Posted in: Man arrested over illegal 'One Piece' manga-viewing website See in context

Can you be arrested for crimes that predates when the law goes into affect? 

Pre-crime. Welcome to dystopia.

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Posted in: Warren wows in Iowa as candidates' sprint to caucuses begins See in context

these loons scream "tax the rich" to rally the young dumb and impressionable but they leave out the part where smart rich people dont pay taxes, just look up Jeff Bezos.

Ding ding ding, winner winner, chicken dinner. The rich have many ways to evade taxes thanks to their lawyers, accountants and off-shore tax havens.

Guess who will pay higher taxes though? The middle class. Yay!

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Posted in: Man arrested over threat to kill woman after garbage dispute See in context

We are talking Japan now the land where some people have some weird fetishes so - Maybe this guy has a Trash Fetish.

"Mmmm, just look at them big old bags....oh baby, you junky..."

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth to separate: media See in context

Weird pairing; he seems like a nice guy (maybe too nice) but Miley is really gross.

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Posted in: Japan OKs first S Korea high-tech export since curbs, but with a warning See in context

What a scummy stunt! I've never gone to S. Korea and don't plan to ever go in the future.

Kick is off balance,

Yep; leaning back, hitting with the toes. Couldn't knock out a fly with a kick like that.

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Posted in: Protesters chant as Trump visits Dayton, El Paso See in context

When will the Republicans deal with the rot in their party?

They talk about responsibility, then pretend they don't have any for creating an environment that breeds these multi-murders

The Dayton shooter was an Antifa-supporting Democrat who liked Bernie and Warren.

You are fake news.

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Posted in: Lewinsky-produced 'impeachment' drama to air weeks before U.S. election See in context

Trump is focused on winning 2020 while the Dems are still trying to win 2016.

Sad and desperate! :D

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Posted in: Trump dismisses trade war fears; China warns of market chaos See in context

Also, prediction: China will meddle in the 2020 US elections to get a Democrat in office.

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Posted in: Trump dismisses trade war fears; China warns of market chaos See in context

This is a manufactured crisis, plain and simple.

The US and China have a symbiotic relationship; if one's economy tanks, so does the other. What we're seeing is just tit for tat and Trump trying to expose China's global ambitions. Japan fans should be happy that a US president is doing that, regardless of their personal feelings for the person in office.

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Posted in: 'No Japan' banners scrapped in Seoul district after outcry See in context

South Korea looking more like North Korea.

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Posted in: 57 dead, 18,000 taken to hospitals in Japan due to heatwave since July 29 See in context

Hotest month ever, July was, worldwide. The clock is ticking on global meltdown. And Trump and the republicans continue to deny science, and their own eyes.

World's biggest polluters are China and India.

Tell it to them.

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Posted in: U.S. labels China a currency manipulator; China halts U.S. farm purchases See in context

The Democrats would have nothing on China. Can you image the soft, sleepy Biden or Warren trying to negotiate with China's cutthroats? Hilarious!

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Posted in: Rakuten partners with Marie Kondo See in context

Will she catch on in Japan too?

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Posted in: Exiled Thai critic attacked with chemicals in Japan See in context

Having been a follower of Thai politics and having visited the country ninety times, I am not surprised by this news.

Yes, people love to talk up these developing countries so much and overlook the bad. But there's a reason they'll always remain developing.

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Posted in: Chicago braces for rise in gun violence amid summer heat See in context

Prepare for more "racist" tweets from Trump when he dares criticize the crime-infested Chicago!

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Posted in: Sanders and Warren defend progressive policies in U.S. Democratic debate See in context

Then they all lied through their teeth when they said Trump was using immigration as a political stunt. So says the people that first said there wasn't a crisis, then that it was a manufactured crisis by Trump, and finally a humanitarian crisis at the hands of Trump.


The Dems are so fake.

And none of them has a chance against Trump.

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Posted in: Deer population in Nara's famous park reaches record high See in context

Do they sell deer whistles for cars in Nara? If not, business opportunity.

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