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Posted in: 4,000 sue GE, Toshiba, Hitachi over Fukushima disaster See in context

GE went ahead and provided reactors and assistance knowing full well the back up generators were in dangerous positions. Also the sea wall was too low. and last but not least the entire plant was located lower on the coast to save money, against initial suggestions that it be located much higher. Cheap nuclear power? Clean nuclear power? No such thing. firms like GE are pork projects in a make-work guise, nothing more.

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Posted in: FamilyMart cancels release of foie gras bento due to complaints over animal cruelty See in context

This is great, I asked my elementary students what they had for lunch yesterday, and they said "whale". , but foie gras is a no go haha.seriously , whale.

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Posted in: Civic groups angered after kids handle assault weapons at U.S. Navy open house See in context

I went to an open house at a JSDF base in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto and they had weapons on display that were chained to the table. Everyone could hold them, from light machine guns to pistols. I was the only non -Japanese there. I'm outraged, not.

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Posted in: Dollar loses early gains in afternoon trade See in context

The Yen has strengthened nearly 5% in the last week. Hello typesetters. It was at 99.9/$ on Aug. 3

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Posted in: Japan's public pension fund may shift funds to stocks from bonds See in context

So we are seeing a shift of public monies going into private stock exchanges. Why would they do this? Because 1. They want to prop up the stock market 2. If the stock bubble bursts the government is off the hook for huge future pension payouts! Stock markets never have bubbles and never burst right? It's win/win for the government either way. Short term prop up for the market, if it goes long term, well then, they can pay future obligations. If it goes bust, they get to say "sorry, we can't pay you as it's gone in the bust". Meanwhile insiders will be loading up on stocks in which the pension money is to go into. If anyone knows which stocks these will be, please let us all know!

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Posted in: Fukushima clean-up turns toxic for TEPCO See in context

Listen up folks,

The water holding capacity is 85% full. What do you think is going to happen? DEATHCO is going to get religion real quick, or they're going to have a large accident and leak thousands of tons of highly radioactive water into the Pacific?

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Posted in: Utility rates to hit all-time high from Sept See in context

would be nice if they provided some kWh numbers because these increases are meaningless.. customers only paying 26 yen more, is that on their total bill or what?

Thats just it. The article doesn't provide any more info. But rates are usually 20-40 yen per KWH. So this must be for 26 on the total.

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Posted in: Nikkei index closes 3.32% lower See in context

Having...trouble....pumping...up the Nikkei captain....gasp gasp...pull money out ....before...she.....blows... volatility increasing.....I just can't hold it any longer....

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Posted in: BOJ's Kuroda says economy can handle sales tax increase See in context

Sure double the sales tax and scare the people into making one (1) big purchase before the tax takes effect. That will boost things for 3-6 months, maybe. Then add more stimulus to the money supply, meaning banks into the Nikkei. The average family will retreat further into self imposed austerity, eventually this will come back to haunt him. How about we cut the waste out of ridiculous spending, starting with Diet members perks, all the way down to ridiculous levels of town councilors salaries. Then, we can talk about slamming average people. Kuroda will dodge a punch with a sales tax increase, but the next one will land square on his jaw when people stop spending.

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