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Posted in: Country music stars distance themselves from NRA after school massacre See in context

Dear lord the absolute lack of knowledge of most of these people on here commenting on guns. You all do understand that more people in the US are killed by blunt objects then a rifle. Most gun deaths are by suicide and criminals such as gangs. Very few are by accidental shootings. This 18 year old had nothing on his back ground to prevent him from buying guns n ammo. He did have people saying he was a loose cannon and was reported for it but law enforcement did not act on it. If anyone has ever had to fill out the back ground check you would know what the process is.

If your clean on your criminal record then yes the process does not take that long to get a fire arm. Plus each state is different in the process off buying a gun. As far as gun ownership in US, it is down from about 45% in the 1980s to roughly 30% today. Yes it is absolutely sick what this evil person did. But the world see evil every day for thousands of years of humans killing each other with any kind of weapon. It's not the weapon that is the problem but the person who is the issue.

US currently has a sick society that needs fixed. Just like Japans high rate of suicide which I learned about living in Japan for several years. Where my mother n law lives one station down in Kugaiyama is a tall building the people jump off. Very sad. We need to stop fighting with each other and look out for each other. Stop blaming NRA or some other groups. If the congress wants to change the 2nd then they need to amend it. Thanks for listening so to speak.

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Posted in: Kishida says foreign tourists should follow Japan face mask rules See in context

As a military veteran who was trained in PPE ( masks included). We know what works and does not work for protection against viruses. People should also be reading the warning labels on these box of masks to see what their capable of. Cloth masks are useless and the N95 are only partially effective with protection ranging around 30% effective. As a previous person commented on here, you are re-breathing the germs and bacteria that you just exhaled. Not good for your health and can cause lung infections along with other health issues. I get people trying to protect themselves but it should be by choice and not dictated by government officials not following the science.

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Posted in: WHO: Nearly 200 cases of monkeypox in more than 20 countries See in context

They should have used safe practices when performing their actions but unfortunately many do not learn that until too late.

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Posted in: Guns now the leading cause of death for American children See in context

Seeing all these comments on here shows the left is not willing to have a real conversation about this topic. Gun ownership is down in the US. 1980's it was about 40-45% now it's 30-35%. The weapon is not the problem, the person using it is. Hammers kill more than any gun does yet we do not have back ground checks on hammers. We have seen world wide the different ways people murder others and its not with guns. You have the toughest gun laws in most democrat run cities yet they have the highest murder rates. It is a social problem not a weapon problem.

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Posted in: Do you believe China will try to retake Taiwan by force one day? See in context

One only has to see what happened to Hong Kong to know the fate of Taiwan, where many of my coworkers live. But the answer will be given in time by China.

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Posted in: Blinken tells irate Congress the U.S. was ready on Afghanistan See in context

As a veteran who was stationed in Yokosuka Japan in early 90's and a gulf war vet. This administration which is just a continuation of the Obama administration. Knows very well about the Taliban threat and also knows the Trump administration had conditions that had to be met before US left. Biden administration knows this too but lied to make political points. Everyone I know wanted the US out of Afghanistan years ago. In fact should have left when Osama bin laden was removed. But Biden ignored how to exit. He knew full well that Bagram airbase should have been the last placed closed before US left. In fact he should have waited until October during winter months when it is known for not being the fighting season. This would have given the Afghan government time to prepare for war with Taliban during spring and summer months when the US was gone. Just continuation of a failed Biden administration like the Obama administration was. USN

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Posted in: 1,103 South Koreans sue their gov't over wartime labor at Japan firms See in context

This is on South Korea to pay out, Japan already did....

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Posted in: Japanese Buddhist seeks to educate West on swastika of good fortune See in context

Many of us in the west, like us military veterans. Already know the Nazis purposely mis-used the manji symbol. It is mainly the Democrats, Liberals and progressives who have a big problem with the symbol and some will even attack people because of it. They are the ones who do not  understand the real meaning..

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Posted in: Nasukawa looks for real fight with Mayweather, not just entertainment See in context

Really do not care who wins...

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Posted in: Going, going, gone! Tsukiji market holds last tuna auction before move See in context

Another historic site going the way of history. Hopefully the one in Toyosu will be the start of new clean, safe and Tuna management.

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Posted in: Osaka cuts sister city ties with San Francisco over 'comfort women' statue See in context

Unfortunitly it does not matter what Japan says or does or how many times they appologies for past. There will always be people who complain about the past but these same people say nothing about the crimes of all nations present and past who have done the same thing through out history. It's fine to remember the past and learn from it but to keep throwing in peoples faces who had nothing to do with past events and who we're not alive at such time needs to stop...

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Posted in: A slice of life in Nerima, the Tokyo neighborhood you probably don’t know See in context

WOW sounds like a nice place to check out for future home....

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Posted in: SDF recruiters struggle as applicant pool dries up See in context

I served in military, like so many in my family before me. It was a great decision on my part to serve my country. I am happy i did and met many great people in my travels. I also learned alot about other cultures and countries. Yes the money is not great but there is much more to be gain then just money. These young men and women are needed in Japan for SDF or Japan faces a very really threat from other countries who are not friends of Japan. It only takes 1 generation of people to lose it all and then everyone suffers....

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Posted in: Why is anti-Japanese sentiment remaining from the World War II era almost non-existent in countries like Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, unlike in China and South Korea? See in context

This is only a political move by China and Korea. They use this as a guilt trip against Japanese to get any concessions from the Japanese government. What happened was wrong but it happened not just with Japanese forces but all forces in the world at some point. China has absolutely has no room to be talking about human rights issues. They have huge issues to this day that they are not being held accountable. Stop pointing fingers at others, learn from it, clean up you're own back yard before trying to dump on someone. THE WAR IS OVER, enough. There are very few people from that time left who are even remotely responisible. Leave the generation after it alone......!

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Posted in: 1st 'comfort women' statue installed in Taiwan See in context

Look what happened was bad and affected many people's lives. It should be learned from and lets not have happen again. Every nation on earth has done things like this through out human history. So are we know going to go to each and every country to tell leaders who had nothing to do with these past events to pay up. No, this beyond ridiculous, never mind many things is history being left of what, why, who and how about all these past events. It's the same in US with the Democratic party trying to erase the history they have of slavery. The take down this statue or that one because it reminds us of the past, which it should so we do not repeat. Stop getting offended everytime, learn from past mistakes, don't repeat and live good,respectful life with others....Yes i will get negative clicks, so what. I could say the sky is blue and someone would complain, such is life...

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Posted in: Washington white nationalist rally sputters in sea of counter protesters See in context

As far as the article saying this event sputtered is  misleading. Once the organizer for the so called alt-right group heard about the other groups they told their supporters to not show up. They did this to avoid another conflict..

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Posted in: Washington white nationalist rally sputters in sea of counter protesters See in context

This entire event is a setup by the city to spark violence. The group had a permit to protest, but so did other groups at the same time. The city should be held responsible for creating a very unsafe situation for many local residents...

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Posted in: China may try to join hands with Japan to challenge U.S. See in context

I do not trust China at all and believe once they have Japan under their grasp conflict will emerge. USA makes mistakes but it is an ally of Japan. As far as manipulate Japan, countries do this to each other so stop trying to pass blame to one country or another...

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Posted in: 'Japanese Satchmo' honored in jazz birthplace of New Orleans See in context

What an awesome couple who have devoted their lives to some really great music and helping others.

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Posted in: Story of boy killed in 1985 JAL crash resonates with kids, parents See in context

This young boy reminds me of my kids. So sorry for this womans loss, no words can replace him. Today this boy would be about 6 years younger then me. What really got me is this little guy boarded a plane by himself with his back pack and snacks. WOW....brave little boy.

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Posted in: Okinawa rally mourns governor, opposes U.S. base relocation See in context

As someone who was stationed at Yokosuka Naval base from 91 to 94. Let the Japanese people decide if they still want US personnel on the ground. It's a awesome country to live in and love visiting every chance i get. If they still want us their but down size the number of bases that should be considered too...

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Posted in: Melania Trump's parents get U.S. citizenship under program slammed by Trump See in context

Parents have been in process for several years now on getting their citizenship. The congress has had its chance to fix the immigration policy but have done nothing about it. So what if the president's wife's parents took advantage of it. They are not the only ones still taking advantage of this either, thousands do this every year. There are also other government officials doing the same as the first lady's parents, so until the Congress gets off their butts and actually fixes the policy. This will continue to happen long after the Trumps have left offices. So quit crying whiners.

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Posted in: Pikachu parade See in context

Just carry a strong portable fan with long life batteries....

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

No, as horrible as that day was more lives we're saved because of it. The death toll to Japanese citizens and military if a land invasion had happened would have seen death tolls at least 3 times what they were. As for a war crime i could say the samething to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Even with all the political games being played back then it was no excuse for Japan to attack the base which killed 2403 people of which 218 were civilians. So again No, it's the same with the Koreans constantly bring up their issues from the war with Japan.

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Posted in: All 9 confirmed dead in helicopter crash in Gunma See in context

Sorry for the loss of life and to the familys their loved ones. From what i read it sounds like the pilot was flying too low and flew right into mountain. Sounds like this helicopter could only fly using visual flight rules (VFR) should have not flown unless has the ability to fly instrument flight rules (IFR).

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Posted in: Travelers flood train stations, clog roads in holiday exodus See in context

Yeah i have read the Stagger holiday Idea and may sound good but it would be better if people can leave just a few days apart. This way it would break up how many people are leaving, instead of everyone at once. This way the holiday would be the same just leaving for the holiday would change..

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Posted in: 'No more' or we vote you out: Students lead huge U.S. anti-gun rallies See in context

Great to see the kids out there but they are being used for the gun banner group. The facts just do not back up their claims. They constantly leave out the failure of local, state and federal authorities who failed. The gun is not the problem, it is the evil people who make a choice to kill. The weapon does not matter has the world had seen time and again through out history. People who want to kill will kill period. No back ground will stop this, adding more laws to the already 20k will not stop it. Laws are broken all the time and people do not stop. Quit blame objects and start blaming the person doing the act. More people die from blunt objects then firearms yet we do not have a back ground check on hammers and the same is said about vehicles more people die from them the firearms, no back ground check.

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Posted in: Gov't demands dismissal of forced sterilization damages claim See in context

The US still has their eugenics program going today, that would be Planned Parent Hood which was started by Margaret Sanger. This evil woman was an eugenics enthusiasts and targeted poor American's, which most were black americans. Of course the media here will paint it a differently then what history tells you happened.

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Posted in: Pence defends Trump over vulgar remarks on Africa, Haiti See in context

Everyone keeps trying to use the apartments that Trumps father SR bought back in the 70's as the reason he Trump JR is racists. It's just false period. Back in 1973 when the law suit went out, It was federal lawsuit sent to many landlords across the country (read FBI file). The one sent to the Trumps, was sent to Trump Management, Trump SR and Trump JR, which is normal in a lawsuit to go to owners. Many of the accusations we redacted, one was found to be accurate. When the urban league ran a test to see which landlords were not renting to minorities. A for rent sign was on one of the apartment buildings of Trumps. When a black man went in to ask for the apartment he was turned down and said not availble even though sign was still. The superintendant said he forgot to take sign down. The next day the urban league sent a white woman in for the same apartment and was given a tour. Shortly after the black man and others came back in and confronted the superintendant who then blamed his boss, which was not named. The case was dropped after 2 years and no charges filed. I suggest you all go read the FBI file yourselves, i dont know how this makes President Trump a racist because of someone at his business.

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Posted in: Snow fight See in context

Oh looks fun, my would love to do that with their grandma..

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