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US did not start this and this has been an issue since the stop of the war. The last several decades the pass the buck mentality has been the norm. Nobody wants to put their foot down to say knock it off when it comes NOK. President Trump comes into office and now everyone blames him for all that has happened over the years. ...

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Love snow so much fun to play in. Driving and walking just need to be careful, not really a big deal when we get snow except they dont want to use salt. If you are only salting a few times a year i dont see the reason for not putting it down. It does make it safer for everyone.

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Posted in: Avalanche engulfs skiers after volcano erupts near Gunma resort; 1 dead, 11 injured See in context

WOW just never heard about this here in US. I also even when living in Japan knew that so many volcanoes were so active..... Hope they find the missing skiier...

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The other question is who was killed besides just an intelligence officer and unders who command did he do it for. He could just be the scape goat for the killing. Guess we will not know

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We'll the data from US military says decreasing and JDF says increasing, so which is it. I will say that since the last US administration cut military spending of the last 8 years, which does affect proper maintenance on US aircraft. Many planes were being maintained by using other existing aircrafts has parts because of the cuts. So hopefully with the second year of this administration going and spending increased we should see a decrease overall on all US hardware downtime..

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Posted in: The rival Koreas have agreed to form a unified Olympic team and have their athletes parade together for the first time in 11 years during the opening ceremony of next month's Winter Olympics? Do you think this will result in lowering tensions over the North's nuclear weapons program? See in context

It's the insane NOK leader who is causing all of the issues. Dont lauch missles into international zones and no one will bother u. What u do in your country is your busness which the USA may not like but they will not interfere...

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The only group to blame for this shut down is the Democrats period. The senate takes 60 votes, Republicans only have 51 total, that leaves the dems for 9. The ILLEGAL DACA was not even supposed to be taken care of until March. Even the dems dear leader Obama said it was not legal and they did it anyways. This budget garbage is also out of hand that these last few administration of not getting a long term budget done. UGH....

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The teenager boy attacked a girl older then him, sounds like this kid as mental issues. I am surprised sensei258 your comment didnt get removed for vulgar language, must be because u have sensei in your

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Love snow so beautiful....

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for stabbing father to death in Yokohama See in context

Trying to stop the fight is one thing. To bring a knife into this is wrong, unless the father was physically attacking her or other family members no excuse.

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As far as the comment how can the marines be there when treaty only says Navy, Air Force and Army. That's because the Marines fall under the Department of the Navy. Marines hate that part when u tell them that, we used to Joke with them when i was stationed at Yokosuka Naval station lol.

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Sounds like not all the info is being given in this article. The base was there first and then the school was built near the end of run way. The picture also does not match the statements made by JT, so the real story here is the excuses to push the base away. Yes if a piece of the aircraft fell off then yes that is a safety issue and should be investigated if it has not already been completed. As far as the USA being there, that's up to both governments to sort it out. If Japan is more the abile to defend itself, then reduce the number of bases in Japan.

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Posted in: Mother drowns after jumping into sea to save son See in context

Oh God so sorry for this family...

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Abe is correct in not joining this idiotic weapons ban. When u have countries like Iran and North Korea continuing to develop their programs. It makes zero since to tell the countries that can stop these rogue nations, to not be able to defend themselves..Makes no sense....

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Still nothing on President Trump and FBI director got himself fired for not doing his job period. Normally a 10 year position but this clown could not make past 3 years because he could not follow the law. Bill Clinton was the last President to fire his FBI director Williams Sessions.

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So sounds like the system set-up to alert everyone by the government is at fault but instead blames NHK.

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May peace be found to all those who survived and the ones lost....

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Posted in: At least 33 human skulls found in western Mexico, official says See in context

WOW that's what happens when you have lawless country

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Ok those robots just look creepy....

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God i hope this child has some other family to raise him..

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President Trump is very far from being a racists. It is the only thing the democrats have to attack him with. Obama called Libya a s@@@ show, Graham called countries a hell hole, Dick Durbin himself has used chain migrantion in many addresses to the congress. The examples go on and on from Democrats and fellow republicans using same or similar language, yet no one freaked out about them. But anything President Trump says is always racists. News flash mexican is not a race, nationalilty, Muslim is not a race, its a religion and ILLEGAL immigrants is not a race. Always when talking about immigrantion it's about the Illegals, not legal immigrants....

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Posted in: 8 bodies found after boat believed to be from N Korea washes up in Japan See in context

So what does Japan do with the people who survive the trip?

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I was stationed in Japan and lived there for a few years, love it. I hope to retire there. Yes agree USSR and USA have large Nuclear arsenals that could leave this planet a barren rock. No i dont trust USSR but they are not threatening to use Nuclear weapons to get their way. NK is threatening to use Nucs, so what if its only 10,20 or 30 nucs in their arsenal. That is still enough to kill millions on a global scale...

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yep Al Gore made it up .......

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Posted in: Japan faces greatest danger since World War II due to N Korea: Abe See in context

The North Korean threat has been build for the last 30 years. We'll before any of the current leaders were in office. The only country launching missles like this is NK, which is doing so in direction of neighboring countries. NK can do what it wants within it's own borders, but when it crosses that line then other countries have the right to defend themselves if need be. Japan should be able to defend itself period. No USA or it's    allies pushed NK to act like this. NK keeps pushing to see what it can get away with and blame others... Honestly NK government needs new leaders with someone who is not nuts..

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If used correctly can be a help too humanity, such as the space program. Where we can send probes places that are too dangerous for humans. We just need to be careful how we use this technology.

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I voted and the main reason Trump won ( not my first choice) was that people were sick and tired of the same status quo. Nothing getting done by either party, no real good changes for the american people but more government control which we dont want. The current political climate is government knows best and we will tell you what to do. That is not what i want and the same can be said for many americans. The Democratic party i think has lost it's mind and are very hypocritical. They tell us that did not vote for Obama to accept the outcome. Then when it looked like The corrupt Hillary was going to win , the Democratic party said are going to accept the results when she wins. Now that party does not want to do its job, accept the results and move forward. Instead they attack the current president which was not even done to Obama, because you would have been labled a racist for even saying something. Currently there is alot of distrust in both partys due to many dishonest politicians and the many scandles from both parties. You do not attack your own people like the politicians have done. Currently i feel the entire Democratic party should be fired and many in the republican party too.

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Next time i am in Osaka i will have to try this place.... Looks good...

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WOW that is very disgusting behavior and sounds like some Japanese men need some therapy.

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Posted in: Koike's party, allies score big victory in Tokyo metropolitan assembly election See in context

I am surprised by the communist party. Nothing good from a communist party. All my time living in Japan did not realize there this party...

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