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Japan certainly is hypocritical when it comes to their view of sexuality. But then again. The hypocrisy only comes from the rest of the world's expectations. Japanese men apparently acknowledge their desires for young girls. Even though they have to act as if they don't these days just because of what the world wants to believe. The rest of the world has pedophilic tendencies as well. But the old outdated belief that it is a mental illness is the problem. People can be stubborn and ignorant. I can tell you exactly why society typically suppresses sex. Because the way it naturally manifests itself in all people isn't compatible with society. SO what needs to happen? Society needs to change to accommodate sex. Suppression doesn't work. Restraining sexual desire creates a whole set of new problems. Nd you ultimately end up with millions of innocent people becoming casualties to ignorance of others. Ending up in prisons or whatever.

My way of solving this problem is for young boys to be with older women, and young girls being with older men. If you study old wisdom passed down from texts of numerous philosophies and religions, you will find sayings such as "A fool can only raise a young fool into an old fool. But a wise person can raise a young fool into an old wise person." In most relationships, there is a dominate leader or "visionary". Someone who takes charge. If that relationship consists of two fools, is it really going to matter who's in charge?

To place a younger "rookie" with an older person, not only will they be better of in life. But society will become wiser over time and everyone will be better off. IN today's reality, society continue to make the same mistakes over and over. We see the trend of wiser officials retiring and getting replaced by younger fools. Is this really how we grow as a nation around the world? People need to stop looking at taboos. And look beyond them instead. Older men love younger girls. Not only does it make them feel younger. But they will pour their whole life force into those young women and rear them out far more wisely than any "romeo and Juliet" fiasco ever could. There is nothing worse than seeing a teenage girl get knocked up by some street punk who ends up in jail or by some drunk fool at a party. And it happens every day. Girls today are often more foolish than they have been decades ago. But the curve goes up and down from one generation to the next. Because society is wishy washy and lazily at the mercy of political entities. We seriously do need to shove the government out of the social business. And drop taboos. Paving the way for understanding what people REALLY want. And in all my studies, even older women LOVE younger guys. It is not only logical. But scientific. Its a win-win situation. I'd rather see my son end up with a woman 20 years older than him than to see him playing mind games with some highly impressionable and foolish jezibel who doesn't know where to go in life except the welfare line.

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