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Posted in: A decade after Jobs' death, has Apple traded magic for profit? See in context

Wish he’d never invented the magic phone. It has killed millions. Destroyed lives.

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Posted in: Kishida to attend G20 summit in late Oct: gov't source See in context

Attend is better than intend, but he will literally just attend. What a big boy.

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Posted in: North Korea warns U.N. Security Council after emergency meeting See in context

Fat boy Kim at it again .

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Posted in: Kishida to become PM; hold general election Oct 31 See in context

He’s special.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuation seekers enter Pakistan to head for Japan See in context

Wasn’t it 14 Japanese and 1 Afghan ?

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Posted in: New Zealand unable to keep supermarket attacker locked up: Ardern See in context

She claims it was the act of an individual and not the faith and that’s as maybe, but he chose not to go on a stabbing rampage at the mosk he was residing at . How did he know that the victims in the supermarket weren’t Muslim or share his ideology?

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Posted in: Kim Jong-un summoned to appear in Tokyo District Court See in context


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Posted in: 3 cabinet members, Abe visit Yasukuni Shrine; Suga sends offering See in context

They didn’t give their lives. Their lives were taken, but they were no angels.

Forget the class A war criminals. The majority were criminals. If the far right wish to worship these souls why not have a joint shrine with the Nazis. Remember their brothers in arms . They were on the same side. In fact the Nazis were actually horrified by Japan’s atrocities. Come on Japan don’t forget your buddies.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor apologizes for biting athlete's gold medal See in context

It’s what I’d expect from a cheeky 12 year old. Waiting cowardly till the Olympic foreign press had gone is what I’d expect from a 12 year old.

Just the mere fact that he insisted she adorn him with the medal is concerning.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 76th anniversary of atomic bombing See in context

Did Japan ever have a vision of peace in the build up to the atomic bombings.

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Posted in: Aluminum cans slowly replace plastics to tackle marine pollution See in context

Bring back glass!

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Posted in: Aluminum cans slowly replace plastics to tackle marine pollution See in context

So instead of seeing floating or washed up pet bottles we will use sinkable cans that can be hidden at unseen depths. Genius.

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Posted in: Detained Sri Lankan's footage before her death to be shown to family See in context

North Korea, China ,Japan are so similar. Why ?

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Posted in: School volleyball coach arrested for assaulting student See in context

That old sadistic mindset is here to stay. It’s basically institutionalised bullying.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting woman as she slept in her apartment See in context

There are millions of this type. They are everywhere. He felt entitled.

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Posted in: 'I can die': Medvedev survives extreme heat at Tokyo Games See in context

But during the bidding for Olympics 2020 Japan stated it had a mild climate during summer.

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Posted in: Suga asks Bach to ensure Olympics will be safe, particularly for Japanese public See in context

What if Bach replied ‘No’. Isn’t it Bach who should be asking Suga the same question. And isn’t too late to be asking this ? I think Suga has already been told by Japanese health authorities that it’s impossible to ensure the safety of the Japanese people.

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Posted in: Olympics are harder on marijuana than pro sports See in context

Marijuana in Japan Oh boy.

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Posted in: Statue of late Japanese comedian Ken Shimura unveiled in Tokyo See in context

He was hilarious. RIP Ken.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 76-year-old bedridden mother See in context

It’s obligation not love.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend influencing imperial succession debate See in context

An uncomfortable photo. See how her right shoulder is raised as a defence towards him.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing girlfriend’s 1-year-old son See in context

26 with the emotional maturity of a jhs boy. There are a lot of naive, desperate and foolish women out there too.

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Posted in: 2 children found dead, mother wounded in Gunma home See in context

Underlying mental issues.

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Posted in: Preventing heat stroke is important, too, but without masks, more people will be deemed to have been in close contact with a COVID-19 patient, and that will lead to a school shutdown. Maintaining a balance is difficult. See in context

Why pretend to care. Kids die every year due to heat exhaustion and sunstroke. Nothing is going to change. Stop the BS and actually do something. Hope the foreign media uncover this country for what it actually is during the COVID games.

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Posted in: Auckland tops Economist's most liveable cities ranking; Osaka 2nd, Tokyo 5th See in context

Concrete, noise , lack of space, No beach . Dirty, smelly . It’s disgusting.

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Posted in: Fans booing players taking a knee shows racism still a problem: Henderson See in context

Don’t take a knee. It’s all BS. Facts show blacks are prone to being more racist and violent. FACTS.

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Posted in: Suga regrets having to take all the heat for hosting Olympics during pandemic See in context

Should we care about his feelings ?

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Posted in: Japan eyes regional revitalization with transfer of 10,000 workers See in context

Headline sound like 1938

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