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Posted in: Saga Balloon Fiesta See in context

With thousands of hectares of space you have to bunch together in a crowded group and risk an accident. Collectivism at it’s best folks.

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Posted in: Koike looking for tourists See in context

I noticed that all the bodyguards have the same haircut and the same clothes.

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Posted in: Tokyo ward finds 1 in 3 recluses don't want gov't help to reintegrate See in context

There are many factors at play I believe. Social anxiety disorders, avoidance personality disorders, depression stemming from school, culture, relationships and group dynamics.

Emotional immaturity is also a contributor. Self development will remain stagnant if one never thinks for oneself and is conditioned to always follow instruction.

Gaming seems to be a prominent feature. Perhaps it gives opportunity to make your own choices and decisions and be in control .

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Posted in: Young boy hit, killed by train in apparent suicide in Aichi See in context

A tragedy. It states he was a JHS boy, but he was only 10 yrs old.

Moderator: The story has been corrected to indicate the boy was in elementary school.

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Posted in: Japan gets 120,400 foreign visitors in June, but only 252 tourists See in context

Tourists do not want to be treated as infected inferior specimens. Unnecessary testing, masked, monitored, guided, supervised, lectured. Japan’s true colours.

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Posted in: Court dismisses sex business firm's damages claim over virus handout snub See in context

You couldn’t make this up.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises alert level amid resurgence in COVID-19 cases See in context

It’s perfectly acceptable to train kids to death every summer with no repercussions, but god forbid showing your face in public.

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Posted in: Record 54% of Japanese students not eager to study due to COVID: survey See in context

As a uni lecturer and owner of private English schools I’ve noticed a positive change in students due to the pandemic.

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Posted in: Arabs decry 'racist' double standard in Ukraine media commentary See in context

It appears the majority of Middle Eastern and African refugees in Europe are young fighting age men who left women and children behind. Whereas the majority of refugees from Ukrain are Ukrainian women and children and Middle Eastern people who have made Ukrain their home. Ukrain men are the ones staying to fight.

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Posted in: North Korea fires ballistic missile into sea See in context

Have you done your homework yet ? Kimmy. It’s time for bed.

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Posted in: Naomi Watanabe sports adidas stripes in her hair to celebrate becoming brand ambassador See in context

Sorry, but she’s a living walking billboard. She’s wearing the brand and has Adidas stripes in her hair. The equivalent of an Adidas tattoo.

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Posted in: Japan aims to block sex offenders from jobs in schools, child care See in context

Are children, the most vulnerable in society second class citizens? Why are monsters being allowed access to them ? Kids already have it tough and add the extra burden of being in proximity of sex offenders is a crime in itself.

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Posted in: Japanese personal seals for signing documents now come in ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ variety See in context

‘Will take you back to your childhood…

Have these ‘adults’ actually developed emotionally past childhood ? This is equivalent to that of a handwritten signature with a teletubies face behind it.

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Posted in: New Zealand to end lockdowns early next month See in context

Ahh, the old political divide even during life or death circumstances. The main controversy in NZ was Maori weren’t given priority over other ethnicities for vaccine rollouts ( queue jumping) and Maori healthcare providers weren’t granted extre $millions to vaccinate Maori in a non Eurocentric way.

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Posted in: Suspect in Australian girl's abduction to be charged soon See in context


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Posted in: Robots hit the streets as demand for food delivery grows See in context

How long would they last down Skidrow?

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Posted in: A decade after Jobs' death, has Apple traded magic for profit? See in context

Wish he’d never invented the magic phone. It has killed millions. Destroyed lives.

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Posted in: Kishida to attend G20 summit in late Oct: gov't source See in context

Attend is better than intend, but he will literally just attend. What a big boy.

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Posted in: North Korea warns U.N. Security Council after emergency meeting See in context

Fat boy Kim at it again .

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Posted in: Kishida to become PM; hold general election Oct 31 See in context

He’s special.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuation seekers enter Pakistan to head for Japan See in context

Wasn’t it 14 Japanese and 1 Afghan ?

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Posted in: New Zealand unable to keep supermarket attacker locked up: Ardern See in context

She claims it was the act of an individual and not the faith and that’s as maybe, but he chose not to go on a stabbing rampage at the mosk he was residing at . How did he know that the victims in the supermarket weren’t Muslim or share his ideology?

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Posted in: Kim Jong-un summoned to appear in Tokyo District Court See in context


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Posted in: 3 cabinet members, Abe visit Yasukuni Shrine; Suga sends offering See in context

They didn’t give their lives. Their lives were taken, but they were no angels.

Forget the class A war criminals. The majority were criminals. If the far right wish to worship these souls why not have a joint shrine with the Nazis. Remember their brothers in arms . They were on the same side. In fact the Nazis were actually horrified by Japan’s atrocities. Come on Japan don’t forget your buddies.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor apologizes for biting athlete's gold medal See in context

It’s what I’d expect from a cheeky 12 year old. Waiting cowardly till the Olympic foreign press had gone is what I’d expect from a 12 year old.

Just the mere fact that he insisted she adorn him with the medal is concerning.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 76th anniversary of atomic bombing See in context

Did Japan ever have a vision of peace in the build up to the atomic bombings.

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Posted in: Aluminum cans slowly replace plastics to tackle marine pollution See in context

Bring back glass!

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Posted in: Aluminum cans slowly replace plastics to tackle marine pollution See in context

So instead of seeing floating or washed up pet bottles we will use sinkable cans that can be hidden at unseen depths. Genius.

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Posted in: Detained Sri Lankan's footage before her death to be shown to family See in context

North Korea, China ,Japan are so similar. Why ?

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