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The only hydrogen filling stations that I have seen in Japan are operated by Eneos, an oil company. That should tell you something.

The "hydrogen economy" is a scam. It's a way to greenwash fossil fuel and make it look like an eco-friendly solution. The secret that none of the promoters of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles want you to know is that the only economical route to produce hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles (FCV) is from fossil fuels such as coal or LNG. Almost all the hydrogen produced today is produced through steam reformation of natural gas, which is not a carbon-free or renewable energy source. A car like the Toyota Mirai run on hydrogen produced this way actually produces more CO2 per km than a regular gasoline powered car!

Yes, you can also produce hydrogen from renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines, but the conversion losses of electrolysis, fuel cells and high pressure gas storage are such that this technology would consume three times more electricity per km than equivalent battery powered cars.

That is why FCVs are a dead end. Even if you ignore the scarcity of hydrogen fuel stations, the high cost of fuel cells, this technology is simply to inefficient to be competitive with batteries, unless you ignore the climate disaster from skyrocketing CO2 levels and produce hydrogen from dirty fossil fuels instead of from renewable sources.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy hit, killed by bus; driver arrested See in context

Without further details it's not clear what the driver could have done to avoid the accident. The bus company was Tokyu bus.

It's tragic for the boy and his family, but also for the driver and all observers. When thousands of people are killed in traffic accidents every year, people treat the deaths as statistics, but when when you face an individual death you see that each one is a tragedy.

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