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Posted in: Japan to stop labeling people unmarried at 50 as 'lifelong singles' See in context

kurisupisuToday  08:28 am JST

I’m starting to feel that Japan is becoming a very progressive country!

You are sugarcoating the situation. This country is full of lonely men addicted to anime and AKBs...

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Posted in: Japan hopes to avoid trade battle by wooing Trump with pomp See in context

People are so dumb. Its such a easy solution. Give Trump Casino the gambling license to build a casino in Tokyo. Guarantee all trade talks will go smoothly!!

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Posted in: Stop it! Anti-groper app becomes smash hit See in context

I am not blaming the victim but there is definitely something wrong with this society if women are bred and raised to be scared to call out a groper.

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders car owner to pay NHK fee See in context

Is anyone going develop a line of products that blocks all NHK signal? I think its about time! It will sell like hotcakes I'm sure!

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Posted in: S Korea to carefully review Japan arbitration call on wartime labor See in context

Let those old men rest and enjoy the rest of his life in peace. They are being used as a political pawns by the Korean government.

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Posted in: Court asked to stop dolphin hunts in Wakayama town See in context

Just because it's tradition, it doesn't mean it should be allowed today.

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Posted in: Iran tells Japan it is exercising restraint despite escalation of U.S. sanctions See in context

TigersTokyoDomeMay 16  04:36 pm JST

Japan and Iran have always had good diplomatic relations. Israel and the US should learn from them.

Trump is going to lead us all into a global war for the sake of his next election.

Only because Iran has lots of something that Japan doesn't have ; )

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Posted in: China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi to visit Japan from Thursday See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday  09:51 am JST

But Sino-Japanese ties have been markedly improving recently

Really? We backed USA and our stock market is crashing because of us sanctions. Please detail improving.

Stock market crash is result of trade war between US and China. Japan did not back the US in the trade war. It has nothing to do with Sino-Japaense ties. If anything, because China is being pushed to the corner by the US, China has been friendly to Japan as of late.

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Posted in: Japan's CD album output falls below 100 mil for 1st time in 2018 See in context

I assume most of the sales are from lonely men buying AKB48 CDs to support the favorite underage girls..

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Posted in: Tokyo displays drawing of rat thought to be work of Banksy See in context

I heard this was painted as a prank by an aussie foreign exchange

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Posted in: LDP calls for law to tighten regulation on IT giants See in context

TheRatToday  07:14 am JST

Yeah, but if these have been Japanese companies, no such request would have been made. When did the LDP EVER make a similar proposal about Toyota?

Rakuten and Yahoo japan are not Japanese companies? Your point is moot and makes you sound like a grumpy old man

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Posted in: TEPCO to employ foreign workers at Fukushima plant under new visa system See in context

Whats with all the negativity. I'm sure the risk are clearly explained to them before hand and safety measures are taken to prevent radiation exposure....

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Posted in: Samsung to inspect Galaxy Fold phones after reviewer complaints See in context

Why would they make the protective film removable if its not to be removed?!

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

Half isn't all that bad. In the US, almost all non-whites living in the US at one point in their lives faced discrimination.

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Posted in: Man stops train from leaving station in Japan; video goes viral online See in context

This video made me want to punch him in the face lol

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Posted in: Seoul cancels permit for new Japanese embassy building See in context

This article is making an issue out of nothing. The permit expired so it was canceled. Plain and simple, nothing related to comfort women, or any diplomatic relations between japan and korea...

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife back in Japan for questioning See in context

Euro DudeToday  11:13 am JST

Very curious about what will happen to her. Want to bet she will get arrested and hostage hold for a couple of weeks too?

A rich whites don't get special treatment here. If she is guilty of a crime, she will the prosecuted accordingly.

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Posted in: Ghosn's wife back in Japan for questioning See in context

YubaruToday  06:49 am JST

The prosecutors sure seem to be pulling at straws if they need to question the wife here. Was she an employee of Nissan?

This article doesn't get into specifics, but no she is not employee of Nissan. Ghosn is accused of funneling money to a foreign company where the wife is a director and also as ties to the shady Omani company. It all makes sense!

Clearly, she knows her company was accepting unlawful money and she got scared and left Japan. pretty obvious. After she left Japan in a panic, her lawyer told her shes not being indicted and prosecutors just want to ask questions, so then she came back.

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Posted in: Virgin territory: Study shows heterosexual inexperience rising in Japan See in context

I blame AKB, anime, educational system and the porn for the cause of so many virgin in Japan.

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Posted in: Group investigated for placing bed in center of Shibuya scramble crossing See in context

Its not about lightening up. Its funny when one group of kid do this but if everyone starts pulling crap like this, its a accident waiting to happen.

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Posted in: Special celebrations planned for newlyweds at start of Reiwa era See in context

How do we register marraiges if the 区役所 are closed for the holiday..?

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Posted in: Kono suggests need to end reversal of Japanese names in English See in context

This is the worst article ive read all week. I still have no idea what Kono wants to do regards to the order of surname and given name..

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Posted in: Abe explains choice of Reiwa for next era name See in context

Ultra-conservative..?? LDP is convervative but definitely not ultra-conservative. Only a small fraction within the party has ultra-conservative views and mainstream LDP policies are not ULTRA-conservative. I see the writer and/or the editor are clearly left wingers and are bias in their work.

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Posted in: Yakuza population hits record low in 2018: police See in context

IloveCoffeeToday  08:56 am JST

I've always wondered if they know who the Yakuza are, why can't they just arrest them?

They need to be charged with a crime in order to be arrested.. just being affiliated with yakuza is not a crime...

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Posted in: Japan slowly buying into cashless future despite widespread misgivings See in context

Realized halfway thru the article that the paypay ad on top of the page is part of the article. not a website ad

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Posted in: Hooters goes bust in Japan See in context

There is an obvious difference between those other establishments and hooters. Japanese men that loves going to these places are mostly nerdy, anime type guys. They like the cute, anime-like, submissive girls. They are intimated by the type of girls found at hooters. Just not their cup of tea. Japanese guys who do likes the hooters type girls usually don't spend money on watching girls with big boobs serve wings.

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Posted in: Mike Trout says he's 'an Angel for life' with $426.5 million contract See in context

RIP angels. Angels aren't the yankees or redsox. Monster contracts like these pretty much guaranteed Angles will be crap for next 12 years.

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Posted in: 'Made by war criminals' label proposed for some Japanese-made items in S Korean schools See in context

Kind of want to see this actually happen. Makes Korea look ridiculous in front of the world.

So they should slap all Samsung Galaxies and Hyundai cars with these stickers too because many korean phones and cars parts are manufactured using Japanese parts. LOL

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Posted in: Ichiro walks off into history in 'sayonara' at Tokyo Dome See in context

Now the question is, can he get elected unanimously as Hall of famer? I think he deserves to, looking at his overall impact he had on the sports. Cant imagine anyone not voting in his favor...

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Posted in: Paris ties Singapore, Hong Kong as world's priciest cities See in context

So there are no regular suits available in Paris? I find this really hard to believe that everyone in Paris wears a 2000 dollar suit on average. Can anyone confirm..

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