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Posted in: Abe shakes up cabinet, bringing in rising star Koizumi See in context

Chip StarToday  06:55 am JST

Koizumi's qualification being, obviously, that his daddy was a prime minister. Japanese politics is as big of a joke as the Japanese "justice" system.

Not really sure why you are salty about this young up coming politician. If your only reason is because his father is a former prime minister, then your logic is the "joke." Having a father as prime minster is a plus, seeing and experiencing politics at early game to really understand it and having a former prime minister to consult. He was elected fairly by the public, just like any other lawmakers.

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Posted in: Retrials ordered for ex-South Korean leader Park, Samsung heir See in context

Wallace FredToday  08:56 am JST

Its not real democracy if corrupt official goes to jail only when it pleases Moon. So why is Moon so quiet about the corruption of his closest aid? "You do the crime, you do the time" doesn't apply to Moon's inner circle?

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Posted in: Elitism scandal engulfs would-be justice minister in South Korea See in context

Sh1mon M4sadaToday  01:03 pm JST

oh the ties between politics and tge judicial system, except when Japan is the being sued, then 'apparently' no ties....just sayin'

That's exactly what is happening. Separation of Judicial and executive power in Korea only exists when its convenient for the administration.

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Posted in: Fugitive gives himself up 10 days after fleeing from hospital See in context

YubaruToday  07:09 am JST

Hell of a picture. I wonder, at the motivation for putting his picture here? Is it because he is South Korean?

I dont recall ever seeing a mug shot of a Japanese suspect here so why point this guy out?

100% of the time if the fugitive is on the run, they release the mug shot.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spraying NHK fee collector with fire extinguisher See in context

This is why its important to live in an apt with auto lock. Keep them shady NHK people away from my front door. Worse case, i just have to hang up the inter com.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

Just looking at the reactions of citizens of these two countries shows how one side is more rational and developed as a society, while the other side is rash, emotional and vindictive.

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Posted in: Fuji TV apologizes for wrong caption calling deceased Kyoto Animation director ‘idiot’ See in context

DavidToday  09:54 am JST

With a name like “Live News It!” I’d be prepared for many more wrong or mistaken transmissions.

Always wondered about this. Fuji TV cant find one person that speaks English to check if it sounds ridiculous?

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Posted in: Man stabs woman in Daiso store; says he just ‘wanted to kill someone’ See in context

oldman_13Today  02:20 pm JST

I'm telling you, things have changed. Society is in decline, safety cannot be taken for granted anymore.

No, not really. This kind of things always existed in Japan, nothing new. Crime rate is still going down in Japan. Thats the fact. Just because there had been few high profile cases recently doesnt change anything overall.

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Posted in: An Olympic dispute: Japan rejects S Korean anger over map See in context

dbsaiyaToday  07:39 am JST

Ganbare Japan, be careful of what you wish. If S. Korea boycotts, N. Korea could easily follow suit showing a united front. Korea is a neighboring country and the tourists visiting the Olympics would be big revenue. If Korea boycotts it will not only tarnish the legacy of the Tokyo Olympics but also hurt economically. The Tokyo Olympics would have an asterisk by it just like Moscow and L.A.

No, it will not tarnish the legacy. Noone will even remember that Korea boycotted the olympics. Believe it or not, the rest of the world don't care about Korea-Japan dispute.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea row over history, trade deepens as man dies of immolation in Seoul See in context

Courtesy of Wiki:

In January 2005, the South Korean government disclosed 1,200 pages of diplomatic documents that recorded the proceeding of the treaty. The documents, kept secret for 40 years, recorded that the Japanese government actually proposed to the South Korean government to directly compensate individual victims but it was the South Korean government which insisted that it would handle individual compensation to its citizens and then received the whole amount of grants on behalf of the victims.[10][11][12]

......South Korea agreed to demand no further compensation, either at the government or individual level, after receiving $800 million in grants and soft loans from Japan as compensation for its 1910–45 colonial rule in the treaty.[12]

No wonder Korea refuses to go third party arbitration. LOL.

Korean government should NOT BE TRUSTED. Japan has been manipulated by Korea for 50 years. Good on Abe to stand up to them.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea row over history, trade deepens as man dies of immolation in Seoul See in context

I can't figure out if this man should be considered patriotic or just a plain idiot.

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Posted in: Japan's Hayabusa2 probe makes 'perfect' touchdown on asteroid See in context

Their office looks nothing like what we are used to seeing in hollywood movies. Looks more like a high school computer classroom

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Posted in: Recycling project for 2020 Games medals achieves goal See in context

This picture is so typical of Japanese bureaucrat. Old men that probably doesn't know how to rotate an PDF file.

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Posted in: Japan official to Kardashian West: Kimono belongs to Japan See in context

The question should be, is the word Kimono even allowed to be trademarked? I think this is over blown. Just because someone trademarks the word Kimono doesn't mean no one else can use the word.

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Posted in: Kardashian kimono shapewear sparks Japan debate See in context

I cant figure out what is so wrong with this. It is a sign that Japanese culture is spreading and appreciated. Not everything has to be authentic and correct. She clearly has respect and appreciates Japanese culture to use it on her brand.

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Posted in: Man found guilty of forcing women into sex trade to clear 'debts' See in context

There is no room for leniency in the defendant's motive for gain," said Presiding Judge Satoshi Shibayama

But the 2 and half year sentence was suspended for 4 years....suspending the sentence is showing leniency.......

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Posted in: It's Biden vs rest of Democrats in 1st 2020 debate clash See in context

A parade of bunch of nobodies... American's future isn't looking too good right now

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Posted in: Trump on rape accuser: 'She's not my type' See in context

Why not take him to court? Why save it for decades and then write it in her book to publish? Oh right money..

I hope she takes legal actions against him cuz Trump is a uncontrollable idiot that's gonna destroy the world.

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Posted in: Ghosn, Kelly appear in court; lawyer asks why Saikawa wasn't indicted See in context

Funny how everyone here is on Ghosn's side. It must be a racial thing!! Ghosn must be right and Saikawa wrong?

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Posted in: Japan, Russia at odds on starting economic projects on disputed isles See in context

This never made sense to me..why would Japan help develop the islands to take back from Russia? If those islands develop, its value goes up and more the reason for Russia to not return the islands.

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Posted in: Washington Wizards pick Hachimura 9th in NBA draft See in context

@JJ Jetplane

A Chinese person name Ben is better received in the US than someone name Xin Yuan. Applies to every country.

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Posted in: Japan rejects S Korean fund plan to compensate forced wartime laborers See in context

Chip StarToday  07:01 am JST

Does the treaty only prohibit claims against the Japanese government? That's pertinent information that should be included in the article.

Yes....thats how important treaties are and must be respected. Wars have been eneded, countries losing or gaining vast land, all from one treaty.

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Posted in: Japan protests Chinese activity near disputed islands See in context

I've always been curious, does Japan have the right to unilaterally close the Miyako Strait to foreign navy? or Is there some sort of UN rule that states it must be open for passage?

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Posted in: Olympics bring human trafficking scrutiny to sport See in context

Look no further than the popularity of AKB. It is selling sexuality of under aged girls to lonely pedophile... Please do something about it.

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Posted in: Ailing woman dies at home while son spends month in internet cafes See in context

Tony GToday  04:24 pm JST

Is this even a crime?

Abandoning a ill person to die is definitely a crime.

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Posted in: Penalty increased for pilots who fly after drinking alcohol See in context

Endangering the lives of hundreds of passengers and the max penalty is only 3 years?

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Posted in: Japanese comedian baffles, amazes judges on 'America’s Got Talent' with weird dance, Japanese humor See in context

Please stop. Its embarrasing!

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Posted in: Japan grapples with traffic jams, visitors' manners amid tourism boom See in context

sensei258Today  06:50 am JST

Don't give me that visitors manners crap. There are plenty of Japanese who have no manners. If I start citing all the examples I experience everyday, the monitors will delete my post

You have lots of anger pent up in you. Your new life in Japan not doing so well?

The fact is that the proportion of tourists with bad manners is much higher than an average Japanese. A lot of it has to do with the fact that tourists are unfamiliar with the rules here (like talking on the phone in the subway). Not always their fault but its the truth..

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Posted in: YouTuber gets 2 years in jail for assaulting, confining wife See in context

If being called a baldy or stupid is gonna tick him off, it's a good thing hes not a youtuber..

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Posted in: Putin says Japan's military cooperation with U.S. is source of concern See in context

smithinjapanToday  10:57 am JST

stormcrow: "A bigger source of concern are all of the land grabs and territory being annexed by Russia and China."

Like what? When was the last time either did either.

What kind of rock do have u been living under?

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