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Posted in: It's Biden vs rest of Democrats in 1st 2020 debate clash See in context

A parade of bunch of nobodies... American's future isn't looking too good right now

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Posted in: Trump on rape accuser: 'She's not my type' See in context

Why not take him to court? Why save it for decades and then write it in her book to publish? Oh right money..

I hope she takes legal actions against him cuz Trump is a uncontrollable idiot that's gonna destroy the world.

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Posted in: Ghosn, Kelly appear in court; lawyer asks why Saikawa wasn't indicted See in context

Funny how everyone here is on Ghosn's side. It must be a racial thing!! Ghosn must be right and Saikawa wrong?

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Posted in: Japan, Russia at odds on starting economic projects on disputed isles See in context

This never made sense to me..why would Japan help develop the islands to take back from Russia? If those islands develop, its value goes up and more the reason for Russia to not return the islands.

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Posted in: Washington Wizards pick Hachimura 9th in NBA draft See in context

@JJ Jetplane

A Chinese person name Ben is better received in the US than someone name Xin Yuan. Applies to every country.

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Posted in: Japan rejects S Korean fund plan to compensate forced wartime laborers See in context

Chip StarToday  07:01 am JST

Does the treaty only prohibit claims against the Japanese government? That's pertinent information that should be included in the article.

Yes....thats how important treaties are and must be respected. Wars have been eneded, countries losing or gaining vast land, all from one treaty.

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Posted in: Japan protests Chinese activity near disputed islands See in context

I've always been curious, does Japan have the right to unilaterally close the Miyako Strait to foreign navy? or Is there some sort of UN rule that states it must be open for passage?

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Posted in: Olympics bring human trafficking scrutiny to sport See in context

Look no further than the popularity of AKB. It is selling sexuality of under aged girls to lonely pedophile... Please do something about it.

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Posted in: Ailing woman dies at home while son spends month in internet cafes See in context

Tony GToday  04:24 pm JST

Is this even a crime?

Abandoning a ill person to die is definitely a crime.

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Posted in: Penalty increased for pilots who fly after drinking alcohol See in context

Endangering the lives of hundreds of passengers and the max penalty is only 3 years?

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Posted in: Japanese comedian baffles, amazes judges on 'America’s Got Talent' with weird dance, Japanese humor See in context

Please stop. Its embarrasing!

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Posted in: Japan grapples with traffic jams, visitors' manners amid tourism boom See in context

sensei258Today  06:50 am JST

Don't give me that visitors manners crap. There are plenty of Japanese who have no manners. If I start citing all the examples I experience everyday, the monitors will delete my post

You have lots of anger pent up in you. Your new life in Japan not doing so well?

The fact is that the proportion of tourists with bad manners is much higher than an average Japanese. A lot of it has to do with the fact that tourists are unfamiliar with the rules here (like talking on the phone in the subway). Not always their fault but its the truth..

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Posted in: YouTuber gets 2 years in jail for assaulting, confining wife See in context

If being called a baldy or stupid is gonna tick him off, it's a good thing hes not a youtuber..

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Posted in: Putin says Japan's military cooperation with U.S. is source of concern See in context

smithinjapanToday  10:57 am JST

stormcrow: "A bigger source of concern are all of the land grabs and territory being annexed by Russia and China."

Like what? When was the last time either did either.

What kind of rock do have u been living under?

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Posted in: Cool cabinet See in context

Hey, at least they didnt tuck in their shirts.

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Posted in: Moped rider injured by air hose stretched across road See in context

 he noticed the air hose at the last minute but was unable to apply the moped’s brake in time.

It takes a minute to bring a moped to a stop?

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Posted in: Japan to stop labeling people unmarried at 50 as 'lifelong singles' See in context

kurisupisuToday  08:28 am JST

I’m starting to feel that Japan is becoming a very progressive country!

You are sugarcoating the situation. This country is full of lonely men addicted to anime and AKBs...

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Posted in: Japan hopes to avoid trade battle by wooing Trump with pomp See in context

People are so dumb. Its such a easy solution. Give Trump Casino the gambling license to build a casino in Tokyo. Guarantee all trade talks will go smoothly!!

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Posted in: Stop it! Anti-groper app becomes smash hit See in context

I am not blaming the victim but there is definitely something wrong with this society if women are bred and raised to be scared to call out a groper.

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Posted in: Tokyo court orders car owner to pay NHK fee See in context

Is anyone going develop a line of products that blocks all NHK signal? I think its about time! It will sell like hotcakes I'm sure!

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Posted in: S Korea to carefully review Japan arbitration call on wartime labor See in context

Let those old men rest and enjoy the rest of his life in peace. They are being used as a political pawns by the Korean government.

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Posted in: Court asked to stop dolphin hunts in Wakayama town See in context

Just because it's tradition, it doesn't mean it should be allowed today.

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Posted in: Iran tells Japan it is exercising restraint despite escalation of U.S. sanctions See in context

TigersTokyoDomeMay 16  04:36 pm JST

Japan and Iran have always had good diplomatic relations. Israel and the US should learn from them.

Trump is going to lead us all into a global war for the sake of his next election.

Only because Iran has lots of something that Japan doesn't have ; )

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Posted in: China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi to visit Japan from Thursday See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday  09:51 am JST

But Sino-Japanese ties have been markedly improving recently

Really? We backed USA and our stock market is crashing because of us sanctions. Please detail improving.

Stock market crash is result of trade war between US and China. Japan did not back the US in the trade war. It has nothing to do with Sino-Japaense ties. If anything, because China is being pushed to the corner by the US, China has been friendly to Japan as of late.

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Posted in: Japan's CD album output falls below 100 mil for 1st time in 2018 See in context

I assume most of the sales are from lonely men buying AKB48 CDs to support the favorite underage girls..

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Posted in: Tokyo displays drawing of rat thought to be work of Banksy See in context

I heard this was painted as a prank by an aussie foreign exchange

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Posted in: LDP calls for law to tighten regulation on IT giants See in context

TheRatToday  07:14 am JST

Yeah, but if these have been Japanese companies, no such request would have been made. When did the LDP EVER make a similar proposal about Toyota?

Rakuten and Yahoo japan are not Japanese companies? Your point is moot and makes you sound like a grumpy old man

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Posted in: TEPCO to employ foreign workers at Fukushima plant under new visa system See in context

Whats with all the negativity. I'm sure the risk are clearly explained to them before hand and safety measures are taken to prevent radiation exposure....

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Posted in: Samsung to inspect Galaxy Fold phones after reviewer complaints See in context

Why would they make the protective film removable if its not to be removed?!

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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

Half isn't all that bad. In the US, almost all non-whites living in the US at one point in their lives faced discrimination.

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