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Posted in: ANA to permit staff to take on wider range of side jobs amid pandemic See in context

I'm sure the flight waiters and waitresses will have no trouble making the transition to ground waitstaff.

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Posted in: Russia's Navalny accuses Putin of being behind poisoning See in context

Yes, yes, I'm sure Putin did it because he knew it would garner accolades from around the world, silencing an "opposition" critic who polls a staggering 1% to 2% with his people. Makes so much sense. Just want to congratulate one more survivor of the world's deadliest poison. Well done!

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Posted in: 'Despicable': Directors defend 'Cuties' against Republican onslaught See in context

Cancel Netflix! -And everyone else who defends or promotes this film.

Again, I thought it was a pretty decent film. How are you going to cancel me? Sounds like just more empty virtue-signalling doo doo from the hypocritical holier-than-thou crowd if you ask me.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee sent over ¥1.1 bil overseas during bid See in context

What's the katakana for quid pro quo?

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Posted in: 'Despicable': Directors defend 'Cuties' against Republican onslaught See in context

I actually watched it a couple of days ago. Pretty decent movie with depth--something movies of late are seriously lacking.

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Posted in: Djokovic out of U.S. Open after hitting line judge with ball See in context

Headline should read: Incompetent Line Judge Can't Catch--Djokovic Pays the Price.

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Posted in: Roppongi reminder See in context

Here's the homepage:

Conspicuously absent of any penalties/fines. It's just your chounaikai, crusty jiji group trying to browbeat residents into compliance with a vaguely worded declaration that tricks people into thinking it's actual law.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after daughters, aged 6 and 3, die in overheated car while she goes drinking See in context

Shouldn't it be: "Autopsy found that the girls died of heatstroke caused by dehydration?"

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Posted in: Plane carrying comatose Russian dissident lands in Germany See in context

I hope Navalny’s bout with severe hypoglycemia is treated properly and he pulls through.

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Posted in: Trump says Democrats' convention was 'gloomiest' in history See in context

Gloomiest for progressives, absolutely!

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Posted in: Japanese-owned ship deviated from shipping lane before Mauritius impact, data shows See in context

Russians hacking AIS data? Must be true because someone somewhere said it.

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Posted in: Social media sites brace for attacks by Trump on U.S. vote count See in context

Yes, we certainly need Google, Twitter et al. to protect the fragile U.S. democracy from insidious cute cat videos by censoring free speech.

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Posted in: Russian opposition leader Navalny in coma after suspected poisoning See in context

Navalny polls at 1-2%. Quite the opposition. LOL! He probably got Covid or overdosed on whatever medicine he was taking. But, whatever, sure, it was Putin--it's all Putin's fault.

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy sounds alarm on coronavirus in Japan See in context


Foreign nationals who departed from Japan with re-entry permission on or after April 3, even if they have one of the abovementioned statuses of residence are, in principle, subject to refusal of landing without special exceptional circumstances.

I posted my comment today, April 4, so...actually...true? I think what we've fleshed out is what special exceptional circumstances entail.

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Posted in: U.S. Embassy sounds alarm on coronavirus in Japan See in context

If U.S. citizens wanted to return to the United States from Japan they should do so now, or risk remaining abroad for an"indefinite period", it said.

But U.S. citizens who live here won't be allowed re-entry into Japan should they decide to go back to the States, so stranded in the U.S. Got a wife, kids, job in Japan? SOL for you if you leave Japan, your PR won't help. Only "special" permanent residents, i.e., Koreans and Chinese who are de facto Japanese but don't have J-passports.

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Posted in: Japan testing for coronavirus at fraction of capacity See in context

This is all about saving the Olympics.

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Posted in: Japanese man who threatened to spread coronavirus dies See in context

Only 57? That's the scary takeaway for me.

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Posted in: Japanese household assets hit record ¥1,903 tril See in context

It's all that hoarded toilet paper.

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Posted in: Turkish-backed rebels say they have seized town in Syria's Idlib See in context

Turk-backed militants have seized the town of Nairab.


The Syrian army, on Feb. 25, liberated the towns of: Hass, Kafr Nabl, Bisaqla, Ba’rabu, Qiratah, Sahab, Qa’uri and Deir Sunbol. The M4 is within reach!

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Posted in: Turkish-backed rebels say they have seized town in Syria's Idlib See in context

Nothing from Thomson Reuters on the "Syrian rebel backed by the Turkish military," cough, Al Qaeda, cough, who beheaded a Syrian soldier and then took the guys cell phone and called the dead soldier's mother to brag about killing her son, smiling the whole time?

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Posted in: Erdogan announces Syria summit with Russia, France and Germany for March 5 See in context

Syria's last rebel enclave of Idlib.

Syria's last Al-Qaeda enclave of Idlib.

There, fixed it. AFP can be so sloppy.

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Posted in: Erdogan urges Putin to rein in Syria, end human crisis See in context

Is this the same Erdogan who said he'd send Aussies back home in coffins like their grandfathers in Gallipoli?

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Posted in: A Saudi look at Japanese arts See in context

Looks like a double exhibition: Japanese art and the Saudi oppression of women.

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Posted in: Turkish forces strike back after five soldiers killed in Syria See in context

Whoo hoo! The M5 is almost under complete control of the legitimate government. The M4 is next. Russia should just lay waste to the entire invading terrorist-aligned Turk army. It's time to get rid of Sultan Erdogan, he's not to be trusted. Read the terms of the Astana Talks.

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Posted in: Japan Olympic, Paralympic team uniforms for Tokyo Games unveiled See in context

All aboard--we set sail soon.

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Posted in: Fukushima says radiation poses no threat to Olympic torch relay See in context

Only TEPCO officials should run these legs.

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Posted in: Late-night train services planned during Tokyo Olympics See in context

I'm sure a group will be formed shortly, protesting this move.

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Posted in: First woman enters Japan's submarine academy See in context

Watch as her career sinks.

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Posted in: Abe rebuffs opposition resignation call over contentious gov't event See in context

Poor NHK is desperately trying to find a story of a celebrity who smoked pot that will knock this one out of the spotlight.

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Posted in: SoftBank-funded hotel firm Oyo lays off 10% of India staff See in context

Oyo just had a mass firing of staff in Japan as well. Unfortunately, Japanese labor laws are going to make it expensive for them.

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