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Should be wandering the Artic.

Unfortunately, with global warming, the bear might have already drown in instead of wandering the Arctic. But drowning might be a preferable fate than a summer in Tokyo.

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My thoughts exactly! Hear, hear!

¡Viva Maduro!

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According to on study, about 0.58 percent of Americans identify as transgender. That's about how much caring I'll allot to this Hollywood matter.

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Posted in: Most female doctors in poll can understand Tokyo medical school reducing female applicant scores See in context

One of the aspects of this sorry episode that's not being talked about is why male doctors are shirking their responsibilities as fathers. It's quite sad that male doctors taking paternity leave is not even a tiny concern.

And, once again, we see one of the main reasons for Japan's falling birth rate: little help from fathers in raising the children. This was a main finding in an extensive study conducted by the Japanese government itself.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan apologizes for 'tooth-like' fragments found in Sausage Egg McMuffin See in context

The breakfast sandwich that bites you back. I'm lovin' it!

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It's plainly clear that you don't use the Electronic Passport gates!

Not the ones in 35+ degree immigration halls!!

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I'll be surprised if it works with all the sweat pouring off people's faces.

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Posted in: Drunk passenger gets head stuck under seat; causes temporary panic on Yamanote line See in context

Drunk passenger gets head stuck under seat; causes temporary panic on Yamanote line

Hmmm, methinks panic is the wrong word choice here. I think hilarity is what you really want.

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Islamist heavyweights Ahrar al-Sham and Nureddine al-Zinki

Islamist heavyweights? Is this the new AFP euphemism for Al Qaeda?

I love to see all these "Islamist heavyweights" locked in a tall, flaming tower and watch them burn to death.

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Posted in: Syrian 'White Helmets' flee to Jordan with Israeli, Western help See in context

Hundreds of WHs evacuated, hundreds of mouths to keep shut. I wonder how this will play out in the future.

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Posted in: Woman jailed for 2 years for destroying ex-husband's 54 violins See in context

The woman sounds a bit high-strung.

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You can carry any knife packed, as long as you have a good reason fot it.

I wonder if being afflicted with the uncontrollable urge to whittle qualifies as a good reason.

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Posted in: Trump tries to calm political storm over Putin summit; says he misspoke See in context

He added: "That the man whose arse you've just been kissing did this, and continues to lie about it, is an irrefutable fact."

Anthony Maslin needs to look up "irrefutable fact." Or maybe it means something different in Aussie English. It's certainly "irrefutable fact" that the BBC has no shame in praying on grief to further its warmongering propaganda.

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Posted in: Trump tries to calm political storm over Putin summit; says he misspoke See in context

We weren't going to go to war with Russia

What part of proxy wars did you not understand? If Trump's summit with Putin leads to more cooperation between the two countries and reduces the chance that there actually is a confrontation between the top nuclear powers, then I'm all for it, regardless of who takes credit. If Trump can do one good thing, or two (we'll see how the N. Korea situation pans out), in his miserable presidency, I'll take it.

We've always been at war with Eastasia [sic] and we always will be.

We have?

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Posted in: Trump tries to calm political storm over Putin summit; says he misspoke See in context

The best commentary I've read thus far on the MSM's apoplexy:

Peace apparently is a terrible thing; a renewed arms race, with quite literally trillions of dollars pumped into the military industrial complex and hundreds of thousands dying in proxy wars, is apparently the “liberal” stance.

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Posted in: U.S. indictments show technical evidence for Russian hacking accusations See in context

More proof that the Russian state has attacked America.

Proof? Doesn't that come during a trial? As far as I know, what prosecutors have offered up are allegations. Do you know the difference? And getting a federal grand jury to indict is as easy as breathing.

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saw this coming

Yep, me too. It's gonna be hard to claim you don't have internet service. I wonder how they'll go about it. The easiest way would be to make it mandatory for an ISP to just slap the fee on as part of the bill. The fairest way would be to set up a paywall (would also give an indication of just how interested the general public is in their streaming service). The most ridiculous way would be to have these collection agents knock on every door trying to strong-arm people (maybe the agents are drooling over this prospect because of the cut they'll get).

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Posted in: Japan's population declines at fastest pace yet to 125.2 mil See in context

Apparently, all talk (sometimes even shaming) on the government's part with little practical action, doesn't seem to work. Go figure.

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Posted in: Death toll reaches 195; more than 60 still missing in flood-hit areas See in context

These floods are nothing to horse around with.

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Posted in: Japanese brewery expands business, taking notes from American craft beer brewer See in context

The above 330 ml beer sells for 540 yen a bottle. Sorry, I refuse, in principle, to drink beer at that price. What we really need, Matsumoto, is good beer at an affordable price. Yoho Brewing seems to manage that...why can't you?

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Posted in: Social media users praise Japan for spotless locker room at World Cup See in context

Too bad the locker rooms at my local sports club here in Japan aren't that clean.

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Posted in: 3,473 taken to hospitals nationwide due to heatstroke from June 25-July 1 See in context

Of the 3,473 people suffering heatstroke, 81 were in serious condition, while 1,170 required brief stays in hospital.

Obviously, they weren't all suffering from heatstroke (life threatening). Most were only suffering from heat exhaustion (just drink some water and chill). Not sure why they don't make the distinction (an important one) in Japan.

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Draconian? Sounds like sensible measures to ensure a safe World Cup.


The authorities also intend to revive the Soviet institution of drunk tanks, run by the police

Soviet institution? Whaaa? Any city jail in the States has a drunk tank.

I'm sure in the run-up to the World Cup, The AP, AFP and Reuters will be working overtime to spew out as many disparaging articles about Russia as possible. Can't the West just set politics aside, extend Russia some common courtesy and enjoy the games?

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A couple of years ago, the government conducted a massive (and probably very expensive) investigation into the declining birth problem. One of the major findings was that women were reluctant to have kids if the father wasn't going to be able to help raise them (i.e. stuck in the office because of Japan's continued myopic work hour culture). Meanwhile, nothing has been done to address this problem, nor, does it seem from a recent LDP lawmaker's comments, will it anytime soon.

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Posted in: 'We have Russian hit-list of 47 people,' Ukraine tells allies See in context

"the investigation received a list of 47 (!) people who could be the next victims of terrorists,"

Sorry, clown, your credibility is shot. Maybe some of the anti-Putin bots here will buy your garbage.

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Poor saps. Glad this bill won't ever affect me.

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Posted in: U.S. bolsters Asia ballistic missile defense See in context

When you're dealing with nukes, any system that is not 100% (which I'm sure this in not) is pretty meaningless.

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Posted in: Arson suspect arrested after escaping from Nagoya hospital where he was undergoing psychiatric testing See in context

I'm sure the cops are hot on his trail.

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Posted in: College football coach in Japan to quit over dangerous tackle See in context

I hope the coach and the player responsible, 91, are named in a lawsuit. Furthermore, player 91 should be suspended from university for at least a semester.

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Posted in: Tourists deface iconic bamboo trees in Kyoto's Arashiyama See in context

If there's an upside to this, it's that bamboo grows like weeds. Just cut down the offending shoots (they ain't trees) and more will grow back soon. But I'm not sure which is worse aesthetically: the few initials carved here and there or all the signs posted along the walkway telling you not to.

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