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Posted in: Elderly man arrested for strangling wife to death See in context

Ironic..... after so many years having meals together.... now, you got to cook for yourself and eat alone ...fella!

How impulsive!!!

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Posted in: Cat set on fire in Tokyo park See in context

This is not funny at all. I hope it is not another kind of sick addiction?

I don't understand how humans can be so cruel and idiotic, they have got nothing else to play or live with.

These people should get an eye for an eye for what they have done to poor lovely creatures!

Well, I am not sure if this is true but I heard people stuff "kittens in bottles" in Japan, another sick game.

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Posted in: China warns Japan against stationing workers on disputed isles See in context

Oh yea, SERIOUS WARNING, showing your big muscles to your neighbour ugh!

Do something about Syria, not Japan, fool!

You should "Love Thy Neighbour".

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Posted in: Japan's GDP revised up, boosting case for sales tax hike See in context

I have never come across any positive impact to the economy when a new Govt. planned a hike in any sale tax.

Increase in Sale Tax = Lower in Individual Earning

Increase in Sale Tax = Every1 has to work longer hours

Increase in Sale Tax = Govt. Politicians enjoy highflying

Increase in Sale Tax = Less Money to Individual Households

Increase in Sale tax = Bad Omen is coming.

I can go on and on with the list which can be never ending to any general street hard labourer or laymen.... please tell me what is so good about increasing sale tax, period!

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Posted in: Time running out to save tuna stocks: campaigners See in context

This is humanology in the making!

Mahatma Gandhi once said "There is always enough for human needs but never enough for one man's greed"

"Animal will kill for the day but human will kill for century!"

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Posted in: Man fatally stabs sister, injures mother day after prison release See in context

Self-made "Freedom short-lived"

What's becoming to human like us nowadays! I feel sad there is no loves from all related parties anyway!

I guess this Hulk should never be released in the first place!

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Posted in: Snoozing here, there and everywhere See in context

Enjoy the sound of silence!

A colleague of mine told me her home was quite a distance away from work and it took around 1.5hrs to reach. Once she worked pretty late hour and boarded a last train home but overslept until the train reached the last destination, instead of paying just Yen600 for the train, she had to spent Yen3,000 for another taxi to turn back to her home.

I told her luckily she managed to still catch a taxi in the wee hours otherwise her family will be worried!

This story is Made in Japan!

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Posted in: Wife arrested for killing cheating husband with coffee cup See in context

There is always a good old saying :

"For a wife who wanted to seek revenge on the woman who stole her husband, let him keeps her", gotcha......

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Posted in: Bradley Manning says he wants to live as a woman named Chelsea See in context

What has him/her body gender got to do with him/her selling his country top secret information? Is he/she trying to divert the main attention why he was wanted in the first place?

Strange people with strange agendas!

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Posted in: Man arrested after throwing cup of urine at schoolgirl in Saitama See in context

Addicted to throwing urine to girls? what a sick man! Not only disgusting, completely insane - this guy should be locked up for life with Yakuzas throwing punches on him, see if he is addicted to punches too!

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Posted in: Japanese men reveal costumes they want their girlfriends to wear See in context

Reveal the costume?

Reveal all or reveal nothing?

Either way, it surely makes the men happy at the end I suppose!

Have a good weekend fellas!

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Posted in: Woman found bound at home tied herself up to avoid going to work See in context

Now, this would add to my 363 excuses for not able to go to work. At least my 362 excuses wouldn't have to be repeated. I just need 2 more goooooood excuses to make it once a year excuse!

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Posted in: Sales tax hike won't damage economy: BOJ governor See in context

Dear Governor of BOJ,

One moment you said "Sale tax won't damage the economy......." then the next moment you said "If it does, you will not hesitate to ease monetary ...."

How hilarious is you comment for a 3rd largest economy in the world.

In stupid terms, please choose the following scenario which you think suit you the best:

Scenario 1:

A doctor asks you "How are you today?" and your reply is "More or less......."

Scenario 2:

An emergency doctor telling you after a serious accident "Don't worry, if you die now, you won't feel the pain"

Scenario 3:

A stupid fool owing you some USD7,000 who can't afford to pay you back after sometimes and when you approached him for the money:

He replied to you by saying "I don't recall owing you that much but its ok, how about you lend me another USD3,000 to make it USD10,000 so it is easier for us to remember how much is the actual amount?" and you gladly agreed to lend without hesitating.

Who is more foolish?

As a Governor of Japan, you are making a very foolish statement that "a sale tax hike will not damage the economy" and you proceeded to make a defensive cover up statement by saying "if it does......"

Either, you are practically thinking Japanese are very stupid or you just refused to accept the facts that you are actually the most stupid?

Any naïve economy first year student would know 'Sale tax will affect the economy no matter how big or small"... it is as simple as ABC.

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Posted in: Japan economy may have bottomed out in late 2012: government panel See in context

please define "what is bottomed out?", there is no such thing as 'bottom out' in an economy, it can still keep going negative without realistic plan for the economy. Look at Greece, they never bottomed out, they keep going down.

increasing sale tax will definitely damaging into the economy on top of sending 100 delegations to TPP for deals..... amazing how much money can be saved from sending 10-20 delegations instead of sending 100.

Easing of Japanese Yen is a good strategy to improve the economy but increasing sale tax will coz the economy to reverse.

Any first year naïve economy student knows 'Sale tax will affect the economy no matter how big or small"... it is as simple as ABC.

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Posted in: Sales tax hike won't damage economy: BOJ governor See in context

Wont damage the economy? What a notion?

Any type of tax is the first line offence to economy, that's the fact. As a Governor of BOJ, you are highly paid and any tax implemented, you don't feel a pinch. For ordinary people, a small hike in any tax would mean extra hours of hard overtime labour to feed those unnecessary hikes.

how can this guy be the governor of BOJ when he has no clue at all about the effect of sale tax? good on ya!

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Posted in: Tottori assistant police inspector arrested for trespassing on woman's balcony See in context

Another Spy-cop in the making. 2 x 40s years old in 2 days. Who is next?

The actual story started like "He fell from the stairs but he fell again at the balcony, so the story goes on......... any1 cares to continue with the missing part of this most interesting and spy story?

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Posted in: What are some of the differences between a Japanese CEO and an American CEO? See in context

American CEO - its not what you know, its who you know.....regardless of age and experience.

Japanese CEO - Everybody gets to know! Age and experience do matters!

Get it?

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Posted in: Governments face extra debt costs as stimulus dries up See in context

Here they are talking about rising national debt crisis, next they are talking about sending 100 delegations to TPP talks - "Japan to send 100-strong delegation to TPP talks in Brunei". What a perfect way to drain the national coffer?

Since we have a huge national debt, why not make it bigger since the hole is sinking fast anyway after all, the problem can never be solved anyway!

Making sense I guess! Good luck with the strategy. The logic of a policy maker! Negative plus Negative = Positive!

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Posted in: Japan to send 100-strong delegation to TPP talks in Brunei See in context

100 delegations? make it 1,000 or even better 1,000,000 just to boost the numbers. Out of 100 delegations, probably only 1-3 will do the negotiation and be serious about TPP, the rests either golfers or pub-crawlers.

What a waste of public tax-payers money to fund a trip for 100 so-called. These people are not going to fly cheap too. 100 so-called delegations will eat, sleep, drink, high-fly, tour, etc all under 5-star rating funded by 128 millions hard earned tax.

What a productive way to spend tax money! Surely it will save the country national debt by sending only 100 instead of 1,000 politicians. At least unnecessary spending for another 900 is saved in the coffer, what a logic?

May I join if any1 of them has to cancel his/her trip last minute please? Btw, I can surely make the decision too!

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Posted in: Gov't to introduce age cap of 42 for subsidized fertility treatment See in context

There is already a big generation gap in Japan as Japan population is shrinking fast in years to come. By phasing out the subsidy, this will not help with the increase of population growth. Another possibility is to use the money saved from this reduced subsidy to couples who have successfully given birth to newborns.

This way, Japan is encouraging growth rate again of her population again .....

Good luck with population growth!

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Posted in: Most men wish women would help pay date tab: study See in context

I am an Asian and I am accustomed to paying the bills if it was my invitation even in a big group outing. If it is dating, it means more of me paying even if the lady offered to share or pay. I will gladly say "No'. Now, I live in Australia and its always the so called 'dutch style' where everybody shares if in group but if it is a date, then I will still take the initiative to pay regardless.

If she dated me, I would still offer to pay, that's my style. Some may classify it as equal, but when it comes to dating, then I see it that if I am a true gentleman, then I would rather pay instead of her ...... I don't care if it is just a friendship instead of a relationship. Even having a dinner with a female colleague, I will still insist paying, that's me. The rule is simple, if you cannot afford to pay, then don't bother to date. No money no talk!

Enjoy your dates, fellas!

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Posted in: I don’t think 1,000 yen is expensive. But I have no idea how the money will be spent, so if I were asked to pay again in the future, I honestly don’t know whether I’d do it. See in context

Payment of 1,000 yen should be on voluntary basis which should be just like donating to shrines or temples for upkeep. I have been to temples where monks insist on a certain amount of min. donation to either enter the temple or to pray. If a minimum money is to be paid, then I don't see that being considered as "Donation or Charity".

I remember I went on a scuba diving expedition with a group of Australian students during my university days and one foreigner who ate a banana threw the skin into the sea, only to be told by one of us angrily to ask him to jump into the water and pick up the skin.

On a separate occasion, I went scuba diving in Taiwan organised by a commercially minded instructor who owned a diving shop, he brought along spear guns with his local group of students and caught a few fish including picking up live corals during the trip. The locals were very cheerful during the entire trip but my friends and I were pretty much dismay about them.

Well, the next day when they woke up from the happy slumber, to their horror, they found out those "Live corals" walked by themselves at night and went on a long stroll, never to comeback......... (of course, we threw them back into the sea while they slept soundly at nights!) My friends and I were so happy for what we did the next day and those days after!

After that, I warned the organiser that as a PADI instructor, he shouldn't encourage his students to go diving with spear guns or with the intention to cause harm to the ocean. This will also put other divers in danger of being harm. He should educate his students to be a nature lover instead. Me and my friends will not join his commercial scuba trip again if he ever intended to bring along any spear gun in the future. From then on, he never brought any spear gun whenever we tagged along.

So, for any nature lovers, maintaining and cleaning up during our expedition trip such as camping, climbing, etc. should be at our own accords how we want to safe and care for the environment. Our presence will definitely have significant impact to the surrounding but it is not only how much we could minimise our impact to the environment, but also bringing positive change and improvement to the place where we stand or dive!!!!!

Written by; Joel Lim - One of those nature lovers!

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Posted in: If I were a young Japanese and I could speak English, I would probably choose to emigrate. See in context

That's the thing, as human, one will always think they can find greener pastures at another person's land. it is easy to say if you knew English and still young, you will prefer to emigrate. The truth is, migration is not about simply moving a house from one place to another.

It is a lifetime commitment and certainly an impact to one's culture and lifestyle and the ability to adopt well.

I have moved from Malaysia to Australia, and I have worked and travelled in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Macau, Taiwan, African and Japan...... The most important consideration is: It is not so much about how much the new country can benefit you and your family but more of how much you can contribute and benefit the country that welcomes you and your family! That is a big difference between the two ideologies for we are all only temporary residents in this beautiful but slowly deteriorating earth!

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Posted in: Japan says Australia trying to impose its culture in whaling row See in context

“We do not criticise other cultures,” he said. “Were it necessary to establish the superiority of one culture over another the world would never be at peace.”<-- you just did!

In the name of Science, they hunt and kill for research....... what a logic!

Now in the name of cultures, they hunt and kill......... what's next?

“Are all cetaceans sacred and endangered?” asked Tsuruoka. Soon unless idiots like you stop the nonsense!

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Posted in: Censure motion against Hashimoto voted down See in context

Completely disgusted and insensitive man of zero value....... he is only sensitive of his own 'necessity' ..... if he still has honours and self-respect, he should resign gracefully...... arrogant and idiotic

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Posted in: Mountain search party attacked by bear; missing man found dead See in context

I am sorry this happens, but encroaching into one territory (without advanced signed consent from the bear) is asking for trouble..... soon, there will be a party to go in to hunt this poor bear .... similarly when a swimmer goes to the ocean and taken by sharks..... then in the name of justice, the enforcement will go to hunt this poor shark for killing..... how fair is this world now becoming........???

senseless excuse...... maybe its also good to hunt this bear and sell it a premium meat for dogs too, like the one endangered whales being hunted for family dogs........

surely this world is getting better by the day.........

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Posted in: Australia hopeful of Japan whaling ruling by int'l court this year See in context

Allowing whaler-hunting in the name of scientific research becoz there is a loophole in the international moratorium??? FIX THE BLOODY LOOPHOLE THEN!!!


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Posted in: Hashimoto regrets meeting cancelation; wants to apologize to U.S. See in context

Yea, an insensitive and morally corrupted idiot who has enjoyed the super limelight and cheap publicity from victimised comfort women now apologise in the hope of getting sympathy votes for him to stay in public office. How can an insensitive man like him be made a mayor??? Those ppl who voted him were idiots too.

Apologies is never enough in situation like this, if you have integrity and if you seriously meant 'sorry' for what you have said, then step down is the only option and let someone else who is more decent and is of high calibre to take over..... you seriously don't deserve in this public office with your stupid comments at all from now on as you have no moral, lack of sensitivity and lack of wisdom to be a mayor after all..... stop fooling people with your interpretation of English lesson ... whether it was a necessity or a necessary, it still means you are a pathetic idiot....moron.....

Stay on as mayor and enjoy more free publicity at the expense of others and creates more damage for this nation, u r worst than those soldiers actually..... with those words from your mouth..... Don't you realise "a tongue is sharper than a knife?" those comfort women already had deep cut in their entire life since they were taken, what you just said was 'cutting them deeper' instead...... RESIGN IF YOU SERIOUSLY MEAN SORRY!!!

Yea repeating your statement "It is a shame that I couldn’t meet them.....because of your necessity, moronic scum?"

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Posted in: Korean 'comfort women' cancel meeting with Hashimoto See in context

I am amazed, why should there be a meeting in the first place by the Comfort Women with the Hashimoto? A NECESSITY? Blind me!!!

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Posted in: Man arrested after taking Lexus for test drive to grandmother’s house 180 km away See in context

actually, his granny wanted to buy the car since he is jobless..... the granny should be questioned instead bcoz the granny was the one who asked him to drive the car for her to see......

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