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Posted in: Japan population declines at fastest pace to 124.8 million: gov't See in context

The increase in the Tokyo population and the decrease in the overall population are related, Japan has a serious “Tokyo problem “ that it’s not really addressing. Look at the situation a lot of young Japanese are facing, you can either

a: Stay near your hometown and familial support structures where cost of living is cheap and commutes are reasonable but there are few job opportunities or

b: Come to Tokyo where job opportunities are plentiful but you are hundreds of kms from your family and face brutal commutes and sky-high living costs

Do either of those sound amenable to having children? The sky high property costs in Tokyo also impact the availability of day care, day cares require a lot of space making it fiscally impossible often times to run one. The birth rate in Tokyo reflects these issues, it’s the lowest of all prefectures and yet Tokyo is taking in all the young people. The Japanese government finally realized this a few years back but their half hearted attempts to reduce the population (convincing elderly people to go back home and offering tax breaks to companies that relocate outside Tokyo) have been abject failures

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Posted in: Microsoft missed mobile dominance by 'tiny' margin: Gates See in context

Maybe it's because Microsoft was so sure of itself it thought the only competition anyone could mount would be internally. There was a time when Microsoft was releasing and advertising THREE different, completely incompatible, versions of Windows Mobile. THREE! How on earth did they expect to be "dominant" over other competitors when they couldn't even get their act together and release one unified platform.

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Posted in: No. of newborns in Japan hits record low in 2018 See in context

Since I can’t edit my comment let me try again, for all the people that are making comments about less crowded trains etc. you have no idea about how Japanese demographics are playing out. The population decline isn’t happening in the big cities, in fact Tokyo and Osaka populations continue to rise. It’s the countryside that is emptying out.

Japan’s “Tokyo problem” needs to be addressed and soon. A big contributor to the low birth rate is the dilemma a lot of young people are faced with. They can either stay home close to familial support structures where housing and commutes are reasonable but jobs are scarce or go to Tokyo hundreds of kilometers from family and face brutal commutes, sky high housing costs but where job opportunities are plentiful. Neither of these situations is particularly conducive to child rearing and that bears out in all the statistics in the article

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Posted in: Coca-Cola Japan kicks off first summer of Reiwa with Coca-Cola Clear Lime See in context

not using Van Halen's "Right now" to promote it seems like a mistake #reallydeepcuts

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Posted in: China ready to hit back in U.S. trade war with rare earths See in context

All it will lead to is Companies that use these so called "rare earths" seeking alternatives, there was a comment just last week by South American producers of lithium that with all the new mines coming online that prices will drop as supply increases. Short term China may hold the cards BUT in the long run alternatives will be found.

Keep in mind that China has been increasing its monopoly on the whole vertical market, its not just a problem of mining the materials, but also processing them. That kind of expertise and those facilities can take years to come up full speed. The West let China monopolize this market and now is paying the price for their myopia.

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Posted in: China ready to hit back in U.S. trade war with rare earths See in context

While Donald Trump is certainly exacerbating this situation, this is the result of a long-standing failure in US leadership to maintain expertise in several critical industries. China has been planning this monopoly for over 15 years, neither Bush or Obama did anything to stop them and this is the natural result.

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Posted in: Japan resists U.S. pressure on FX in trade talks ahead of Abe-Trump summit See in context

In 2018 Japan imported 74,966.7 million dollars from the US and exported 142,596.2 million dollars to the US. But also keep in mind that Japan has less than half the population than the US, in fact per capita the Japanese consumer consumed about $591 USD of American products, but per capita Americans only consumed $435 of Japanese products. How exactly is the trade policy "unfair" when it in aggregate benefits the United States? More economic idiocy from this administration, not exactly surprising.

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Posted in: In unprecedented move, U.S. names Iran's Revolutionary Guards a terrorist group See in context

Again the Saudis buying of Jared Kushner has paid off in spades.

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Posted in: Updating software, shaping history: New imperial era name looms large in Japan See in context

I have no major objection to the gengo system per se, as long as emperors stay healthy and live long. That was not the case in medieval times, which added extra work to the study of Japan's history.

The one emperor one era name system is actually relatively new, it only started with Meiji. Before that the name would change periodically, often in response to natural disasters, famines, etc. I guess to ward off the bad luck from the old era.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven store to continue operating under shorter business hours See in context

Oh man, where am I supposed to get underwear at 3 am now?

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Posted in: Japanese anti-drug poster tells would-be addicts to just eat udon instead See in context

They should have gone with ramen, much more addictive

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Posted in: Power cut disrupts Tokyo rush hour trains, affecting 280,000 commuters See in context

Tokyo’s infrastructure is becoming old thus breakdowns will become more of the norm in the future

Not only old, but overtaxed. Many of these lines were not designed to run as often as they do, but as Japan’s Tokyoinization problem continues to worsen expect more of the same

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Posted in: Trump urges Abe to balance U.S. deficit with Japan 'very quickly' See in context

per capita the Japanese already consume more American products than visa versa, in order to “balance” the trade deficit the average Japanese consumer would have to consume triple the amount of US goods than they currently do, that’s just not feasible. But expecting Trump to understand basic nuance or logic is a lost cause. Abe if you want Trump off your back all you gotta do is sink some money into Kushners money pit real estate and he will do whatever you tell him to, worked for the Saudis

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Posted in: Experts weigh pros and cons of low-calorie sweetened drinks See in context

I just wish Japanese food and beverage manufacturers would stop putting sucralose in everything, gives me terrible headaches

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Posted in: No. of homeless in Japan falls to 15-year-low See in context

Having been in Tokyo in 2003 I can attest that at the very least homeless were a lot more visible back then. They would often form makeshift cardboard shelters inside large train stations, especially in the winter. Nowadays there is not a homeless to be seen near Shibuya station(though there still are plenty under the bridges). Probably due in part to economic progress and in part to being much more harshly treated by police. I remember being near a park in Tokyo and seeing the cops drag off a homeless man, who obviously didn’t want to go to wherever they dragged him off to... I kind of felt guilty about not getting involved (I didn’t have any device capable of recording video), but I knew as a foreigner there was nothing I could do

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Posted in: Working flexibly: Companies and government look to ease Tokyo’s congestion See in context

Or you could, oh I don't know, encourage companies to hire outside of Tokyo, make it so that young people from other parts of the country don't feel that staying in their home town is career suicide. That would certainly go a long way to reducing the congestion in Tokyo, probably help raise the birth rate to boot.

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Posted in: 8,206,502 calls made to 110 last Jan-Nov; 19.4% not necessary, says NPA See in context

I wonder how many were by infants "using" their parents smartphone, mine has almost called several times now

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Posted in: How do railways figure out congestion on their trains? See in context

Here's a suggestion, how about we fix the problem by not cramming every single person on the archipelago into the Tokyo area, that will certainly fix overcrowding(and a lot of other problems as well)

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Posted in: Ramen restaurant owner in Osaka arrested after police discover marijuana stash inside eatery See in context

Oh good, we had a guy who worked hard and paid taxes and because he did something that hurt no one my tax money gets to go to paying for his imprisonment, great use of funds Japan

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Posted in: Man held over murder of Japanese couple in Bali See in context

Why would he even go there while the couple was there if theft was his motive?

Because if they kept most of their valuables in a safe then being able to force them to open said safe is going to be much more profitable. Guy probably wasn't the sharpest bulb in the box, so I don't think he is able to crack them open himself.

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Posted in: Tokyo launches campaign to ease overcrowding on trains See in context

How about fixing prefectural economies instead so that not everybody has to move to Tokyo to find good employment...that would certainly reduce crowding... Nah some posters and random prizes is obviously much more effective.

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Posted in: Moody's downgrades China; warns of fading financial strength as debt climbs See in context

Anyone who didn't see this coming years ago was blind, China copied the Japanese formula right down to the bad loans. Anyway, if you have any investments in China, get them out now. When things go bad the CCP will get grabby, and the first thing they grab are going to be foreign assets.

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Posted in: Microsoft says cyberattack should be wake-up call for governments See in context

Yes, should be a wake up call for them to abandon the security mess known as Windows. World would be so much better without Microsoft, abandon them en masse for Linux, problem solved.

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Posted in: No. of children in Japan falls for 36th year to new record low See in context

Here's a tip, do something about the fact that most of the good jobs in the country are being created in or around Tokyo.

Look at the choices presented to a lot of young Japanese:

Move to Tokyo hundreds or thousands km away from familial support structures with its brutal commute times and sky-high housing costs, but where jobs are (relatively) plentiful


Stay at home close to family with reasonable commuting and housing costs but face being unemployed or underemployed

do either of those situations sound amenable to raising children?

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Posted in: Wild boars offer challenge for returnees in radiation-hit Fukushima See in context

30+ years after Chernobyl boars in Central Europe are still not safe for human consumption:

You do NOT want to eat boar who have been in radioactive areas.

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Posted in: Rakuten, Marubeni Power Retail enhance partnership in electricity retail business for low-voltage users See in context

Voltage = 電圧, electrical power = 電力. This article confused the crap out of me because "low voltage" would imply the consumers were somehow modifying either their transformers or house mains(and thus all their appliances) to hook up to this new service....

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Posted in: Edano denies pressuring TEPCO not to say 'meltdown' during Fukushima crisis See in context

HIs greed undoubtedly made the situation worse. Before the earthquake he was primarily known as a cost-cutter, in fact it was under him that the Fukushima plant received a 10 year extension to operate, in January of 2011.... It was his greed that delayed the dumping of seawater on the reactors, a delay he initially approved of because he thought he could save the reactors(if seawater was dumped on the reactors they would never be usable again). Ironically his greed cost him a lot of money, not only that, cost lives and seriously disrupted the lives of countless others. How this man isn't in jail is beyond me, maybe it's proof that money can buy you freedom from repercussions from your actions. He is the Japanese corporate Brock Turner.

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Posted in: Melbourne named world's most liveable city; Tokyo 18th See in context

While a lot of cities in Japan are probably easier to live in than Tokyo and Osaka(Fukuoka springs to mind), the problem is that, especially for professionals, there just aren't a lot of jobs in those cities. Kyushu as a whole has the worst college graduate unemployment rate of any region in the country(hovering around 10%). Availability of employment factors heavily into these calculations as it doesn't really matter if a place is wonderful if you cannot afford to live there.

Japan as a whole really needs to start doing a better job of dispersing wealth and opportunities over wider areas of the country. As time goes by more and more young people feel they have no choice but to move to Tokyo(and to a lesser extent Osaka) just to find meaningful employment. It's no wonder you are having issues with the child birth rate if you are sticking most of your fertile population in a really cramped and expensive environment.

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