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Posted in: Rakuten, Marubeni Power Retail enhance partnership in electricity retail business for low-voltage users See in context

Voltage = 電圧, electrical power = 電力. This article confused the crap out of me because "low voltage" would imply the consumers were somehow modifying either their transformers or house mains(and thus all their appliances) to hook up to this new service....

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Posted in: Edano denies pressuring TEPCO not to say 'meltdown' during Fukushima crisis See in context

HIs greed undoubtedly made the situation worse. Before the earthquake he was primarily known as a cost-cutter, in fact it was under him that the Fukushima plant received a 10 year extension to operate, in January of 2011.... It was his greed that delayed the dumping of seawater on the reactors, a delay he initially approved of because he thought he could save the reactors(if seawater was dumped on the reactors they would never be usable again). Ironically his greed cost him a lot of money, not only that, cost lives and seriously disrupted the lives of countless others. How this man isn't in jail is beyond me, maybe it's proof that money can buy you freedom from repercussions from your actions. He is the Japanese corporate Brock Turner.

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Posted in: Melbourne named world's most liveable city; Tokyo 18th See in context

While a lot of cities in Japan are probably easier to live in than Tokyo and Osaka(Fukuoka springs to mind), the problem is that, especially for professionals, there just aren't a lot of jobs in those cities. Kyushu as a whole has the worst college graduate unemployment rate of any region in the country(hovering around 10%). Availability of employment factors heavily into these calculations as it doesn't really matter if a place is wonderful if you cannot afford to live there.

Japan as a whole really needs to start doing a better job of dispersing wealth and opportunities over wider areas of the country. As time goes by more and more young people feel they have no choice but to move to Tokyo(and to a lesser extent Osaka) just to find meaningful employment. It's no wonder you are having issues with the child birth rate if you are sticking most of your fertile population in a really cramped and expensive environment.

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