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Posted in: Why frustration lingers in Okinawa 50 years after its reversion to Japan See in context

When a US service man commit a crime, he'd run away to a base and Japanese authorities cannot charge him.

That’s 100% NOT true. If American service members get charged they are handed over to the Japanese law system. If they are found guilty they will go to Japanese jail.

Japan but cannot participate in the decision making process of US army. 

Once again not 100% true.

Japan bears 80% of the total cost of US bases in Japan 

80% of the Infrastructure cost, Japan doesn’t pay any of the military pay and allowance,Japan doesn’t pay for equipment, services or housing cost.

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Posted in: Mixed-race Okinawans begin to find voice amid tensions over U.S. bases See in context

many believe the level of prejudice is often more blatant than in the rest of Japan.

Very Correct statement. I’m just glad we are able to send my son to international schools in Okinawa.

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Russia, the ruble is soaring and Europe is suffering more from the sanctions

The ruble is $.14 (14 cents) to the dollar. That’s soaring??? Let me know when it’s equal to the dollar.

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Dear Voice of Okinawa,

Desert Tortoise is correct, the US Military can only perform defensive operations from Japan. Unless Japan is actually attacked. Please see link below

It’s actually more expensive for the US Government to station troops overseas. The Japanese government pays a lot. However the US Government pays for all of the housing, food, medical, dental, parts, fuel, equipment, transportation for it’s troops and equipment . Not to mention the cost of living overseas allowances each Soldier receives.

Have you ever looked at what the Americans pay for rent in Okinawa? It’s about double what Japanese pay (the US Government pays for that as well)

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Posted in: Japan considering sanctions on Belarus over its support for Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

NATO and The USA is mainly to blame for this mess

Really??? How so? Did NATO invade a sovereign nation? Did NATO lie to the entire world about their “military exercises” ?

Just saying I think your logic is flawed and you can’t blame the US and NATO for everything.

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Posted in: U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy overshadowed as Russian threat looms large See in context

USA Military is spread too thin and led by incompetent president Biden.

Europe knows they can't rely on the USA to protect them .

Russia relies on chemical and biological and cyber warfare.

Japan being used as a pawn in the war games.

USA will justify using weapons of mass destruction in an act of desperation to gain control of the so called "world order"

Since becoming a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention in 1997, the United States has worked steadily to destroy its declared chemical weapons stockpiles. As of May 2021, the United States has destroyed 96.52% of its Category 1 chemical weapons stockpile and all of its Category 2 and Category 3 chemical

You can’t believe everything you read on Facebook about America.

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China will only send troops to its Taiwanese province if provoked by USA. That's how USA works - by putting military around a country it doesn't like, stir up trouble and provoke. A war will only start when Amerika starts one. You put troops around China in Japan and South Korea and spies in Thailand, and you don't call that provocation? Let's put Russian and Chinese soldiers in Mexico, Cuba and Canada and see how USA likes it.

Well those countries are more than welcome to send their troops anywhere there want too. But they might not like the results.

The Russian troops don’t seem to be very welcomed in Europe. So they might not be welcomed North America .

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I always enjoy reading the “Blame the US”. For weeks people have been saying on here This won’t happen I they stated the US is “lying” and blaming the MSM for lying. Maybe it’s time to stop believing everything you read on Facebook.

Putin is using the exact same strategy As other famous dictators have used in Europe.

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China No regards to international law. Diplomats can’t be arrested or detained.

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These games will go down in history like the 1936 games..

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Posted in: China says U.S. should do more to reduce North Korea tensions See in context

Good thing 99% of Americans won’t listen to China Ever!!

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Posted in: Kishida, new U.S. envoy Emanuel affirm importance of alliance at 1st meeting See in context

The US signed an agreement with Russia to destroy both Chemical weapons' arsenals. Russia did & provided evidence. The US kept temporizing & coming up with different excuses for the delay until Russia finished destroying its weapons. After that US stopped even responding to Russia's multiple demands for the Americans to fulfil their obligations. The last thing world should believe is American desire of a nuclear-free world. 

not according to Arms Control.Org. Russia has the most Chemical weapons.

The United States destroyed 91.5% of their stock piles and will complete it in 2023.

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Posted in: Another Beijing Olympics with human rights still a major issue See in context

China is Such an awful country…

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