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oh look people soup !

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That Apology is worthless it's just empty words,The bully's need to be punished for their actions

As a father I just found out that my son has had some issues with bullying and he's only 4 it's looks like these like thugs start early.

Then my wife spoke to teachers she was told it's was a "fighting game" .eh !! If you turn a blind eye to it now you are just causing problems later, Needless to say I have a few words to say to the teachers and I wasn't as "nice" about it.

Bully's are cowards they need groups to feel big ..

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What a bunch of losers they would rather that all the production jobs go overseas. Talk about people not seeing the "big picture"

At the moment we need Nuclear power what we don't is the "old boys network" running the safely side

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See his wife is going to have start putting bromide in his tea

Who elected this wacko ?

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@ Cwhite were will this "natural gas" come from ? .. this is the reason why japan have a trade deficit ..

The power issues are more complex than just providing power, japan has to look at the power grid, separating the grid from the power companies and getting rid of the monopoly of the Tepco etc .. allowing smaller companies to provide power to the grid.

Making the grid smarter and allowing better use of local power

For the moment they should be looking at turning on the Nuclear plants that have passed the safety check and have been international verified - this will reduce the deficit and help the local economy

In the longer term looking at Thorium,Geothermal (if safe) and new tech like the Traveling Wave reactors and fission power to provide the base load that wind and solar simply can't provide

Also one useful side effect of Thorium use is it can provide neodymium which is used for electric motor etc .

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it's just a pity their network sucks so badly !!

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One of the main issues that "green" power can't provide enough power for japan needs

Wind and Solar will always need a second storage option to provide power when the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow also geothermal power has been known to cause earthquakes (just what we need )

Also solar PV panels aren't that green as they create a lot of really toxic by-products

What japan needs is a better power network a " national grid" like the US or UK, get rid of the 50/60Hz divide so they can do more with less power stations

Retire the old Mark 1 type reactors and provide proper over-site for the rest and not the old boys network we have now

Fund research into Thorium reactors and other power or power saving tech

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Some P2P software isn't used for illegal downloads it's used for game patches and updates I'm guessing that they are looking for file names like Harry.Potter.5.avi etc

@Zichi a VPN may help if you just want to watch UK or US TV or Netflix

if your using a public torrents sites now you need you head examined a lot of people are using private torrents or news groups

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they could have Jar Jar for free

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when to the Windsor one in August .. Damm pricey not really worth it .. better to going to Alton Towers

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There is another way to remove cesium from soil :-

"AIST researchers were able to extract 88 pct of cesium deposits on soil after mixing the polluted soil with the water solution of low-concentrated diluted sulfuric acid and heated the mixed water at 95 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature was raised to 200 degrees in the high-pressure environment, the extraction rate improved to almost 100 pct. The extracted cesium was recovered almost entirely from the water with addition of a pigment called Prussian blue, which traps the radioactive material, AIST said. Because the acid has very low concentration, it does not harm the soil. The water solution can be used repeatedly, it noted"

So "if" it can be scaled up you should be able to remove the cesium from the soil but it's not going to be easy

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beware it's just a T-100 in disguise ..the robot overloads are coming !!!

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Posted in: Nissan fumes over BBC TV program 'Top Gear' See in context

it's seems that Top Gear also upset some more people with Leaf review due to the fact that they parked in a disabled parking spots:-

Some people like to suck the fun from everything

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Posted in: Married life going well for Yaguchi and 'alien visitor' husband See in context

@smith Flash forward was dreadful.. , V was getting better at the end but it was no Farscape ..

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Posted in: Married life going well for Yaguchi and 'alien visitor' husband See in context

Just a pity it was canned after the second season leaving the story unfinished I recommend "Falling Skies" if your looking for a Sci-Fi fix

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they have done this before with the Tesla Roadster in fact they are being sued

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Leaving a 3 or 1 year old in a car isn't a heatstoke case it's Murder and should be handled as such ! Also the weather has been mild for August I would hate to think how many cases if it was 35c+ like some years

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@ Maki as my father once said "One foot in the grave one on a banana peel"

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I think NHK updated their page about this :- "The utility says the high level of radioactivity was detected because the pipes were used to vent air containing radioactive substances from the crippled No.1 reactor on March 12th."

You would think that they would know about the vent pipes would still be radioactivity hot and warn the workers to avoid it and to monitor them.

@Asagao Get your facts right it's 700 Tons not 700,000 at you stated

Also JT seems not to have reported that the Fuel Pool cooling in reactor 4 has started that just leave the pool in reactor 1 uncooled

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I don't think that road rage here is a problem .. unless I'm driving of course but there are a number of really bad drivers out there Truck drivers are one of the worst offenders closely followed by Taxis drivers who seem to think that it's ok to stop, blocking a road to pick up a fare !!! grrr and don't get me started on scooters

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Will I'm surprised that no-one picked up on the error

• Bamboo plants release 35% more air than trees and refresh the oxygen we breathe.

Wrong !!

It should be

• Bamboo plants release 35% more oxygen than trees and refresh the Air we breathe.

Air is a mixture of gases

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Well at least he didn't do it on the train. I do remember one trip on the night bus in Manchester it was running down the bus stairs like a yellow waterfall .. gross !!

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Forgot one "when Worlds Collide" ..Don't know if fail-safe counts as only 2 cities are nuked .. did enjoy Colossus: The Forbin Project but again don't think it counts as well..

If you include TV films you should watch "Threads" or "When the wind blows"

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Just watched 2012 .. it's really does stink .. I do like "On the Beach.1959" "Fail-Safe" and Deep Impact

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Posted in: What are your favorite movies that deal with the destruction of the world? See in context

Just watched 2012 and it stinks ..I liked "On the beach" the 1959 one not the brain damaged 2000 one and Deep Impact ..

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