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Posted in: Return to cassette tapes (or did we ever truly leave them behind?) See in context

Hey Serrano, truth be told, cassettes suck with regards to sound. No where near as good as digital but hey if you're a little bit deaf then yeah they sound good.

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Posted in: Return to cassette tapes (or did we ever truly leave them behind?) See in context

There is a saying in America, "****If it isn't broken then don't fix it.

I don't know if the Japanese got that message but the elderly who love Enka and Karaoke are using what is familiar. I mean why on earth would they upgrade to Mini-Disc (which of course is nearly obsolete) or why would they even bother with recordable (and easily copyable) CDs? If the cassette player works then just keep using it. Heck one part of Japanese culture that you people forget is that Japanese (especially the older generation) lived through the really tough times and they are absolute troopers when it comes to saving money. Saving money by not buying the latest and greatest digital stuff is smart if you ask me. Japanese people in general are noted for being great savers and the banks just love them because they pay them virtually nothing with regards to interest. Then of course the Japanese banks just loan out that money and make money off of the Japanese people's money. The only difference between that and America is that in America they still pay you something just below or just above 1% interest depending on where you bank. So give the elderly an applause because they are the wise ones !

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Posted in: Toyota hopes made-in-Japan Lexus can drive sales See in context

When will you people "GET" that status is why people purchase many items. Technically it may not be the best but the name is well known and people buy it and drive it because in their mind it is worth their hard earned money. That alone is enough for some people. You may think they are uninformed or even naive but the reality is that people will get what they feel is their representation of status. There are many who are hardcore believers in Toyota and they luxury brand Lexus. For some it's BMW, for others it Benz and for others it's an Audi or Volvo. Whatever reason that people have for choosing their personal favorite or status symbol they deserve to have it because they worked hard for their money and they should spend it on whatever they think is the best or the most luxurious or the most status oriented. That's the beauty of life and the freedom we are fortunate to have. One man's junk is another man's treasure. There are people who still feel that a Volkswagen Van is the coolest thing on earth. Bottom line is "whatever floats your boat."

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Posted in: Apple may trounce rivals with smaller iPad: analysts See in context

When will people "get it?" Apple has reached a level in society where it is no longer just a product. Apple has become a brand name that nearly everyone on the civilized planet knows all too well. Just owning an Apple product is not just about the function of said product as much as the bragging rights, the status, the whole keeping up with the Joneses. Whether you own an Apple iPhone and/or an Apple iPad and/or an Apple Macbook Air or Macbook Pro or iTouch or iPod or iMac you are now a part of the elite club of people who own what is simply considered by many to be the best, the Cadillac of technology. Some people (mostly the Android crowd) don't realize it but they only own a piece of technology. Owning an Apple has transcended to a level that is beyond just owning a piece of technological electronics. If you don't get it then you probably don't own it. To own it is to feel it. For those of you who don't own it you need to take the leap of faith. No Apple is not a religion nor is it a cult but it most certainly is something worth both your time and your money.

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Posted in: Tokyo raises Y1 bil yen to buy disputed Senkaku isles See in context

Freaking waste of money. Is there a billion dollars worth of fish in and around that island? I doubt that but who knows maybe there are a million blue fin tunas (hon-maguro) but then again maybe there is a zillion yellow fin tunas (maguro) or a zillion takos? Who knows. Sounds dumb at the outset.

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Posted in: Six things that foreigners feel are overpriced in Japan See in context

Uh duhhhhh haven't these gaijins figured out that Japan is nothing but one giant marketing center. It's just like New York but more widespread. The Japanese have figured out how to "milk" you for every penny they can for things that cost diddly in the states. They know that their kids need to get a good education so that they can make enough money to be able to survive comfortably in Japan therefore they will pay the price. You don't have to be a genius to know you're getting robbed. Maybe that's why some people want to get the heck out of Japan but when faced with living in a crazy place like the U.S. Japan starts looking much better because at least in Japan they rob you and you KNOW you're being robbed. In the U.S. the crooks rob you blind both legally and illegally. Crime is so bad that you have to always worry about getting ripped off. Then there is the government and the institution called the IRS and State taxes. They rob you to pay their overpaid government workers who in some states make more than their colleagues in the private industry yet in other states they get paid less but work much less and only do EXACTLY what their job descriptions read and nothing more and nothing much because they are secure and lazy. So you choose between getting ripped off right to your face or the sneaky methods they use in the U.S. or by real life criminals. So what is a citizen to do? True, sadly true.

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki to divorce husband of 1 year See in context

Woman came to Hawaii and is rude and nasty. HE probably wanted to get away from HER ! LOL True story. No B.S. she really is a nasty young lady.

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Posted in: Toyota overtakes GM to regain No. 1 spot See in context

YAYYYYYYYY ! Toyota rocks !

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Posted in: A smoke-free country? New Zealand aims for it with 40% tobacco tax hike See in context

Now the New Zealanders are smart. Make smoking too expensive and thereby stop this nasty, dangerous, human crippling, disabling, stinky, debilitating, very harmful to all people who smoke and people around them habit. I am all for making smoking cigarettes illegal !

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Posted in: Microsoft sees 'rebirth' with new Windows 8 system See in context

Hey Microsoft is entitled to dream. I don't think Windows 8 will make them a huge success in the mobile market nor the PC market but hey they are entitled to give it their best shot. Apple will still kick them in the nuts !

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Posted in: Arisa Mizuki to star in 'The Four Hanawa Sisters' See in context

Message for Arisa Mizuki, "Will you marry me?" I would like to help you avoid not getting married by 40. Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu. Honki desu yo!

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