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Posted in: Japan offered to hide Bamiyan statues, but Taliban asked Japan to convert to Islam instead See in context

Japan has got the money and influence. Sri Lankans have the respect in the region and the statue is part of the world heritage. The country is in question is under US military occupation and its politicians, the administration etc rely on US protection and in US pockets. The majority of Afghans sure do have common sense and all is not Taliban. Anyway, at this moment in time, at least, you don't talk to a former Gautama Bay prisoner, if you want to take something out of the country as this has never been the case in Afghanistan. Why should things be any different now? Besides, if there's a demand that creates attractive price, there'll be mysterious ways in which things go out of the country with the blessings of Taliban, occupational forces, religious fanatics, civil administration if any etc. For example, you don't have to be drug addict to smuggle Hashish and Marijuana, or at least there's no such requirement imposed by Taliban, it seems!

So, what’s the problem?

What’s the point of the US occupation, if not for the influence and power in the country? What’s the point of all the deaths in Afghanistan?

If Japanese Cheque Book mentality is not working, send a world’s best Special Forces commandos of Sri Lankan army to get things done!

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