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Posted in: U.S. soldier’s failed attempt to give Japanese policemen some cool drinks impresses internet’s heart See in context

I gave a bottle of cold water to a cop on guard duty (against those noisy trucks shouting at an embassy) and he accepted it. He didn’t take it in his hand, but I set it down near him. He didn’t reject it. Whether he drank it or not, I don’t know. Hope he did as it was very hot and he was in full riot gear.

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Posted in: Lawson to start banking business in October See in context

Great! The stodgy bank system needs some good competition.

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Posted in: Mother, 3-year-old daughter knocked off bicycle by car; child remains unconscious See in context

Japan, wake up and install more red light cameras. And heavy fines. In San Francisco running a light is about a $500 (¥45,000) fine plus points. The cameras would quickly pay for themselves and drivers would learn that red means stop.

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Posted in: American blogger makes more extensive apology for suicide video See in context

Who are his sponsors. List them and start a movement to boycott them.

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Posted in: American tourist arrested for scrawling graffiti in Shibuya See in context

In Singapore this would earn him a few strokes of the cane.

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Posted in: Eyeglasses switch between near, distance vision See in context

Luddite and HollisBrown - take the wider view (pun intended). Not everyone can, or wants to, wear contacts. Especially older users, who these seem to be intended for, who may have more issues inserting contacts.

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Posted in: 5 pupils, teacher injured after being hit by car See in context

From what I’ve been able to learn, neither children or adults are taught to walk facing traffic rather than with the traffic flow. They were struck from behind. Walking, facing traffic, gives the pedestrian the ability to see oncoming traffic or danger. Why isn’t this basic safety concept taught?

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