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Posted in: Popular Japanese pub chain shuts 20% of its locations due to virus See in context

I suffered a loss in one part time job and was able to receive ¥1,000,000 from the government. Even though my overall yearly income was much higher. Meanwhile, many healthcare workers, including those dealing directly with covid-19, are getting their bonus’s slashed as their hospitals and clinics have seen a fall in income.

Yet you applied?

The wife is supplied with lots of monster drink and 50k. That the thanks for a COVID-19 front line nurse. She didn’t sign up for this.

Yes she did, the work of a nurse or doctor is not one of opportunity.

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Posted in: Neo-NEETS: Living on other people’s money See in context

Tragic if you really believe that's the only way to be happy..

Completely agree, there are a lot of conservative folks here, financial and social stability are no guarantee for happiness.

Sure it's the safe way, but also the best way to get old fast.

Not everybody needs a house and a car, holidays abroad, a dependant wife or large wad of bucks in the bank.

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Posted in: 13 wounded in shooting at Chicago memorial for slain person See in context

Oooh the irony

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Posted in: Apple tunes out trade war as new AirPods, services lift holiday outlook See in context

I always have to smile when I see folks wearing the ipods. Apple used to be a benchmark for industrial design, but brand loyalty has made people walk with tampons in their ear and make them feel proud of it! The ipods are versatile without a doubt, but the sound quality is lacking in compare to similar priced products of senheiser etc. Well the perspective of "great" sound quality has taken a nose dive with popularity of mp3 anyway, now the perspective of good design has gone down the drain as well.

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring 14-year-old daughter with umbrella See in context

Normal people don't just think to use a weapon on their kids.

Mmm would a slipper fall in that category? My slipper has seen some action.

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Ticket scalping is probably the world's second oldest profession. As long as a customer is willing to pay a ridiculous amount for a ticket, whose business is it really? Nobody holding a gun to his/her head after all.

They are repulsive people, thief's and criminals. Due to these practices lots of people have gotten their chances stolen to attend these events. People should stand together and stop buying tickets from these leeches, leaving them with a huge loss.

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Posted in: Mother arrested on suspicion of killing 48-year-old daughter See in context

Quick to react eh? There's no way to know the story behind the story, was her daughter a hikikomori, a parasite single, an abusive daughter, was she mentally handicapped, what was the relation between them.. I just can imagine that the mother wakes up one day and thinks "mmm let's kill my daughter in case I die today".

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over same-surname after marriage rule See in context

Thanks shiratori, I think my wife was also misinformed. We married young (25years ago and still going strong) and I didn't want to hinder her job prospects by having a foreign family name (I still don't care about sharing the same name) . I was just shocked (due to my own ignorance) to see them having a Japanese name on their Dutch passport. Where were you when I needed you? :)

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over same-surname after marriage rule See in context

Oops I skipped shiratori informative post. That's why my kids have their mother's name...ignorance!

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Posted in: Court rejects damages suit over same-surname after marriage rule See in context

I think that if your wife keeps her family name, your kids automatically will get her name. There's no choice. This means that your kids will have this name in their foreign passports. Something to think about if you care about names.

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Posted in: Married only minutes, Texas newlyweds killed in crash See in context

Pshaw. American roads are some of the safest in the word

Not even in the top twenty of the safest roads in the world....

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Posted in: Another anti-Japan rally See in context

They seem to be enjoying themselves! I wonder if they have "Sakura" in Korea, people who get paid to demonstrate?

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

The USA is quickly turning into an Afghanistan look alike country, daily shootings, religious freaks, a clown for a president, flag waving, intolerance.....

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Posted in: Winners and losers in the 'papa-katsu' game See in context


I think the word "prostitute" is the proper word.

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Posted in: Smoking, vaping to be banned at Tokyo Olympic venues See in context

You know "vape" is short for vapor, right?

You inhale the vapor from the pen, and exhale it into the air around you.

It's visible. It has an aroma. And, it often contains harmful chemicals, either from the contents of the capsule or from the components of the pen itself, which is usually made in China often using hazardous materials.

You wanna vape? Go ahead. Just do it in your home, in your car, or in one of those smoke-filled fish bowls on train platforms and at the airport. Knock yourself out.

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Never seen anyone try and light up a toothpick instead, have you?

Have you ever seen somebody trying to lit up a vape stick?

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Posted in: Smoking, vaping to be banned at Tokyo Olympic venues See in context

Vapors are as harmful to others as toothpicks, and have no "fruity" smell. Living in an air polluted city like Tokyo, you people sure can moan about vaping. You're anti smoking stance has reached pathetic levels.

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Posted in: Smoking, vaping to be banned at Tokyo Olympic venues See in context

Why is vaping banned? Except for the iquos, they have no smell or second hand hand smoke. What's next.. No toothpicks in your mouth?

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Posted in: Ghosn's new lawyer takes aim at Nissan and prosecutors See in context

The fact that he got of Ozawa and other bureaucrats doesn't mean anything. The japanese legal system has always been very forgiving towards these criminals. The judges here are always on the procecuter's side, and it's up to the defense to find any holes in the law, even then often ending up at the end of a short stick, because the judge let's his own personal opinion rule over the evidence or lack of it.

My fifty cents: the new lawyer will be as useless as his predecessor.

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Posted in: Brazilian consul: Ghosn is healthy, wants thrillers See in context

Next headline news: goshn is OK using a Japanese toilet.

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Posted in: Name your 7 favorite TV comedies of all time. See in context


Married with children

Two and a half men

Modern family

Family ties

Top gear

The grand tour

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Posted in: Princess Aiko turns 17 See in context

During her visit to Nasu in Tochigi, Princess Aiko asked gatherers including an elementary school-aged girl "What grade are you in?" and "Where did you go for the summer holidays?"

Real read worthy info!

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Windows 10 still crashes

Mine doesnt, maybe time to replace your 8year Pentium 4 desktop?

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Posted in: Ren (蓮) and Yuzuki (結月) ranked as most popular baby names of 2018 See in context

Teacher calls for "Ren", 10 kids turn around...

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Posted in: Miss Universe Japan picks Sailor Moon ninja transformation dress as national costume for 2018 See in context

I have to agree, the sailor outfit is more befitting for girls of a smaller statue.

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Posted in: Trump mocks Macron approval rating, lashes him over European defense proposals See in context

Time to throw in the freedom fries and freedom toast!

I just love a republican president, non stop comedy and hilarious awkwardness. Forty years from now Trump will be regarded as the Reagan of this era dethroning his main contender little Bush...

The face of the republican party is made up of spoiled rich kids, and bad actors, next up will be black rapper !

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Posted in: Trump seeks end to Florida recount as Republicans' leads shrink See in context

Te USA is turning into a banana republic..

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan unveils new Christmas Cake Frappuccinos and gingerbread lattes See in context

Starbucks is quickly becoming the Apple of coffee shops.. ridiculous prices, and lots of free press coverage.

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Posted in: iPads, Macs get new screens as Apple pushes creativity See in context

a price hike of $200.

An updated pencil, still at $99

But the starting price goes up $200 to about $1,200

That means accessories using the iPad's old Lightning port will need adapters, sold separately.

The Air also loses the slot for camera memory cards. An adapter costs $39.

And what do we learn from this....

Patrick Moorhead, founder of Moor Insights & Strategy, said the refreshed products are likely to please Apple fans and users



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Posted in: What can be done to reduce bullying at schools? See in context

Make school life in Japan less stressful and create a more humane environment. Stop those awfull morning practices and evening practices, give the kids a chance to relax and sleep enough.

Bullying in Japan is common practice, at school, in the park, and on the workfloor...stress is the common factor.

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