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19 cases feels like 1000 cases except restaurants bars are open later now. Japan was affected by the reactions to Covid way more than by Covid itself. Be fortunate you lived here during the pandemic where interruptions were minimal compared to other nations.

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Japan has been the best place to live in during the pandemic. No mandates or lockdowns and the residents have kept the economy rolling as best as possible while still being cautious.

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WobotToday  05:00 pm JST

When do you think this will stop being a top headline?

Probably when we collectively stop commenting on it. Statistically we are at zero cases in Tokyo. Japan Today should just put a daily case count on the margin of the home page with no ability to comment.

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Posted in: Snap Inc, Google partner to bring 'Quick Tap to Snap' to Pixel 6 See in context

Pixels are the best value smartphones for taking awesome photos. The 6 looks to be even better. It is nice to have an Android with such a huge, comprehensive ecosystem in Google.

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So, statistically zero cases in Tokyo. Awesome! Life here has been pretty normal but it will soon get back to 2019 normal.

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Based on all of the restrictions seen across the globe, Japan has been the best country to live in during the pandemic. Freedom of movement. Freedom to socialize with any size group. Freedom to eat at restaurants and shop anywhere throughout the pandemic. More than 75% of the POPULATION has at least one dose of vaccine. That only took 4 months (health-care workers aside.) Statistically, everyone wears masks indoors and disinfect their hands multiple times a day. Now business is coming back big-time. Love it!

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More Tokyoites probably have the flu.

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Leighton RuttToday  05:22 pm JST

I wonder how many tests were taken over the last 24 hours to have such an amazingly low number?

Symptomatic people are tested. They are not going to test more than they need to. They never have. Low numbers because cases are down. It has been nice to see. With so many people fully vaccinated here things are looking very good.

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MagnetToday  07:23 am JST

"there has only been a 45 percent decrease in PCR tests". That's almost half the testing. Seems like a pretty significant red flag to me.

PCR tests will decrease drastically if so few people have Covid symptoms. It isn't so hard to figure that out.

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Carbon is essential to life. A greener planet is a good thing. Study up on the other side of the debate. Science is not settled on this...

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@John Noun Friends in most countries around us here seem to have had more freedom and no 8pm curfew rules/etc etc

No mandates in Japan. People here are free. Get a free vaccine if you want. Travel wherever you want to and meet with whoever you want to, whenever you want to. Sure, in some areas restaurants and bars were closed at 8pm. But you could buy alcohol 24/7 and drink in public if you wanted to. No draconian measures here, thank god.

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Today felt like a pre-Covid weekend. Still saw 100% mask wearing indoors but it just felt different in other ways. Stores were packed and people looked way more relaxed and confident. Great to see the retailers finally getting a bump.

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Is the solution to force more women into a field they may not be interested in having a career in? There is something to genders having different preferences and goals in life. As long as the women have an equal opportunity to pursue their ambitions, all is fine. Last time I checked, Japanese women have those rights.

"The country needs to inspire women to pursue these studies"

Gender shouldn't make a difference. Who cares if all scientists are all men or all women? It is their choice.

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It is a good idea that Japan is proactive in protecting those high-at-risk through this purchase.

But by early 2022 there will surely be a/multiple money-making new therapeutic drug(s) introduced to shelve this disease as treatable.

The worldwide vaccine mandates will be short-lived. They are having enough trouble getting enough people vaccinated with their first dose. The appetite for a booster is going to be much lower, especially as cases are far less severe.

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Posted in: Anti-virus measures stop legal return of thousands to New Zealand See in context

@Antiquesaving When I said months ago NZ was using draconian measures and it will get worse as the people relinquish more and more rights to the government many here laughed and said I was exaggerating.

Though you were almost pleading for a lockdown in Japan during the height of the most recent wave. Suddenly now all about freedom, are you?

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Posted in: Anti-virus measures stop legal return of thousands to New Zealand See in context

New Zealand and Australia actions will never be forgotten. Gross neglect for their citizens. Overreach in power that has damaged society and trust in government. It may be the biggest overreaction in history with no hyperbole intended. Economic and physiologic destruction that cannot be repaired. What a disgrace the leaders in those two countries were over the last year. They are finally starting to realize their errors. Too late.

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Posted in: Uniqlo outfits might become Saitama high school’s official uniforms See in context

@finallyrich No wonder whenever salespeople are talking to my wife (pushing 80.000 yen baby strollers, among other absurds) they literally flinch when I arrive at the scene

Exhibit A: The gaijin smash! smh

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More and more countries are realizing they are going to have to live with Covid and get back to as near as normal as possible. Japan has done a great job of not overreacting throughout the pandemic, even successfully holding the Olympics during a wave. Also the vaccine rollout was one of the fastest in the world, though it started much later than other nations. We are very fortunate to live here where daily life was rarely interrupted.

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Better than a mandate at least.

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@Bungle Vaccine take-up seems to be kicking in but the government authorized stats are next to worthless.


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Great news! Now let's follow the Norway model. Just accept that Covid will be here forever and live with it. Most people in Japan are now protected, especially the vulnerable. It sounds like Japan won't go crazy and demand vaccine passports, as they don't want to discriminate.

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Posted in: Japanese abductees' families urge Kishida to resolve issue with N Korea See in context

Poor lady. How many US presidents and Japanese Prime Ministers has she now met with to plead her situation? I hope there is a miracle and her daughter is alive and is reunited with her soon. It was sad to see her husband pass without knowing.

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AkulaToday 05:04 pm JST

Numbers falling through the floor. Vaccinations the reason why.

Agree! Also add to that that most Japanese are quite precautious and always wearing masks inside. I have met so many people who will still be hesitant to get back to their normal routines even as restrictions ease.

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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

I recommend DuckDuckGo for a more objective search. You may actually find what you are looking for, not what Google wants you to look for!

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What a gross, over-reaching government in Australia.

Life will never be the same there.

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Good for Japan! No Olympic explosion of cases, as predicted. Massive vaccinations over the past 3 months which is protecting the elderly and most at risk. Everyone is wearing masks inside. Most people are cautious in crowds. No strict lockdowns. Freedom for domestic travel. October 1st will bring even more normalcy back. Japan feels like the most comfortable place to be during this pandemic.

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The Covid situation has never been dire in Japan. Some hospitals were affected greatly but not the majority as some would like you to believe. "Most" residents here practice self preservation and avoid getting into situations where transmission easily occurs. Plus, mask wearing indoors is nearly 100% and has been for over a year. With the number of vaccinated (especially the elderly) at very high levels, it is no wonder the situation is getting better daily.

@Foreigner asks why there is no mass testing?

There is no need to test asymptomatic people. Most Japanese don't want to get a test if they are feeling fine. Plus the expense would be enormous. Japan tests those who are symptomatic and we get the daily numbers from that data. It is consistent so it is an excellent gauge to see trends.

And no, dividing the Covid-Positive cases by the number of symptomatic tests does not give you an infection rate, which so many have claimed.

Japan is doing very well and it is a great country to live in during the pandemic.

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kwattToday  08:08 pm JST

Every holiday not many cases. Wait and see coming days this week.

WAIT? no thanks. I prefer to get on with my life. No lockdowns here. Japan is a wonderful place to live during the pandemic. Waiting is for western countries.

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@Numan Just imagine if more tests were permitted. The true numbers are obviously higher.

Of course the numbers would be higher. The point is that we are seeing a massive decline in cases because the testing protocol has always been the same. Things are moving in a very positive direction. This cannot be denied.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 302 coronavirus cases; lowest number since July 5 See in context

Great news. Japan has shown the world that is is possible to live with the virus, avoiding lockdowns. The waves have come and gone over the past 18 months and our lives have hardly been disrupted. The vaccination rate is very impressive despite the slow start.

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