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gerryToday  05:20 pm JST

why is Canada not reported with other countries in the medals awarded?

Gotta podium to get on that list!

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Still seeing 71% infections under 50 years of age. I imagine that percentage is only going to increase. That bodes well for seniors but still is a concern IF the strain starts causing statistically significant serious health concerns to younger folks. The data doesn't show that yet.

This bar graph in the link above shows an AGE breakdown of Japan's total cases besides the deaths. Regular news outlets don't usually report this so it is quite interesting to see.

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After putting their own medals around their necks during a masked-up victory ceremony, Kalisz and Litherland walked around the deck arm-in-arm.

No social distancing for them.

Nor for the judo players and wrestlers. Enough with the social distancing shaming in a sports tournament where every athlete is tested daily.

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Really? There’s been a fair bit of outcry about the Olympics.

Australia is not hosting the Olympics and that is why I didn't mention them. The Japanese public do not want lock-downs, that is obvious.

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The protests in Australia are totally understandable. The logic to keep so many millions inside their homes is flawed. People die daily in cases where it is totally preventable. Governments unfortunately must look at the risk assessment and accept that there will be casualties. Perhaps it is bias from living in a free Japan. They seem to have the balancing act mastered here. There is no huge public outcry protests over deaths, sickness, or loss of employment.

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Posted in: Solve Pokemon Rubik’s cube by matching 52 Pokemon based on their types See in context

By the wording of the headline I thought they had reinvented a way to challenge the Rubik's Cube. Still a 6-sided color cube folks :)

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@Antiquesaving Thanks. If I do the easy math I am using flawed/incomplete numbers. The number of tested clearly means nothing (since they are not random) so I can only go off of official data from NIID to get an infection rate (if that is what the 9 of 100,000 is) and how do they get that number?

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Still over 1000 cases. Can someone explain to me how they arrive at positive rate or infection rate? We only have number of infected people. But we don't have random testing to determine positive rate. So we cannot make any conclusions on anything, can we?

The NIID (National Institute of Infectious Diseases) shows 9 per 100,000 as the infection number. How do they get that estimated number and what does it mean?

This link is in English but a Japanese site. It shows both bad and goods signs about the current situation and was last updated July 21.

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What a moment for Naomi Osaka. For the new Japan. For racial injustice. For female athletes. For tennis.

Absolute hyperbole.

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Mexico women's softball team has nice looking uniforms. Color mix and number font very cool.

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It is quite consistent this week where 70-72% of the infected are under 50. This must be due to high vaccination rate of elderly. I wonder if the younger people are gonna want to get the vaccine? Right now it doesn't seem they are interested. Hopefully they don't get bad side effects from the Corona.

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Posted in: Mother arrested after 1-year-old daughter, left in car, dies of heatstroke See in context

100% Neglect. Terrible.

Moving forward all new cars should have sensors that can detect people inside and temperature. When it exceeds a certain level the windows and doors should open automatically. Because some people shouldn't have children!

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No vaccine passport required for participating in the biggest sporting event in the world. It is such a controversial topic and it seems the governing body of the Olympics didn't want to create more issues by enforcing it.

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Posted in: Sydney virus outbreak a 'national emergency' as cases spike See in context

Is there any data from Australia on what effect the lockdowns are having on the public in terms of domestic violence, self-harm, and personal finances? I understand they want to bring cases to zero, which is likely impossible, but they may be creating more serious issues than the disease will bring.

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3x3 Basketball as an Olympic sport sounds exciting. It would be fun to see the top NBA pros play in that format. It is definitely going to be a well covered Olympics with some great new technologies and camera angles.

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I am under 50 and got the vaccine paper from the local government for Moderna. This brand must be more readily available now. There are many people like me who will decide not to take the vaccine so I wonder how many of the willing residents of Japan are now vaccinated. They say 23% of population is fully vaccinated. But if you take out children and those who don't want it, Japan is much closer to reaching their maximum vaccination levels. Will they even need all the extra vaccine? Last year they said 40% of the adult population don't plan on getting vaccinated. They rarely discuss the number of people who will not get vaccinated. This is very important information.

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I think apologies should be accepted if we can agree they are heartfelt. All humans sin and we must not ruin lives over mistakes. Why do we always want to end people's livelihoods for their transgressions? Words can be harsh but they don't match a physical crime. Eric Clapton was in the news today. His 1970s racist quotes are no good but he has apologized for it and learned.

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It is only TV event!

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The number looks very high! Can you believe it? 658 are in 20s. Maybe they spread it more. Fortunately, most people who get it now are young and no hospital or death. They need vaccine I think or many will worry. Most people don't worry though since old people have vaccine.

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Posted in: Father, daughter, 5, thrown out of car after accident on Kyushu expressway; girl dies See in context

this is all too bad

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Posted in: Father, daughter, 5, thrown out of car after accident on Kyushu expressway; girl dies See in context

It is very tragic.

But coming from America it was the same thing 25 years ago. Japan just hasn't caught up to the rest of the world. I remember rolling around in the back of dad's woody wagon in 1979 as the car veered. He probably had a few drinks too.

I do applaud Japan's no tolerance policy for alcohol though.

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