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Time changes the law and the law changes with time Tradition might not be the same for tomorrow. Your gay community contributed a huge chunk of tax money too. Plus they are found in every sector of the economy . If Australians can tolerate the influx of immigrants and nudist beaches. Gay marriage is not acceptable?

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It will be a crime if the operators charges users for downloading. Then it is considered as stealing the works of other people for own gains. It will not be a crime if there was no money involved. It is like having an online friend that let one "borrow" all his/her DVD movies or songs collection. More worthwhile for the authorities to track down those who make fake copies of original works than it is to pursuit those offering free online downloads.

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The Malaysian police sprayed jets of acid laced water into the compound of the hospitals as well. The affected hospitals are the Tung Shin Hospital and The Chinese Maternity Hospital. Tung Shin 's management and Najib's govt denies such incident took place in contrast to eye witnesses , inpatients statements and foreign media reports. Another report missing from the above is that a politician going by the name of Mat Sabu was rammed by a police vehicle. Mat Sabu was riding pillion on a motorcycle at the time .

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This means that the Japanese police officers carry out their duties strictly by the book and with high integrity. If the same scenario happened in Malaysia then the suspect will have several bullets inside his head.

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