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Posted in: Ansel Elgort takes on yakuza in HBO drama series See in context

I read Jake Adelstein’s book as well as other articles he wrote over the years and I hope this show is just as good. It’s what got me REALLY interested into what goes on in Japan even further. PLEASE let it be good!

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Posted in: Survey on technical trainees' financial situation in Japan begins See in context

YubaruToday  08:15 am JST

Those who disappeared stood at about 3,300 in 2021 as of June, with Vietnamese accounting for the largest number.

Pray tell, how do they "disappear?"

Easy. They just turn off their J-govt LowJack tracker like everyone else. All these govt morons know how to do is paperwork. They are the Bubba (from Forrest Gump) of bureaucracy: you collate the paper, staple the paper, fax the paper, etc. etc.

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Posted in: Gov't under pressure to again declare COVID state of emergency in Tokyo See in context

"People's lives are the most important.”

Is there any evidence that a State of Emergency, or even a Quasi State of Emergency, saves lives?

No. It's just political tatemae to give the appearance (tatemae) that the govt here is "doing" something

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 16,538 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 78,931 See in context

At this point we might as well accept the fact of is not IF we get COVID but WHEN we get it. It truly sucks but cowering in fear of every little sniffle isn’t going to help

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's approval rating at 55.9%: poll See in context

Soooo, the go-to magic pill of the government here of “blame the gaijin” is beginning to wear off?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 12,813 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 62,612 See in context

Wooooow…Okinawa just HAD to mention that 50 military personnel out of 1175. Shows perfectly where their bias lies…

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Posted in: All U.S. forces in Japan exempted from virus tests since Sept: Hayashi See in context

BigYenToday  07:50 am JST

The USA. A law unto itself, even in other people’s countries.

Well, is there any OTHER kind of REAL law?

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Posted in: Japanese rice tastier due to global warming, says Aso See in context

It’s idiot is nothing more than a Japanese version of Trump. PLEASE Japan, if you have at least ONE functioning brain cell left, dump this guy at the polls come 10/31!!!

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Posted in: M5.9 quake halts trains in Tokyo area; 32 injured See in context

That was one heck of a jolt. I hope everyone is ok.

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Posted in: Suga says world needs to see Japan can stage safe Olympics See in context

I had to do a double take to make sure this wasn’t from The Rising Wasabi. This HAS to be a joke

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Posted in: Higher tolls, priority traffic lanes go into effect for Tokyo Olympics See in context

Here’s an insane idea: how about ENDING hazard light “stopping” (blinker light parking)? I can’t count how many folks that think hitting the hazard lights is a cue to park ANYWHERE.

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Posted in: Japan to establish agency to speed up digitalization See in context

“Both hanko seals and paper documents have long been regarded as important parts of the country's working or administrative culture, but they are now viewed as a major factor delaying digitalization.”

well…duh! It keeps a lot of people “employed”. But…to stay (semi) positive, better late than never I suppose. I guess now is good a time as any to reveal the cracks in Japan’s work culture

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Posted in: Obama, in memoir, recalls Japan's revolving-door leadership era, bowing to emperor See in context

RecklessToday  05:46 pm JST

a symptom of the sclerotic, aimless politics that had plagued Japan for much of the decade

Japan will not be happy to hear this. I think he should have bowed even lower.

well, it’s the truth. Japan was changing leadership faster than seasonal fashion and to be honest, why make a deal when there’s a regime change before you put away the Christmas tree? And other one by the time you break out the New Years kadomatsu?

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Posted in: Biden selects Kamala Harris as running mate; Trump says he's 'a little surprised' See in context

At this point I’m content with anyone BUT trump...

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting 9-year-old girl in car See in context

I swear to God if later I read about “local prosecutors declined to pursue the case. No explanation given” I will be convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt Japan’s legal system is trash and beyond repair

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Posted in: Ghosn's new lawyer takes aim at Nissan and prosecutors See in context

Good! I hope he burns the entire Japanese legal system to the ground! This is only an issue cause Japan Inc.’s Pride got wounded when one of their pride and joy companies almost went belly up and he pulled them from the abyss

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Posted in: Gov't to help retired SDF pilots' transition to airlines See in context

How about cut down on all the unnecessary bureaucracy and fees if you all are soooo concerned?

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Posted in: Gov't considers 10-day holiday period around 2019 imperial succession See in context

Well folks, time to start training/prepping my liver for this extended Golden Week

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