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So far the French car giant has said its internal probe into its former boss has found his pay was in compliance with French law.

But what they do not say, is that since Hollande's govnerment and Macron as Minister of Economy, Ghosn's tax residence has moved from France to Netherlands (the same country as where the Alliance HQ is).

The CEO of a major French company (partially owned by the French Gov'), moving tax residence from France, and everyone letting this happening without opening their mouth. Such a stain !

All politicians, including those at the gov' at that time, just shut their mouth, noone disapprouved or even tried to prevent this from happening.

As for Ghosn's salary in Renault, everything was already been negociated, even Ghosn's golden parachutes for when he will retire. Everything was approuved both by Renault and the Governement.

So, basically, Ghosn does not pay taxes in France ; and all the money he perceived and will perceive (golden parachutes, etc...) was approuved by both Renault and the Government.

How wouldn't they say that Ghosn's pay was in compliance with French law !? They would never say that Ghosn's pay was not in compliance with French law, but they, both Renault and the Gov', just covered up.

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@ Ricky Kaminski13

Before thinking of China, if we are talking about conspiracy involving the US, I would have thought of Ghosn clearly claiming that Renault factory will stay and will not close in Iran, despite US sanctions threats, in June 15th 2018.

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@ Kenji Fujimori

You are telling that since the begining, Tokyo prosecutors are, and are only fabricating charges and evidence ?

You surely don't have any proof all of this is fabricated, nor you have proof it is not.

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It's funny that whenever politicians or reporters speak about "labour shortage", they only insist on aging population and low childbirth rate (which are true), but never ever talk about wages, or should we say the no increase in wages in Japan, which is the main issue regarding the alleged "labour shortage".

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Of course they are immigrants !

According to the international UN definition of the word, whoever travels to another country and stay there at least 1 year is an immigrant.

It is just that Prime Minister Abe has invented a new definition of the word, not to frighten Japanese people and his electors, insisting they are not meant to stay forever in Japan.

Even technical trainees are immigrants, even foreign students are immigrants.

Everybody all over the world knows that, and Abe knows that too. Only Japanese people are decieved, on purpose.

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The fact that Ghosn saved Nissan from bankrupcy does not prevent him from financial wrondoings.

These are 2 complete separate matters, and one does not preclude the other, after all.

Because Ghosn saved Nissan back then, how is he entitled to steal money from Nissan, and to commit financial wrongdoings afterwards ?

Beyond such flawed logic there is defenitely some kind of dubious taste idolatry.

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Posted in: Japan's labor shortage hits 45-year high See in context

In Japan, the alleged labour shortage is a fabrication.

Politicians & the Keiranden are endorsing the alleged labour shortage (resulting of aging population and low childbirth rate) to promote immigration policies.

In a normal unbiaised economical setting, wages fluctuate according to supply and demand. For example, since last year in UK, as Brexit negociations are still ongoing, labour shortage because of a decrease in immigration results in an increase of wages !

But wages do not increase in Japan, despite alleged labour shortage. So something in definitely wrong here.

Moreover, as we are talking about labour shortage, unemployment rate in December 2018 was at 2.4%. We may think 2.4% is low, but it still represents more than 3 millions people. Noone can honestly believe that these 3 millions people are just lazybones who refuse to work.

They say Japanese people prefer office work than say... nurse caring, agriculture, factories. Why is it so ?

Do the "wages vs effort" balance has really nothing to do with it ?

Do the working conditions in the agriculture, whether it rains, it snow, it's a scorcher, you have to start working very early and finish working late, has nothing to do with it ?

Do the working in factories in front of the belt conveyor, with working shift patterns (mornings, afternoons, nights) has nothing to do with it ?

Raise the wages for the nurses, factory wrokers, farm workers for God's sake ! We will all see how that alleged labour shortage would quickly vanish, because it has never existed in the first place !

And it will profit to the economy, because unlike immigrants (technical trainees and so on), Japanese people who will get to work do not send more than half of their wages back to their country.

Raising wages is likely to cost less in the end, but they prefer bringing more immigrants into the country. That's so illogical that politicians are definitely pursuing an agenda which doesn't benefit Japan's general interest.

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In France, off-camera operatives and executives are really concerned about Ghosn blowing on the embers, by reactivate the conspiracy and treason theories. It will inevitably bolster distrust between Renault and Nissan and make Jean-Dominique Sénard's mission extremely difficult at this crucial time.

Maybe Ghosn's rethoric is not only aimed against Japanese justice system, but also to scupper his succession at Renault, from which Ghosn has resigned (or was he forced to resign?).

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So, Ghosn is saying that France in not a democracy, as Macron's regime still refuses bail for yellow vest protestors, whose trials are scheduled at least 3 months after their arrest.

Finnaly, this has been made crystal clear ! Thank you Mr. Ghosn !

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

@ wtfjapan

Maybe, but we are talking about Ghosn. The cases of other COE don't really matter in this topic.

It's not because other CEO are vilains that Ghosn wrongdoings become acceptable.

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Nikkei arrest due to plot, treason within Nissan See in context

People are mixing up different things :

1°) because Ghosn "saved" Nissan back then, how is it a justification to steal money ? These are 2 separate matters.

2°) Nissan Japanese executives at the time couldn't come with the idea of firing thousands of employees, shutting down many factories and thus litterally destroying the economic fabric of many cities (with direct and indirect employment).

Ghosn could have made these choices, without a single twinge of regret, and has put a lot a money in his pockets. So, Ghosn "saved" Nissan, but at what cost !

3)° whether there was a plot or not against Ghosn, it doesn't give any answers on whatever he is being accused of : again, they are 2 different matters.

By the way, as we are talking about plot.

How many know here that just before Ghosn's arrest, Ghosn himself was about to oust Hiroto Saikawa, officially because sales in the USA were lower than what Ghosn was expecting. And unofficially certainly because Hiroto Saikawa was the leading opposition to the merger with Renault.

Oh by the way, how many here knows that Ghosn has ousted 3 Nissan directors, falsely accusing them of spying ? They must have disagree with Ghosn on something at a given time, and they were simply fired with a delusional charge of spying !

That's probably how Ghosn could have engineered everything with an inner circle of people of slavish loyalty. So, of course, a very few and only a very few of Nissan executives were informed of Ghosn's wrongdoings, but they would just shut up for the sake of their wages... until someone whistled the end of the game.

Who's the dictator ? Who's the victim ? Even without what Tokyo prosecutors have to say against Ghosn, Ghosn is clearly no saint, with at least very questionable morals.

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It has been decades since Japanese began complaining about foreigners' non-compliance of waste disposal (many foreigners were, and are still, litterally throwing their garbage throught the windows), about foreigners making too much noise late at night, etc... Decades ! They were been explained the rules, in their foreigners' language, again and again and again, and again, and until now there has only been a little improvement.

These Japanese are being fed up dealing with such a situation : I praise for such patience for decades ! It would have already turned really bad, violent and really quickly in many other places in the world. Gov' officials and local authorities generally don't give a damn. What honestly do you think it will happen when Gov' will bring hundreds of thousands of foreign newcomers ?

Who can honestly think that more money will resolve these basic daily-life issues ?

We are talking about non-compliance of the host society's rules. If you do not want to enforce them, why more money will make that happen ?

Hamamatsu Mayor Yasutomo Suzuki said it is necessary to set up a special agency tasked with dealing with all issues involving foreign nationals

Everytime, in every country, when officials want to sweep problems under the carpet, they set up "special agencies" or "commissions" instead of taking actions now. These issues have been there for decades, nothing is new there, did they suddently open their eyes, after overlooking the issues for decades ?

Moreover, Ministry of Justice is already dealing with many issues involving foreign nationals. Will that "special agency" and MOJ communicate efficiently so that no issue is left aside ? Will that "special agency" take over the missions of MOJ regarding foreign nationals ?

As for foreign language translations.

Honestly, what do you expect when you travel to a foreign country to work, without knowing nor understanding a single word of the language of that foreign country ?

That you are entitled to have anything translated in your mother tongue ? Is this some kind of privilege only being a foreigner in Japan ?

Do people really think Japan is a kind of "UN country", offering translations in 100+ languages to everyone, from administrative paperwork to medical treatments at any hospital ? And who's gonna pay for it, everyone included Japanese nationals, because it will be discriminating placing extra financial burdens solely on thoese foreigners, even though the translations services are being made specially for them ?

And about school.

School in Japan is compulsory until junior high school I think (not it does matter for what I'm going to say), and Gov' officials monitor so that Japanese national children attend until junior high school. Gov' officials do not monitor foreigners' chlildren. Public elementary and junior high school are free (except for books & meals). But Japanese nationals have to take the steps themselves to enrol their children to school.

Why do foreigners expect Japanese society to take the steps for themselves to register and monitor their children so that they attend school in Japan !? Public elementary and public junior high school are free, and opened to foreigners too.

They are that lazy not to register themselves their own children and then they complain because their children don't go to school, they got to be kidding !

This "problem" of foreigners' children not attending school as much as their Japanese national counterpart is not new. It has been like this for decades. And I thought the 1st type of Visa is meant for individuals who can't bring their family with them. So this "sudden foreigners' children education issue" has nothing to do with the Gov' new immigration policy.


Everything is so mixed up. Officials are litterally trying to bring on the table many very-well-known-but-overlooked decades-old ongoing issues, and wrapped them up as sudden & new issues only to request more cash, that it is disgusting for Japanese nationals who endure these issues, and disgusting for goodwill well-mannered foreign nationals who can't completely fit in japanese society, because of such a mess going on.

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Posted in: Balance of intelligence factors makes Japan the world’s smartest country, according to this list See in context


see my post above, I explain the "gender equality" rankings


when you believe that Japan is ranking as low as many African & Middle East muslim countries towards "gender equality", without understanding that such rankings have nothing to do with the treatment of men & women in society, but rather with LGBTTQQIAAP enforcement agenda, then that must be quite scary indeed.

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Posted in: Balance of intelligence factors makes Japan the world’s smartest country, according to this list See in context

These kind of studies have practically no interest, as they can arrange the figures to have it mean whatever they want, giving arbitrary weights , taking in account or not purposely certain figures.

Some studies can be discussed because althought they kind of reflect reality, we can question why some figures are weighed higher than others.

In any case, there is always an ulterior motive behind such studies, or you would say an agenda.

But many other studies are just so out of touch, you clearly understand they hide many negative aspects on purpose from their studies.

Need examples ?

Do you know why the West is dominating "gender equality" and Japan is scoring so low in it ? It's not because Japan treats women particularly badly compared to men. No. It's because Japan has not (yet?) fallen to the hysteria of the LGBTTQQIAAP 32+ "genders", or some would say 2 genders & 30+ "mentals disorders". That's the only reason. And the agenda behind such rankings is to enforce LGBTTQQIAAP propaganda towards those low ranking countries.

Have you seen a few weeks ago UK top ranking in protection against child abuse ? They got to be kidding ! When you know all of the rampant child-grooming all over the place in the UK, thousands of white young girls being drugged, gang-raped by Pakistani, for more than 30 years, all of that being well known and overlooked by authorities, because many people in the authorities were also abusing children !

Have you seen a few years ago Sweden top ranking the world as the best country to live for women ? They got to be kidding ! Stockholm being the world or world 2nd rape capital !? You can't seriously exclude the fact that Stockholm (capital and 1st largest city in Sweden), Gothenburg (2nd largest city) and Malmö (3rd largest city) are top ranking Europe's rape capitals, and almost top ranking world's rape capitals (behind South Africa) when you talk about "best country to live as a woman" !

Almost every ranking is like this. Deciphering the ulterior motive, or the agenda behind such "studies & rankings" is, in my view, the only interesting thing to look at. Everything else almost doesn't matter at all.

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Posted in: French tourist killed in avalanche while skiing in Niigata See in context

In France, many people use to ski off designated areas every year, and some of them lose their live either because of avalanches or other accidents.

The same causes produce the same effects.

I wonder who will get the bill for the rescue

That's the real and only matter of the story.

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Posted in: Nagasaki's educators changing perspective on A-bomb teachings See in context

Either A-Bombs were totally unnecessary to end the war and were meant to test on humans & keep USSR at bay, or A-bombs were totally necessary to make Japan surrender, I think noone will get to know the "real truth" : it's still a debate between "official truth" and "revisionists's versions".

to give students an understanding of the A-bomb strikes in the wider context of the war

If educators want to achieve this, then it's not "peace education" they need to teach, it's rather politics, geopolitics, they need to dig into archives and declassified documents, to compare points of view of either Japan, USA and USSR at the time.

There is no place for "dialogue", never mind emotion-based dialogue between ignorant folks.

Before encouraging studying the subject from a broad perspective, teach children the facts, the 5 Ws, or at least the first 4 Ws : Who was involved ? What happened ? Where did it take place ? When did it take place ? (Why did that happen ? is where the real study begins, through archives & declassified documents).

If they really want to

to give students an understanding of the A-bomb strikes in the wider context of the war

then it's definitely academic work, not something meant for elementary children.

From my understanding, not teaching the basic facts "because it's too brutal" (yeah, the picture isn't quite rosy), and instead digressing into emotion-based dialogue is maybe what is done in grief counselling to overcome a trauma. But as for teaching the country History, it's what I would call propaganda aimed to brainwash the new generations (that's why they begin this in elementary schools) to divert them from simple, brutal, yet basic facts of war.

And by the way, the example of

 the moral implications of being a brilliant scientist during wartime

is typically what is irrevelant, because they have no decisional-authority on what they may invent and create.

They surely don't want to question those who have the desional-authority, because they will see that things are not just black or white, but rather are shades of grey, and conspiracies are all over the place (yeah, conspiracies in real life do exist, they are not meant to be exclusive of the James Bond movies' universe).

And if children begin to question official truths, revisionist truths, then it leaves the door open to question everything else.

Developing a critical mind is generally a good thing, but definitely a very bad thing when approaching certain subjects, every government knows it very well.

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Are you saying that on purpose ?

Who are you trying to fool ?

i've never said the ankle monitor itself is cheaper than a cell, I've said that an ankle monitor, if you want an effective supervision, implies several police officers dedicated to the task.

And as @ksteer said, "24/7 ankle bracelet, the Japanese court has no precedent for this".

So, police officers have to supervise the monitor in a relay manner, 24/7, then dispatch a team if the alarm rings (at least 1 team has to be ready 24/7, only for this purpose, while another keeps monitoring the device).

For God's sake, such logistics ! And all the possible human errors it can involve !

You know why in European Union, such device is vastly used ?

Because it's cheaper than prison, yes.

But not because it's more effective than prison. See some terrorists in France, their ankle monitor didn't prevent them to throat-cut a priest in his church.

And last reason why it's vastly preferred to prison : it's ideology. The European Court of Human Rights orders EU members to use prison as a very last resort, because prison in itself is what produce crimes in society, not criminals, because prison is bad, mean, cruel, counterproductive, etc...

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LOGIC FAILURE! 24/7 guards, GPS monitoring, confiscation of passport almcome to mind.

You don't need to caps lock to try proving you're right when you're wrong.

Being locked up in his cell at the detention center is less expensive, not subjected to human error.

Why wishing for an effective and cheaper solution when you can wish for a less effective and more expensive one.

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@Hiro Ueda

Do you know what an "ankle monitor" implies ?

Several, not just one, several police officers for a 24/7 effective supervision.

What can be the valid reason to spend so many officers specifically appointed for that task, when a cell in a detention center does the work just fine ?

And as for his "promise not to leave the country".

What happens if he does leave the country ?

What guarantees do Tokyo prosecutors have ?

Ghosn being locked up in his cell is the only one guarantee he will not leave the country, plain and simple.

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He is basically asking everything he already gets in detention center, but he wants to be outside and wants to possibility to bribe police officers, isn't that great ?

Ghosn wants to get outside of the detention center, because only outside he can achieve the things he wants to do : speak in the medias, in SNS, liaise with some people to either destroy evidence or prepare his escape outside of Japan or silence someone, whatever*

> Pure, unsupported speculation.

Sure it's speculation, but very realistic one.

But you, tell us why Ghosn absolutely wants to be outside of the detention center, but at the same time asking the same 24/7 tracking & daily report to prosecutors he's already got in detention center, while such supervising would cost much more police officers specifically appointed to the task ?

Because he's cold, he doesn't sleep well, he doesn't like the food, he wants to see trees and flowers, he wants to see his family, he wants to relax in a hot bath, etc...

Can Ghosn's fan boys really sink to that extent of foolishness ?

If that's the case, it's longer foolishness, it's creepy idolatry.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies Ghosn's latest bail request See in context

he promised to be tracked 24/7 report to prosecutors daily and even pay the cost of court appointed guards to watch over him, how would anybody be able to destroy eveidence in those conditions.

Why make it simple when we can make it complicated ?

Actually, as he is locked in detention center, he's already being tracked 24/7, he speaks with prosecutors daily, and there is no need to appoint guards specifically to watch over him.

And by the way, those guards appointed by the court will likely be police officers : did Ghosn think he can bribe them !?

He is basically asking everything he already gets in detention center, but he wants to be outside and wants to possibility to bribe police officers, isn't that great ?

And people are shocked by the court denial, really ?

So, I'll repeat : why make it simple when we can make it much more complicated ?

Ghosn wants to get outside of the detention center, because only outside he can achieve the things he wants to do : speak in the medias, in SNS, liaise with some people to either destroy evidence or prepare his escape outside of Japan or silence someone, whatever.

Let me be very clear : Ghosn doesn't want to be outside because he is craving for red meat and pricey wines, or because his cell is lacking of a fan heater. Reasonable people are not fool enough enough to believe so.

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Posted in: Popular T Card began giving personal info to police in 2012 See in context

When something is free, then you are the product.

Be it points-card, free smartphone applications, Google, Facebook, Twitter, other SNS, free registration on websites, etc...

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Posted in: French gov't presses Japan to accept Renault-Nissan merger See in context

The merger was suggested by Macron to Ghosn, when Macron was Minister of Economy, in the Hollande government.

So basically, Ghosn carried out the plan for merge under French political orders.

When you see the figures between Renault and Nissan, you easily understand that for Renault and for the French government, Nissan is basically a cash cow. And a very good one !

Of course they don't want to lose a grip on their golden goose !

Ghosn already served his purpose. Too bad he was arrested before completely merging Renalut and Nissan, may think the French gov', but nobody is irreplaceable, and now there is no time looking backwards as they realised Nissan is really not willing to accept their demise through the merger.

That's why, whether Ghosn can be saved or not, French gov' is pressing Japan to accept the merge asap.

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Posted in: Ghosn again asks for bail; promises not to flee, pay for security guards See in context

The flight risk is one thing.

But what about seeking refuge in an embassy ? And on top of that in an embassy of a country with no extradition agreement between that country and Japan ?

French, Lebanon and Brazilian ambassadors already promised to offer any help they can to Ghosn.

Ghosn can make all the promises he wants, but the moment he steps outside the detention center, what does prevent him not to take refuge in an embassy willing to protect him and not giving him back to Japan ?

Basically this scenario will be "Game Over" for Japan MOJ, and it will result in a judicial and diplomatic mess worse than what the flight risk could achieve.

Moreover, that scenario can be much more easily carried out than taking a flight bypassing all the security gates at any japanese international airports.

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Posted in: 10 same-sex couples to sue Japanese gov't over marriage equality See in context

@ Strangerland

I said, marriage is the legal framework to found a family. Legal framework.

That's how marriage is defined within the law, in Japan and many if not most countries that have not legalised same-sex marriage, even in countries before they legalised same-sex marriage.

Your personal view on your marriage, or any other personal individual case on their own marriage and their perception on it doesn't matter at all. The law says one thing and doesn't bend over your personal specific view on the matter.

And of course homosexuals can have families, I mean they have at least their parents, brothers & sisters, don't they ?

But as for the cases of homosexuals founding a family, that possibility is allowed in countries that have legalised same-sex marriage (did I say the opposite?), thus subverting the original purpose of marriage. And Japan is not one of them.

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Posted in: 10 same-sex couples to sue Japanese gov't over marriage equality See in context

@ Cricky & Strangerland & maybe many more

Both of you confound love and marriage, which are 2 different things.

Never, neither the Constitution nor the laws in Japan prohibit 2 same-sex individuals to love each other.

Marriage is NOT an acknowledgement of love, nor a love contract.

Marriage is the legal framework to found a family.

Worse, marriage in Japan has technically nothing to do with love in the first place as long as it is not forced, though it may be easier and better for their life if married people at least don't hate each other.

Gays are allowed to love other men and sleep with them. If they want to get married, the law says : do it with a woman.

Lesbians are allowed to love other women and sleep with them. If they want to get married, the law says : do it with a man.

I hope all of you will one day understand the simple yet precise distinction between "love" and "marriage".

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Posted in: 10 same-sex couples to sue Japanese gov't over marriage equality See in context

So that's it : every nonsense* from the progressive left start coming into Japan.

* It's not really nonsense in fact, as these things serve a precise purpose, which is to subvert traditions, customs, moral values, identities in order to turn every individual into consumer without any limit, in order to serve capitalism.

What's marriage ?

It is NOT a love contract.

Article 24 of the Constitution says, "Marriage shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes."

means that Japan doesn't recognize forced marriage, only that.

If marriage is not a love contract, what's its purpose then ?

Marriage is the legal framework to found a family.

How do you found a family, ie have children : with a man and a woman.

That's common sense biology. There is no whatsoever discrimination against same sex couple, it's human biology.

Then there are artificial insemination, adoptions that are allowed to heterosexual couples that cannot have children because of disease, infertility. If these heterosexual couples didn't have their biological or physiological impairments, they would be able to make children.

Same sex couples cannot make children because of infertility, they cannot because it's biology, that's how human biology is ! Men and women are not biologically identical !

What happens when you open the door to such subversion regarding the marriage as the legal framework to found a family ? Just look at those countries who have already legalized it :

they accept adoptions for same-sex couples they (want to) accept gestational surrogacy, meaning rich people exploit poor Indian women to bear their children, making India as one of the world biggest baby factory for gay couples. And they want to deny the child the identity of his/her biological mother. No more moral, only capitalism. they (want to) accept medically-assisted fertilisation for lesbians. Again, they will deny the child his/her biological father identity.

If everything can be bought, why people shouldn't be able to buy semen, eggs, even women's belly ? On behalf of love, people should be able to rent poor women's belly for 9 months, souds right eh ?

In Brazil they already came up with 3-person civil union : yeah, why restrict marriage to only 2 people ? On behalf of love and against discrimination, marriage should be expand to as many individuals as possible, as long as it's on behalf of love ! And why restrict it to individuals ? People should be able to marry their pets, their vacuum cleaner, their cars, etc..., oh, they should be able to marry their own child too, if it's on behalf of love with mutual consent, right ?

Same-sex marriage has nothing to do with love, nothing to do with supposed equality.

You can't prohibit people to love each other, but marriage is not about this.

Same-sex marriage is 1 step in the process of subversion to destroy what is left of moral values in people.

When people don't have any more morals, values, they become zombies, superficial consumers, and that's great for capitalism. End of story.

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Posted in: 2 death row inmates hanged, bringing 2018 executions to 15 See in context

@ Ah_so

I'm not talking about the verdict, but the years those criminals do really spend in prison, which is actually 2 different things.

And if I misspoke, I apologize, but I was referring to western European Union countries in general, and not England (which hasn't been totally in EU, and now there is the Brexit, which practises life in prison as a trade-off of the abolition of death penalty which is common sense when you want to adjust the whole scale of penalties as I previously talked about).

With this being said, my statement is rather accurate than false.

See what happens in France, Belgium, Germany.

In France for example, all years-in-prison verdicts (heavy criminal sentences included) are almost always at least halved during the sentence adjustment process, which happens behind the curtains and after the verdict has been delivered.

And, all 2 years-in-prison or less sentenced criminals do not do a single day of prison, and are instead kept out of prison with electronic bracelet with more or less control (rather less than more in fact). To get served in a verdict 2 years of prison, in France, you really must have done something really severe !

When these countries lower the scale of penalties to that extend, no wonder why many rapist are not served a single day in prison. If rape is generally woth of an electronic bracelet for a few months (if the rapist is even arrested in the first place and if he doesn't invoke "cultural differences", no kiddin), then murder is woth a couple of years in prison at most. Would they sentence mass murderers, even terrorists a lot more ? Surely not a lot more.

Since the 2015 Paris terror attacks, terrorists and terrorist-affiliated who were captured are being kept in prison. But, as we speak, INTERPOL announced that by the end of this year and the next year, many of them will be released, and they cannot do anything until they start again terror attacks. 2019 - 2015 = 4 years for carrying out terror attacks. Seems fair enough ?

But anyway, I don't really care what other countries do. If people do not protest hard enough for what it appears to me to be severely lax, then surely they deserve it happily.

The whole point was to explain that death penalty serves a purpose (as the maximum, the ultimate punishment) in what it is called the scale of penalties.

Being emotional about it only leads to hysterical debates that doesn't serve any purpose.

When people want to get rid of the higher end of their scale of penalties (because it's too cruel, not progressive enough), and when they keep lowering that higher end, then they end like France and other western EU countries where the verdicts do not have anymore meaning at all. But it appears that it is the "progressive" way.

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Death penalty is part of the scale of penalties.

When you get rid of death penalty, you disrupt the whole scale unless you adjust each other step of the scale.

In countries that abolished death penalty, criminals who would have been previously sentenced to death, are they actually sentenced to life in prison instead ?

No. Why not ? Because, human-rights wise, life is prison is already too cruel.

So, they got rid of death penalty, they don't even practise life in prison. What's left for those criminals ? 20-30 years in prison at most ? Fine.

So this 20-30 years in prison becomes the new "death penalty" , the new "maximum" in the new scale of penalties. It means, although it exists, criminals will be rarely sentenced to this maximum.

In other words, these criminals (who would have been sentenced to death before that country abolished death penalty) will be sentenced less than 20 years.

Oh by the way, they behave well, ie they didn't kill anybody in prison, they didn't escape, they didn't assault guards, their sentenced are halved, right ?

Oh but, 10 years in prison (at most) in already too cruel, inhuman ! They deserve another chance, be it their 2nd chance, their 3rd, 4th, ... 20th... 50th, they always deserve another chance, right ?

So instead of 10 years in prison at most, they will do an average of 5 years in prison at most, and the rest will be freed from prison with electronic bracelet.

And once they are freed, they can start over and kill, rape, butcher, mass murder, participate in terror attacks, etc...

That's how in western Europe, where death penalty has been abolished, heavy criminal penalties actually served generally don't exceed 8 years of prison, and it's not rare to have murderers (even those who litterally butchered their victims) actually staying only 4 years or less in prison.

Killing people in the worse way possible is worth of truly 8 years in prison at most.

That is the new maximum on the scale of penalties in many western European countries that have abolished the death penalty. See the gap ? What a farce ! No wonder why people are asking back the death penalty in these countries, or at least, true life in prison.

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For those who feel outraged that Japan practises and in willing to continue practising death penalty, may I remind you that in countries that have abolished the death penallty, death penalty hasn't disappear at all : it still exists and it is reserved for murderers' victims.

In other word, in those countries that have abolished death penalty, death penalty has been totally privatised. Is it this kind of "justice" you are seeking to see applied in every corner of the globe ?

By the way, It still exist assassinations from state secret service in several countries that have officially abolished death penalty although they are not made public (of course), but for average people, death penalty is 100% privatised.

And, in Japan, death penalty isn't reserved for every murderer, but only for a few of them. Basically, death penalty is Japan is killing some killers, not all of them, meanwhile murderers, as their name indicts, kill all of their victims.

I hear those of you claiming that death penalty is so bad, so atrocious ! Human rights must prevail ! You may not know, but a few weeks after the killing of Khashoggi, UN congratulated Saudi Arabia on its respect for human rights ! No kidding, no joke :


So, UN basically is saying that at least in Saudi Arabia, death penalty is respecful of human rights ; isn't that great ?

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