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John comments

Posted in: Abe says Japan must strengthen ballistic missile defense See in context

We are NOT allowed to buy one from Russia. Just be warned, otherwise Trump will sanction us or remove us from key technology projects like he did to Turkey. That said, I think the best defence systems in the world at the moment are made by the Palestinian kids. Their slingshot defence system and flying balloons are very effective according to the Israili gov.

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Posted in: Trump, Biden take break from campaign to commemorate 9/11 anniversary See in context


After 9/11 the U.S. went on to engage in war with not Bin Laden, but instead someone an enemy of Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein. The events of 9/11 were used by the U.S. government (unanimously) to engage in this war.

Nothing is coincidental or spontaneous about the US's foreign policies. Just like their NASA missions they plan everything in greter detail. A lot of non-American journalists and strategy analyts today agree that the US has used 9/11 as a pretext to achieve their plans i.e. the Redrawing the Middle East. In this regard:

*The term “New Middle East” was introduced to the world in June 2006 in Tel Aviv by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (who was credited by the Western media for coining the term) in replacement of the older and more imposing term, the “Greater Middle East.”- Globalsearch.ca*

The US openly shared a map of new Middle East soon after they successfully occupied Iraq. This was just before Saddam's brutal killing on a holy day and in the hands of the US's new ally Shia ally Muqdata al-Sadr. After the killing of Saddam and fall of his secular regime, Muqdata al_Sadr wanted to take Saddam's place as a new leader of the country and thus he demanded the withdrawal of US forces from the country. Meanwhile the US had formed an alliance with PKK (YPG), a terror organisation that killed over 45K people in the region, and it was about to carry out a military operation with PKK to crack down on rebels across the country. Just before this operation Muqdata al_Sadr fled to Iran. This populist chracter returned to Iraq in 2011 and currently he is busy protecting the US elements in Iraq against Iran and anti-occupation groups across the country. The US and its allies have probably made couple of trillions from the Iraqi oils already. However, there is some more, a lot more to exploit in the region. The Eastern Mediterranean gas reserves, the largest in the world, has long been an interest to the western powers. In this regard, the Libyan leader Gaddafi who was not on good terms with Israel and US, had to go. So after Saddam, another secularist leader who fought Islamic radicals (the servants of the west) in the past, was taken down and executed brutally in 2011.

Since it is not clear what the US will gain by changing the borders of countries in the Middle East (in practice it is impossible for the US to achieve this), I believe that the map is just a deflection from the real plans of the US. The peace agreements between Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE suggest that the western countries have now agreed on a deal in relation to the Eastern Mediterranean gas reserves. Of course the US will take its share from this project. With regards to the gas reserves of the region, I note that the west (Frace, Italy, Germany...) is currently blaming Turkey for being a hostile country- this is the country where region's over 6m refugees live. The west had made similar accusations against Iraq, Libya and Syria in the past. It is clear from their plan that they don't want Turkey to take its fair share from the Eastern Mediterranean gas reserves and unfortunately for the Turks, Erdogan is just another US-supported populist character like Muqdata al_Sadr.

Sometimes you need to look at the consequences of an event, rather than its causes. And you are right to question why Iraq was invaded and Saddam was executed if the aim was stopping Al-Qaeda. Considering there was NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, it wouldn't be wrong to argue that US and UK govs misinformed the world and media at the time. So it is likely that they similarly misinformed the world about 9/11 too, who knows- there has NOT been a thorough investigation yet and I don't think there will ever be.

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Posted in: Trump, Biden take break from campaign to commemorate 9/11 anniversary See in context


The headlines from the time read: "Donald Trump 'very proud' after dropping 'Mother of All Bombs' on Afghanistan."

So this was just another tour de force for the US and Trump rather than fighting terrorism. I don't believe the US has ever fought terrorism, if the intention was fighting terrorism they would have cleared their backyard first i.e South America. Indeed judging by the date of establishment, it wouldn't be wrong to argue that the US has created new terror organisation soon after the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. We did NOT have such IS or Boko Haram in the past. And using the largest non-nuclear bomb in the region is nothing but careless killing and also sending a message to the rivalling countries such as China and Russia. I won't bother telling you about who has been stealing the Iraqi oils and Afghan golds in the last 2 decades.

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Posted in: Trump, Biden take break from campaign to commemorate 9/11 anniversary See in context

According to BBC (16.10.2013) about half a million people died in Iraq as a result of war-related causes between the US-led invasion in 2003 and mid-2011. Nobody knows for sure how many more died between 2011 and 2020.

When the above is the case, 9/11 sounds overrated and irrelevant to the world. So I don't understand why the media still has to make news out of 9/11. No one commemorates Muslim victims who died during the US led air strikes and occupations. No one ever discusses why so many muslims have become refugees soon after the US led air strikes and occupations and yet we are back to 9/11...For sure Iraq will continue to be a US occupied territory until the last drop of oil is stolen from the Iraqi people, and Afghanistan will continue to be a chessboard for the US's strategy games in the region. Speaking of air strikes, does anyone know the reason why the US had to drop the largest non-nuclear bomb on Afghanistan?

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Posted in: Osaka to face Azarenka in U.S. Open final See in context

Azarenka is the best.

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Posted in: U.S. remembers 9/11 as pandemic changes tribute traditions See in context

Many believe 9/11 was a pretext for the US to invade natural resource rich but poor and defenceless Muslim countries.

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Posted in: Bold hopes for virus antibody tests still unfulfilled See in context

"Some early studies suggested any immunity fades fast; research published last week was more promising, suggesting that antibodies last at least four months after diagnosis and do not fade quickly."

I think it is time govs and media came up with a proper definition of what immunity is. Science suggests that immunity is a permanent protection against a disease and sometimes boosters are needed to guarantee permanent protection. However, when it is NOT permanent then it is misleading and potentially fake news to talk about immunity after being infected with this virus.

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Posted in: Pompeo tells Southeast Asia to stand up to China See in context

Pompeo tells Southeast Asia to stand up to China

Don't we already have enough problems on this planet? Pandemic, US led military invasions, refugees, unemployment, inflation, the rise of far right, terrorism, femine in Yemen and elsewhere, discrimination of black people... What will it take for the US gov to realise we are all in the same boat and there is only one planet? Right now people in the Southeast Asia are worried about their lives, people are worried that this pandemic will kill a lot more people, people are worried that more and more people will lose their jobs...People are worried that the US's withdrawal from the WHO will harm the efforts. People are worried that only the privileged countries like the US will have access to the vaccine and the rest will continue to die. So nobody gives a toss about the US's 'America First' policies in the region. Sorry, Mr Pompeo the Southern Asia is not a Middle East and I refuse to live in a more divided and xenaphobic planet, and I disgree with your country's megalomaniac, unfair and hostile policies. Perhaps it hasn't appeared to you yet but our economies are already dependent on China, Russia and Europe. Thanks to the sanctions your country has imposed on half of the world it is now almost impossible to do any trade on fair terms with your country...That's why we think ASEAN is very important to us and our future generations. If you see ASEAN a threat to your own interests, tough luck, I suggest you work on NAFTA or whatever you call it now.

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Posted in: Chinese fighter jets buzz Taiwan for a second day as tensions rise See in context

Well all these years the US jets have been buzzing over the Middle East and other parts of the world...In this regard the fuss the pro-US media makes against China is nothing but bias...What China does in their backyard is understandable but I cannot say the same thing for the US jets buzzing around the world.

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Posted in: Think 2020's disasters are wild? Experts see worse in future See in context

NASA is currently keeping an eye on a NEO asteroid known as JF1, which is around 130 - 160m in diameter and expected to hit the earth on May 2022. Scientists believe asteroids of this size halted life on earth and decimated large animals such as the dinasaurs in the past. However in order to prevent a global panic NASA has NOT said anything about the other NEO which is 230- 270m in size. This unnamed asteroid is expected to hit the northern hemisphere in August 2021.

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Posted in: In new Brexit turmoil, UK says it may break law in 'limited way' See in context

The UK has NOT left the EU yet. The present arrangements allow the UK to remain as a member of the EU until the 31st of December 2020. At the moment the UK trades with the EU as usual and the Brits can travel and work in the EU without a problem.

As for the global prestige, what prestige are we seriously speaking of here? The EU, US, UK did not abide by the nuclear deal they signed with Iran. In terms of the Mediterranean gas reserves and r the ights of Turks in the EU, neither the UK nor the EU abide by the treaties they signed with Turkey: London, Zurich and Ankara...So the current crisis betwen the UK and EU is nothing more than "the pot calling the kettle black" situation...

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Posted in: Last 2 journalists working for Australian media leave China over security fears See in context

@Desert Tortoise

I am from YN Times actually ;D... I have been to China several times. Your experience is obviously different to mine...When I got lost in Beijing the Chinese police were very helpful. I didn't meet any police officer who would stop and search people out of the blue there. I didn't see any police officer who would knee on people's kneck until they couldn't breath and die...I didn't see crowds being shot at by the police either. Everyone was getting on with their daily lives. I haven't been to Australia yet- the Australian authorities refused my visa application without giving me any reason. I think they either didn't like the color of my skin or thought I visited a dodgy country such as China previously. Whatever the reason I don't give a toss. I can visit any other country in Asia without a problem.

Before pointing your arrows at China all the time, dig a little deeper and ask yourself why people are still being discriminated in the USA. 1 out of 3 black people cannot vote in the US and yet they call it the best democracy in the world..ha ha ha...What a joke! Similarly in France and Austria people (muslims) are prosecuted/fined for their views and yet Macron ironically claims Europe stands by freedom of speech (when the white French insults muslims and burns their holy book, yes they do stand by it)...

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Posted in: Brexit back in crisis as EU warns UK not to tinker with pact See in context

EU diplomats were aghast, cautioning that such a step, leaked on the eve of new talks in London, would tarnish Britain's global prestige and heighten chances of a tumultuous final disentangling from the bloc on Dec 31.

Ha ha haaa...Britain's global prestige ;D -Since when the EU and UK ever stick to the internationals agreements they have signed up to? The EU and UK do not abide by the Sino-British Joint Declaration, London, Ankara and Zurich Agreements; they do not stick to the Nuclear Deal they signed with Iran either...Yeah tell me about global prestige...

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Posted in: Last 2 journalists working for Australian media leave China over security fears See in context


He might want to steer clear of Victoria. Chairman Dan might send him back.

@Ego Sum Lux Mundi

is dragging a pregnant woman from her house in front of her terrified kids for the crime of making a FB post part of your precious 'rule of law'?


If they are spies, they are a disgrace to all journalists around the world.

WELL SAID! Bravo. On that front, can I just add that the aboriginal people in Australia are stil being discriminated and the far right and xenophobia are on the rise. Remember, a number of Australian media outlets, a lot of people and politicians supported the ideology of a terrorist who killed so many in NZ. Just search "Fraser Anning's views on NZ attack" on youtube. They call this freedom of speech in Australia and many other white men dominated western countries. I cannot imagine how they would react to such views if the victims were white Christians...

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Posted in: Last 2 journalists working for Australian media leave China over security fears See in context

The foreign journalists in China usually write up reports that are not always accurate. Such reports which usually depict China as a boogeyman, are broadcast across the globe almost simultaneously...Hong Kong, Taiwan and China's Uighur muslims have nothing to do with Australia, the UK/US, France, Germany and Canada...I think it is time China supported Spain on the issue of Gibraltar, and Argentina on Falkland Islands, Indonesia on Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Madagascar on its neighbouring islands and Turkey on the Mediterranean gas reserves... If China is going to be consistently looked down on their achievements in terms of the higher standards of living; welfare, democracy, economy; for creating jobs both at home and abroad, then so be it...What did the US or Australia do to improve the global economy and standards of living across the world in the last 10 years? When it comes to selling weapons to dodgy countries such as Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia, somehow the western countries such as the US, UK, France, Australia and Canada come always on the top of the list.

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Posted in: Saudi court issues final verdicts in Khashoggi killing See in context

The Saudi gov, I mean the rich elite corrupt dynasty of the Middle East, has been committing genocide in Yemen and the US and EU have been supporting the Saudi crimes by selling weapons to them. Their plans are to get hold of the strategic straight of Bab-el-Mandeb by political shenanigans, and exploit and export the regions energy resources to the Asian markets. This way they will become more dominant in Asia (and Africa) and outmaneuver Russia and Iran in the future.

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Posted in: Japan's tuna market, the world's largest, hit hard by pandemic See in context

I am so glad this has happened...Our oceans are dying and I don't care if people cannot eat out or have glamour weddings...

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Posted in: Brexit back in crisis as EU warns UK not to tinker with pact See in context

I think both sides by now know what's at stake...The US and UK clearly want to see a less influential and smaller EU, but the EU is trying very hard to defy the inevitable. My guess is after the UK's problematic leave, both the EU and UK will enter into a serious economic crisis. It is highly likely that the UK's economy will be helped out by the US but the EU member countries such as Spain, Italy and France will continue to have recession and depression despite Germany's best efforts. To prevent this from happening Germany, France, Italy, Greece are working very hard on an energy project relating to the Mediterranean gas reserves. However, since these countries have specifically excluded Turkey from such an energy project in a rather hostile way and instead chose to co-operate with countries such as Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE, it is not clear how and when such a project will be realised and how long this will take to benefit the union...Of course there is another challange that has been eating the EU from inside i.e. the rise of far right. In the light of such challenges can the EU afford to loose the UK from the North-west and Turkey from the South-east indefinitely? I suppose the EU has made things very hard for its members by not negotiating with the UK and Turkey on fair terms.

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Posted in: Tokyo highlights LGBTQ rights before Olympics with Pride House See in context

What rights do LGBTQ people lack?

LGBTQ is NOT the right term to describe people who are NOT heterosexual. The word "Queer" is very offensive to the LGBTI+ people. In the UK this word is often used to insult people.

In many countries sex between two men or two women are punishable by law meaning such people at one point in their lives will have to seek refuge elsewhere to avoid prosecution and sometimes even a death penalty.

LGBTI+ people do NOT have the same metrimonial rights that the heterosexual people have. Today only a handful of countries recognise same sex marriages and thus even in most modern countries such as the USA, South Korea and Japan the matrimonial rights of such people are not recognised- leaving such people with financial & emotional losses.

However, the Tokyo Olympics is NOT the best place to highlight the problems of such people. Considering almost 1m people died of Corona focusing on LGBTI+ rights sounds a bit awkward to me. If the Japanese gov wants to do something about them, they can make a start by recognising the legal rights of such people, at the moment the same sex partnership certificates issued by municipalities in Japan is as useless as a blank paper.

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Posted in: Rwandan single mothers turn to online babysitting of Japanese kids See in context

The African country underwent a genocide during the Rwandan Civil War from 1990 to 1994 when extremists from the majority Hutu tribe massacred members of the Tutsi minority. Approximately 800,000 people are estimated to have been killed within 100 days in 1994.

In 2006, a French judge opened an investigation into the 1994 plane crash that killed President Juvenal Habyarimana of Rwanda, a member of the majority Hutu ethnic group. The crash is widely seen as the spark that ignited the genocide, making responsibility for the crash one of the most politically volatile questions in Rwanda.

According to diplomatic cables, French officials at the time blamed the Tutsi rebel army led by Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s president. Mr. Kagame’s government has long maintained that the plane was shot down by Hutu military actors.

The Rwandans responded to the investigation by severing diplomatic ties with France and initiating their own inquiry into the French role in the genocide. The two countries did not restore diplomatic relations until 2009.

The Cunningham-Levy-Muse-Report, 11.12.2017, commissioned by the Rwandan government and conducted by a Washington law firm, alleges that French military forces trained their Rwandan counterparts, supplied them with weapons even after an arms embargo, and gave cover, under the auspices of a United Nations-sanctioned humanitarian mission, in the last moments of a genocidal campaign.

Researchers and the Rwandan government say they cannot get France to make good on earlier commitments to fully open its archives or otherwise investigate the country’s role.

Archival documents show that the French government was a close ally of the Rwandan regime that planned and perpetrated the mass slaughter of an estimated 800,000 people, most of them members of the Tutsi ethnic minority. Historians say a son of François Mitterrand, the French president at the time, was also a close friend of the Rwandan leader whose government organized the genocide.

Today France does NOT accept any responsibility in relation to the Rwandan Genocide. The France gov uses its political & economic position in the UN and EU, and continues its hegemony over its former African colonies.

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Posted in: U.S. debt will soon exceed size of entire economy See in context

Feel the buuuuuurrrrrrn!

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Posted in: China's rise takes the world into uncharted waters See in context

North America and Europe have developed very strong regional economic co-operations in the last 50 years. Asia on the other hand behaved rather selfishly and did not work on developing a strong regional co-operation similar to the EU and NAFTA (CUSMA). If we want a steady and strong growth, and more liberal economies across Asia without being reliant on the NA and EU, we need to work on ASEAN harder and make this co-operation the largest market on the planet. In this regard Russia and Turkey should decide who they see as their trade partners in the future- the EU or ASEAN? The current challenges between Japan and China should no longer prevent ASEAN from becoming a global rival to NAFTA and EU. That said, I cannot even view the webpage of ASEAN at the moment. Ha ha;(

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Posted in: Trump on defensive as critics seize on reports he insulted U.S. veterans See in context

Ha haaaaa ;) I love it...Carry on Trump, Episode 1325. There are 135 episodes left!

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Posted in: Williams beats Stephens at U.S. Open See in context

Go Serena- love you...

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Posted in: Erdogan raises rhetoric in Greece standoff in Mediterranean See in context

@Desert Tortoise

"If Turkey didn't control the Dardanelles they would have been booted from NATO by now."

Dardanelles hadn't got anything to do with Turkey's membership to the NATO since the future of Dardannelles had already been secured by the Montreux Convention back in 1936. (NATO was formed in 1949.) You seem to forget another very important point- At the time when NATO was formed, the CAPITALIST west was scared of the USSR like a mouse scared of cats. The US and UK desperately needed a strong army that could be deployed and used against the Russians in the region and there was no stronger army than the Turkish army in the region. The USSR declared in 1949 that they developed their first nuclear missiles capable of striking any hostile country across the world. Since the US did NOT have the same technology to hit back the USRR in the event of a nuclear war, the US armies wanted to deploy their nuclear missiles to the neighbouring Turkey. This was one of the reasons why the US and its newly formed allies needed Turkey desperately.

Turkey did NOT want to join the NATO at first since the Turks did NOT have any problems with the USSR. However, the US and its allies promised lots of things to Turkey in relation to its economy and military equipment. For such reasons Turkey first joined the Korean War- which in my view was a big mistake. (The Turkish Korean war veterans have NEVER received any compensation from the US to this date.)

In 1950 Turkey was made a member of the Council of Europe but that was all about it: Although Turkey signed an Association Agreement, known as the Ankara Agreement, with the European Economic Community (EEC) on 12 September 1963, France later rejected Turkey's membership to the EEC (EU) and demanded that its former African colonies should also be allowed to such membership. This was a ridiculous demand and had nothing to do with Turkey's membership and the principles of the European Economic Union.

Where Turkey is at the moment, they couldn't be happier to leave the NATO. Remember, the Obama gov refused to sell the US air defence system to Turkey and this led Turkey to buy such weapons from Russia. Howerver, in vengence the Trump gov removed Turkey from their F35 program couple of months ago...So from the Turkish perspective there is no reason whatsoever why their country should still bend over to NATO and in return get bullied by NATO members in the Mediterranean.

"Turkey is behaving exactly like the Chinese, exploring for oil in another nation's EEZ in violation of international law and using the threat of military force in an attempt to cow the nation who's EEZ is being violated."

Apart from the allies of the US, I think everyone knows who has been exploiting the gold reserves of Afghanistan and the oil fields of Iraq and Sudan all these years. In this regard, from where the Mediterranean gas reserves are (international waters), it is clear which countries (Israel, Greece, Southern Cyprus, Italy, France) have extended their maritime boundaries beyond 200 nautical miles from the baselines defined by the EEZ. That said, you might as well argue EEZ alone does NOT define the maritime boundaries of countries (since such boundaries are quite often subject to certain treaties). Turkey had signed London and Zurich treaties with Greece, UK in the past regarding Northern Cyprus and in this regard and considering the size of their Mediterranean coastline, Turks have a right to claim a fair share over the Mediterranean gas reserves.

You seem to forget that Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE (and potantially US and UK) are also interested in the Mediterranean gas reserves although none of these countries have any coastline on the Mediterranean sea. So what would you like to say about them in relation to their non-existent EEZ boundaries in the Mediterranean?

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Posted in: Erdogan raises rhetoric in Greece standoff in Mediterranean See in context

The aggressor here is not Turkey. It is the EU, US and some Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE. Considering Turkey has been hosting over 6m refugees from the EU/US invaded parts of the region, they couldn't be any nicer to the EU, US and their Arab/Israeli allies...

It is interesting to find out elsewhere that Greece has already started militarising the Aegean islands and many of these islands are only about 2 - 10km to Turkey. This attitude of Greece is not only hostile but is against the international law since Greece had accepted NOT to arm the Aegean islands by the treaties of Lousanne and Paris. That said, the US has recently lifted the decades old arms embargo on (Southern) Cyprus and in this sense the US gov is encouraging the hostile attitude of the EU and Greeks. I note that in the recents months there has been a number of military exercises carried out by the EU (France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Southern Cyprus), Israel and Egypt against a NATO ally member- Turkey.

But before going any further lets roll back and look at how the conflict in the region has started...The Eastern Mediterranean gas reserves (along with the region's oil reserves) were well known to the EU and US well before (Southern) Cyprus was allowed to join the EU (1 May 2004) as a divided island. Well you might think (Southern) Cyprus's membership to the EU had nothing to do with the natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean. However, this is where the whole conflict stems from:

The EU membership stipulated that "prior to EU accession, the candidate countries should resolve their bilateral issues, that is to say they should resolve all their border disputes before the conclusion of negotiations." However, this was never the case when Cyprus joined the EU. Kofi Annan's plan (24 April 2004) which aimed to re-unify the island was rejected by the majority of Greek Cypriots (who were aware that they would nevertheless join the EU a week later). After the Kofi Annan referendum, Brussels said it wanted to "warmly congratulate" Turkish Cypriots for backing the plan, but the EU commissioners nevertheless welcomed the South as a new future member of the EU and the only sovereign state of Cyprus -despite the fact that bilateral disputes continued to exist over the island before, during and after the membership process:

"The rejection in the southern part of the Mediterranean island means that only the internationally recognised Greek Cypriot government will join the EU, along with nine other countries, next Saturday...The (EU) commission said the Turkish Cypriot approval for the (Annan) plan "signals a clear desire of the community to resolve the island's problems. The commission is ready to consider ways of further promoting economic development of the northern part of Cyprus."- 26 April 2004, The EU Commission.

Needless to say after the expansion of May 2004, the EU has never lifted the economic sanctions imposed on Northern Cyprus, they also forgot their promises in relation to some €300m aid to the north...And today France, Greece, Italy... organize joint exercises with the Greek Cypriot administration (Southern Cyrpus) and deploy their military aircrafts and navies to the island contrary to the 1959-60 agreements. The hostile attitude of France and others not only defeats the whole idea of re-unification but it makes a mockery of all the past efforts regarding the re-unification. Such hostile attitudes of these countries also reveal what their original plans were when they accepted (Southern) Cyprus to their membership as a divided, uncomprimising, problematic country. The EU in all likelihood staged the whole thing from the very beginning. France, Greece, Germany, Italy..they all knew about the natural resources of the region but they also knew that Turkey -the largest Eastern Mediterranean country- would also demand its share from such natural reserves. In this regard the EU does not recognise the rights of Northern Cypriots over such natural resources and they entirely ignore London and Zurich treaties.

As if the existing bilateral disputes over Cyprus were not bad enough, the EU has recently created a psedue-maritime boundary dispute with Turkey by overextending the ally countries' (Southern Cyprus, Israel, Egypt) continental shelves over the Mediterranean. In all honesty whatever their execuses are, it is totally and undisputedly unfair to expect Turkey not to benefit from the Mediterranean gas reserves. However, I don't think Erdogan is the right leader for the job and something tells me that, after the +6m refugees he let to his country, he will stitch up his own people once again.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca begins clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine in Japan See in context

We don't have enough cases in Japan so I don't understand why clinical trials are taking place here. There are many other countries where pandemic is spreading far more quickly and common sense tells me that the results of tests conducted in Japan will NOT be reliable since we will NEVER know if test groups have ever been exposed to virus. Additionally such tests should have included people from different ancestral backgrounds, and risk groups who cannot self-isolate. It is NOT clear whether AstraZeneca has included enough number of candidates from varying backgrounds and risk groups i.e. those over 65 or people with underlying conditions. In this regard I don't understand why people from India(/Bangladesh), Peru (/Colombia/Mexico), Sweden, Iran, Israel, Indonesia have NOT been invited to their trials.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca begins clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine in Japan See in context

Japan also agreed to receive a vaccine by the end of June next year from U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc and its German partner BioNTech SE.

Trump confirmed that his country is leaving the WHO and he blamed China for this. However, the truth is obviously far from it. The US (and its allies) want the rest of the world suffer and submit to their (Trump's) never-ending demands. I note that WHO and UN are although two different entities, they work very closely and together. In this sense I would have expected the US to withdraw from the UN too but that will NEVER happen and the US will continue to use the UN to bully the rest of the world. Pity, WHO didn't allow the US to bully the world...

I note that in the recent months the US and British media have started to give out misleading information as to the difficulties of producing enough number of vaccines for the rest of the world. It is simply a lie for them to say their pharmaceutical cannot produce the vaccine in enough numbers. Considering this is a PANDEMIC and countries HAVE TO work in co-operation (with or without the WHO), why is it that the US and UK rule out producing the vaccine with other pharmaceutical companies across the world. China, India, Mexico, Brasil, Turkey, SA etc have the technology to produce the vaccine for themselves and the rest of the world...Surely WHO doesn't stop such co-operation between member and non-member (US) countries. So what will happen to the other countries who did not have the chance to make any arrangements with the US gov? Will the lucky ones watch and let the rest die, and use the (US) patent laws as an excuse when questioned? That would register in the history books as the 21st century's first systematic genocide no matter what the privileged ones say...

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Posted in: Arrests made at anti-lockdown rallies in Australia See in context

Carry on selfish attention seekers, do the harm to your own country that no other country could do. I love it...

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Posted in: Macron decries 'Islamic separatism,' defends blasphemy See in context

You should have a right to mak a mockery of any opinion regarding religion, politics, Art, sport, music etc.

Be the first to give us a good reason why religious opinions deserve exemptions from mockery

@Jimizo, the reasons are obvious and I've already mentioned some of them in my comment. You don't discriminate people on the basis of their race and religion. IHowever, in France Muslims are being discriminated on the basis of their faith: the pro-blasphemy law/rule that Macron is referring to is not being imposed on non-Muslims who want to become French citizens. Also, when blasphemy is NOT condoned by at least 80% of Christians in France, what gives the minority the right to pass such a law/rule and use it against Muslims?

I note that laws are a set of rules based on opinions...and you seem to believe that any opinion can be made mockery of it. So why don't you visit your nearest local court and make a mockery of judge's decision or the law and see what happens.

Muslims don't make mockery of any faith but you seem to think it is OK to make mockery of Islam since you believe people have a right to make a mockery of art, sports, music etc. First of all religions are different to those you compared it to. Art, sports, music etc are not defined by our beliefs but our opinions. That's why you don't hear people say I believe in pop but pop is is my favourite music. Also, you don't make mockery of arts, music, sports etc but you criticise them in a civilised manner without hurting people's feelings or causing any financial or emotional damage- in that regard it is not OK to make monkey chants in football stadiums, it is not OK to make it very difficult for certain people to follow their religion, vote, have a job etc...Mockery of Islam is just another form for covert racism and a production of far right supremacist ideology.

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