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Posted in: Return to maskless world still only in realm of fantasy in Japan See in context

The resurgence of the virus comes after the Japanese government removed its cap in October on daily foreign arrivals and its ban on individual travelers from abroad and non-prearranged trips.

Surely not. Foreigners responsible for the resurgence of the virus?

They probably weren't wearing masks.

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Posted in: Russia eyes sanctions workarounds in energy, gold, crypto See in context

StrangerlandToday  07:41 am JST

Sanctions are backfiring, as usual.

Very reductionist thinking. 

The sanctions are removing the oligarchs’ wealth. As oligarchs control Russia (it’s an oligarchy), this puts pressure on them to overthrow Putin, or end up a broke peon lining up for cabbage with the people. 

The only way this war ends is for the people of Russia to rise up and remove Putin. Until then let them eat cabbage.

I like cabbage

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Posted in: Putin puts Russian nuclear forces on increased alert as fighting spreads in Ukraine See in context


Does AI do sarcasm?

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Posted in: Japanese reporter describes agonizing long-term effects of COVID-19 See in context

Journalism, eh!

It was her job to write that.

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Posted in: Chairmen of the boards: Japanese team powerful in halfpipe See in context

Real quality reporting.

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Posted in: 'Heating or eating': Britons struggle with rising costs See in context

Very advanced in Britain.

Children starve and freeze.

And get health problems.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs Pfizer COVID vaccine for children aged 5-11 See in context

Personally I’m yet to be convinced of the benefits of vaccinating young children against COVID.

Maybe somebody can persuade me.....

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Posted in: More people traveling in Japan for New Year’s holiday than last year, survey shows See in context

More people traveling in Japan for New Year’s holiday than last year, survey shows

No! You’re joking me!


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Posted in: Liverpool fight back to beat Leicester as Spurs, Chelsea reach League Cup semis See in context


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Posted in: Japan entry controls to stay until more known about Omicron See in context

Safety first.

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Posted in: Japan entry controls to stay until more known about Omicron See in context

Fair enough.

No harm in being overly cautious.

Simple, protect the medical system for fear of looking like a .,,..,,,,,,

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Posted in: Japan hangs 3 death-row inmates; 1st executions in 2 years See in context

What goes around, comes around.

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Posted in: Japan OKs Moderna's COVID-19 booster shots 6 months after 2nd dose See in context


how many boosters you gonna have?

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Posted in: Japan OKs Moderna's COVID-19 booster shots 6 months after 2nd dose See in context

Vaccines tend to work.

Had a few when I was a kid.

Harsh flu strains happen sometimes. Get jabbed for extra safety or just rely on yr body to shake it off.

Mandatory jabbing? That’s political, not scientific. Or reasonable.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 29 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 175 See in context

Is this still news?

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Posted in: Junior high school boy dies after being stabbed by another student See in context

Violent video games, violent movies, violent manga, violent news, violent society, violent parents.

Some susceptible kids might just turn......violent.

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Posted in: Vaccine zone: Djokovic remains in question for Aussie Open See in context

Where’s yer pro professional?

Dead already.

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Posted in: Drivers scramble as cash falls from armored truck on California freeway See in context

wheres that tennis player?

got done in by blokes?

China lookin so cool right now.

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Posted in: Exploring unique Japanese accommodation: Temples and castles See in context

¥70,000 for one night and two meals?

Would love to stay in a castle but cant/ won’t at that price.

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Posted in: Japan leads G7 with COVID-19 vaccination rate of nearly 76% See in context

And the point is......

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Posted in: Over 90% of major Japanese cities to finish COVID vaccine rollout by Nov See in context

I am an anti anti anti-vaxxer.

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Posted in: Xi's 'common prosperity' goal may make Japan loath to invest in China See in context

Really nice photo, that.

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Posted in: Toyota ranked one of worst major automakers for emissions efforts See in context

Well, if we all wanna keep moving there may be entities that help us to that.

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Posted in: Climate change to force crop switch for small farmers: experts See in context

I remember having breakfast at a friends house a few years back.

Got given a steaming beverage and thought it was a cappuccino.

Took a large gulp only to find it was corn potage soup.

I for one won’t be too gutted if maize is less cultivated in the future.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors reveals design of all-new Outlander PHEV model See in context

Car? That is called a Crossover SUV. If you read the article you would know this.

Article? It’s an advert.

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Posted in: Man Utd lose at Leicester; five-goal Liverpool thrash Watford See in context

Don’t think Ole’s gunnar

be around for much longer.

On borrowed time and Utd definitely looking for a new manager.

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Posted in: Saudis down Japan to stay perfect in World Cup qualifying See in context

Oh dear! Japan put out a strong team.

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Posted in: Fuel pumps run dry in UK as govt blames panic buying See in context

The Dutch guy quoted in the final sentence has a good command of English.

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Posted in: Chelsea face Man City test as Liverpool, Man Utd bid to keep pace See in context

Man City face Chelsea test in bid to keep up with Liverpool, Man Utd.

Chelsea and Liverpool currently have identical goals for/ against and points.

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Posted in: How many satellites are orbiting Earth? See in context

And when one of Elon’s satellites takes out one of his Mars bound space ships.

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