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Posted in: Rapid coronavirus testing centers to open at Tokyo's Haneda airport See in context

How very Japan

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Posted in: First day of Olympic torch relay ends with waves, smiles and protests See in context

socrateosToday  10:55 am JST

People who opposed Olympics protested freely. People who supported the games cheered freely. Nobody was forced to do anything. It was another good day in Japan.

Spot on Socrateos,

in Japan people don’t get locked up for their thoughts.

Unlike in some other big nearby countries......

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Posted in: British citizen arrested for dumping bento trash in mailbox See in context

Alternative headline,

”Man arrested for dumping bento trash in mailbox”.

The citizenship is relevant?

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

An unfortunate but sensible conclusion.

Will be a while yet before we can all jet around the world freely again.

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Posted in: NASA rover lands on Mars to look for signs of ancient life See in context

I’m planning on moving to Mars to raise my family as soon as safe to do so.

Humans have really messed up Planet Earth.

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Posted in: Mori to resign over sexist comments; Kawabuchi, 84, tipped to replace him See in context

In this day and age....,,

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Posted in: With Olympics at stake, Mori seen as too influential to push aside See in context

Is there an Olympics tennis event?

If so, will Naomi be playing?

I’d like to hear her opinion on this old fella.

Moderator: She has already given it. You'll find the story in our Sports section.

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Posted in: Mori apologizes for sexist remarks, but refuses to resign See in context

Ccp, goodbye, go away.

look after your little country before intruding on others.

don’t get it? Well, push and yer’ll get shoved.

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Posted in: Japan's COVID crisis reawakens deflation fears as cash hoarding returns See in context

Japan has a COVID crisis?

didn’t know that

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Posted in: Kono says nationalism could disrupt global vaccine supplies See in context

Dude, ok.

Chill, we luv yer.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka becomes part owner of U.S. women's pro soccer club See in context

She is from Japan.

I am from Mars.

go moderate fujisankei

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs bills to penalize people who do not comply with antivirus measures See in context

Fair enough, if yer willingly go out knowing yerve got da rona then expect another hit.

Simple, no debate necessary.

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Posted in: More than a dozen stores close in Tokyo's high-end Ginza Six mall See in context


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Posted in: Suga congratulates Biden; hopes to strengthen Japan-U.S. alliance See in context

Who wouldn’t want to strengthen alliances with the US?

ccp might gain something from it.

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Posted in: Japan halts new arrivals from around world; suspends Go To Travel campaign See in context

I like it like this.

never any other way

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Posted in: Japan prepares for digital currency, in line with China and others See in context

really? Fascinating.

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Posted in: Japan to suspend new entry of all nonresident foreign nationals from abroad See in context

Somebody getting their knickers in a twist

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Posted in: Koike says vaccines give hope for Olympics but worried about complaceny over virus See in context

Why’s that sign in English?

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Posted in: JETRO opens website to promote Japanese liquor shochu worldwide See in context

I like Shochu, but severe headache.

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Posted in: This delicious pudding made solely with persimmons and milk is trending in Japan See in context

This sounds good.

I will try this.

And simple too.

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Posted in: Japan sees near-record 1,547 coronavirus cases in possible 3rd wave See in context

Was there a “lockdown”?

I must’ve missed it.

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Posted in: Tokyo's tuna auctions resume public viewing after 8-month hiatus See in context

Top news

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Posted in: Survey finds only 23% of vehicles stop for pedestrians at crosswalks See in context

What is the law on this?

If drivers are supposed to stop I may start taking a few risks.....

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Posted in: Train inspired by mega-hit anime 'Demon Slayer' begins limited run See in context

Top news

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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni Shrine for 2nd straight month See in context

Is this “news”?

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Posted in: Late goals cap another wild day in English Premier League See in context

It’s okay to bust up fellow pros?

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Posted in: How walkable is your city? London, Hong Kong put pedestrians first See in context

Yeah, London’s well cool for a nice stroll. If yer can avoid gettin stabbed on da way.

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Posted in: 71% of S Koreans see Japan unfavorably as ties sink to record lows See in context

Never saw any animosity between Koreans and Japanese that I’ve met.

Somebody wants a fight.

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Posted in: 1,805 suicides reported in Japan in September See in context


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Posted in: 1,805 suicides reported in Japan in September See in context

StrangerlandToday  12:40 am JST

The number of reported suicides in Japan in September was 1,805


That's even more in just a month than the reported death by the COVID in Japan (so far 1631, probably underestimated but anyway...). Just think about it. This actually illustrates so well that over-reacting to a threat can produce a worse outcome than the threat itself.

You do realize that people committed suicide before Covid right? The difference (accounting for nothing other than numbers) is:

an increase of 143

Which is a lot less than 1805 Covid deaths, and unfortunately for you blows your narrative out of the water.

Well, aren’t you fuckin’ clever

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