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Outside the reactor buildings and some parts of the TEPCO-terrain, it is normal.

Some of the clean-up was too much.

They thought of giving comfort, but in most minds it turnedto it must be bad then.

This is mostly psychology, the opinion of random or anti are more excepted then science and technical explanations.

Only the reactorbuilding are not yet a fully stable area, with care and time to make it workable.

There where 3 meltdowns, 2 buildings had collapsed roofs through hydrogen explosions.

That actually counts to the effectiveness of a 50 year old design that was underperformed by TEPCO's stupidity of the tsunami wall and some other advices that would have helped.

It withstoods the gigantic earthquake, not the tsunami unscaved.

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It's not durable to do this as far as i know, the same with swordfish.

Some to feed like the old days, has become too many to feed the economy/luxury.

It is the responsibility of the governing bodies to see that.

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